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Webinar Topics - 2013


Webinar Topics

WAI has launched a series of webinars to serve as a comprehensive online course in wire and cable manufacturing. Covering more than 30 topics, it is meant to provide useful training both for those new to the industry as well as those with industry experience. The program is organized into tracks for ferrous, nonferrous, electrical, and special interest topics. The overall program follows a logical progression from beginning to end, but attendees may sign up for one topic at a time so they are free to choose whichever combination of topics is right for them. They can follow some or all topics in one track, jump to topics in another track, or just view the recorded video versions as they are added to the archive.

Schedule of webinar topics*

• Wire Rod Manufacture, Part I
• Wire Rod Manufacture, Part II
• Pickling & Descaling of Wire & Rod
• Wiredrawing Theory
• Wiredrawing Machinery
• Wiredrawing Dies & Lubrication
• Heat Treatment, Parts I, II, & III
• Corrosion & Coatings
• Testing of Rod & Wire
• Wire Processing Machinery

• An Overview of Nonferrous Rod and Wire Technology
• Drawing & Thermal Processing
• Annealing of Electrical Conductors
• Lubrication & Filtration, Coating, & Plating
• Dies & Ceramics
• Wire Breaks Analysis
• Bunching & Stranding, Reel Selection
• Measuring & Testing, Troubleshooting

• Electrical Overview: Resistance & Conductance
• Advanced Electrical
• Insulating & Sheathing Materials, Parts I & II
• Extrusion, Parts I, II, & III
• Cable-Making
• Measurement
• Types of Cables and Applications

• Lean Enterprise
• Shop Floor/Data-Based Problem Solving, Parts I & II

* Topics subject to change.

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