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Donnellan Memorial Award Winners


Donnellan Memorial Award Winners

The Donnellan Memorial Award, given as a tribute to J. Edward Donnellan, former Executive Director and Executive Secretary of The Wire Association International, is awarded for an individual's voluntary contributions to the Association.

As a tribute to J. Edward Donnellan, former Executive Director and Executive Secretary of the Association, an annual Donnellan Memorial Award may be given in his name. The individual chosen to receive the Donnellan Memorial Award shall be considered as being distinctly honored by the Association for said individual's voluntary contributions to the Association. A Wire Association International Inc. President is not eligible for the Donnellan Award until the fourth year after his/her term as President. Candidates for and recipients of the Donnellan Memorial Award shall be selected by the Board of Directors by ballot on the names of individuals submitted for each award. If a director believes no candidate is worthy of the award, she may cast a vote for "none of the above."

June 2016
Nicholas Nickoletopoulos, Urecon Systems Inc, Coteau-du-Lac, Quebec, Canada

April 2015
Dominique Perroud, SAMP Shanghai, Shanghai, China

May 2014
Dane G Armendariz, Chemetall US, New Providence, NJ, USA

April 2013
Erik A Macs, Fine International Corp, Natick, MA, USA

May 2012
Ronald W Reed, Lloyd & Bouvier, Inc, Clinton, MA, USA

May 2011
Thomas E Moran, National Standard Co, Niles, MI, USA

May 2010
Brian A Bouvier, Lloyd and Bouvier, Inc, Clinton, MA, USA

April 2009
Anand W Bhagwat, WAI Wire & Cable Services Pvt Ltd, Pune, India

June 2008
Barry Loudon, Australasian Wire Industry Association, Sydney, Australia; and
Giulio Properzi, Continuus SpA, Milan, Italy

May 2007
Sharon K Young, Versitech Inc, Tucson, AZ, USA

May 2006
Jack B Salt, Winston-Salem, NC, USA

May 2005
David F Richards, RichardsApex Inc, Philadelphia, PA, USA

June 2004
Scott S Higgins, NH, USA; and
Paul Pawlikowski, Delphi Packard Electric Systems, Warren, OH, USA

May 2003
Robert M Shemenski, RMS Consulting Inc, North Canton, OH, USA

June 2002
John D Drummond, Scotia Group Inc, Fort Wayne, IN, USA

May 2001
S R (Sandy) May, Consultant, SMS Enterprises, Pekin, IL, USA

June 2000
John D Kopley, Elf Atochem North America-Wire Mill Products Department, Homer, NY, USA

May 1999
David J Gemelli, Gem Gravure Co, Inc, W Hanover, MA, USA

June 1998
Mark S Graham, Phelps Dodge Copper Products Co, El Paso, TX, USA

April 1997
Thomas C Renner, Rockwell Automation/Reliance Electric, Cleveland, OH, USA

June 1996
James J Joseph, Joseph Marketing, East Syracuse, NY, USA; and
Brad N Monell, Litchfield, AZ, USA

March 1995
Marvin Feldman, Nesor Alloy Corp, West Caldwell, NJ, USA

June 1994
Neville H Simpson, Macwhyte Co, Kenosha, WI, USA

March 1993
James L Marr, Elf Atochem North America, Inc, Philadelphia, PA, USA

October 1992
J David Beneke, Beneke Wire Co, Louisville, KY, USA

November 1991
G W Richards III, G Whitfield Richards Co, Philadelphia, PA, USA

October 1990
Horace Pops, The Essex Group, Fort Wayne, IN, USA

November 1989
Kenneth E Glen, Glen Carbide Inc, Carnegie, PA, USA

October 1988
Joseph J Ring Jr, The Enkotec Co, Middleburg, OH, USA

October 1987
William H Myers, Paulsen Wire Rope Corp, Sunbury, PA, USA

October 1986
Michael P Arnone, Mgr Regulatory Agencies, General Cable Co, Edison, NJ, USA

November 1985
Walter A Smigel, Consultant, Cortland, NY, USA

November 1984
Otto Tassi, Sr Stf Eng, AT&T Technologies, Baltimore, MD, USA

November 1983
Raymond R Yeoman, Tech Mgr, Canada Wire and Cable, Ltd, Toronto, ON, Canada

October 1982
Marshall V Yokelson, Chf Mtl Eng, General Cable Corp, Edison, NJ, USA

October 1981
John A Bell, Naperville, IL, USA

October 1980
Peter J Prediger, Gen Supt, Stelco, Inc, Hamilton, ON, Canada

October 1979
Michael M Suba, Stamford, CT, USA

October 1978
Curtis M Jackson, Assoc Mgr, Battelle Columbus Laboratories, Columbus, OH, USA

October 1977
Roger A Willby, Sr Dvlpmnt Eng, Western Electric Co, Norcross, GA, USA

October 1976
John H Greenaway Jr, Pres, Peterson Steel Co, Union, NJ, USA

October 1975
Fred J Bieber, Pres, Acrometal Products, Minneapolis, MN, USA

October 1974
Thomas P Sharples, Asst to the Pres, Essex Intl, Inc, Ft Wayne, IN, USA

October 1973
Howard J Godfrey, Dir/Dvlpmnt, Bekaert Steel Wire Corp, New York, NY, USA

October 1972
George E Seeley, Pres, The Branford Wire and Mfg Co, N Haven, CT, USA

October 1971
Urbain J H Malo, VP, Whitney Blake Co, Hamden, CT, USA­­

October 1970
Allan B Dove, Sr Dvlpmt Mtlgst, Wire & Fastener Div, The Steel Co of Canada, Ltd, Hamilton, ON, Canada

October 1969
J Edward Donnellan, Exec Secty, The Wire Association Inc, Branford, CT, USA

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