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Mordica Memorial Award Winners


Mordica Memorial Award Winners

The Mordica Memorial Award, given as a tribute to The Wire Association International's founding president John Mordica, is presented to honor an individual who has made contributions to the wire industry's base through research, development, innovation, or other technical pursuits.

As a tribute to John Mordica and to memorialize him as the founding President of the Association, an annual Mordica Memorial Award may be given in his name. The individual chosen to receive the Mordica Memorial Award shall be considered as being distinctly honored by the Association for said individual's contributions to the wire industry's base through research, development, innovation, or other technical contributions. Candidates for and recipients of the Mordica Memorial Award shall be selected by the Board of Directors by ballot on the names of individuals submitted for each award. If a director believes no candidate is worthy of the award, she may cast a vote for "none of the above."

June 2016
Daniel L. Jones, Encore Wire Corporation, McKinney, TX, USA

April 2015
Tadeusz Knych, AGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow, Poland

May 2014
Motoo Asakawa, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan

April 2013
Thomas W Tyl, Tire Wire Technology LLC, Siler City, NC, USA

May 2012
Paul Van Houtte, Catholic University of Leuven, Leuven, Belgium

May 2011
Kazunari Yoshida, Tokai University, Hiratsuka-shi, Kanagawa, Japan

May 2010
Javier Gil Sevillano, Technological Campus of the University of Navarra (TECNUN), San Sebastian, Spain

April 2009
Etienne Aernoudt, Catholic University of Leuven, Leuven, Belgium

June 2008
Bhaskar Yalamanchili, Gerdau Ameristeel Beaumont, Beaumont, TX, USA

May 2007
Harry G Petrohilos, Eomet Co, Yellow Springs, OH, USA

May 2006
Vincent A Rego, Encore Wire Ltd, McKinney, TX, USA

May 2005
Ed Danciger, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, USA

June 2004
Jan Pilarczyk, Czestochowa Technical University, Czestochowa, Poland

May 2003
Giulio Properzi, Continuus SpA, Milan, Italy; and
George A Costello, Urbana, IL, USA

June 2002
Robert J Glodowski, Stratcor, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

May 2001
Donald Sayenga, Consultant, The Cardon Management Group, Bethlehem, PA, USA

June 2000
Bogdan Golis, Czestochowa Technical University, Czestochowa, Poland; and
Ian M Park, Consultant, Montreal, QC, Canada

May 1999
Bobby Gentry, Southwire Co, Carrollton, GA, USA

June 1998
Robert M Shemenski, Amercord Inc, Lumber City, GA, USA

April 1997
Heijiro Kawakami, Kobe Steel, Ltd, Hyogo, Japan

June 1996
Betzalel Avitzur, Lehigh University Institute of Metal Forming, Bethlehem, PA, USA; and
Zeev Zimerman, Bethlehem Steel Corp, Bethlehem, PA, USA

March 1995
No Award

June 1994
Konrad C Schillebeeckx, Endex Inc, Lakewood, NJ, USA

March 1993
Roger N Wright, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY, USA

October 1992
Marshall V Yokelson, Consultant, Westfield, NJ, USA

November 1991
Henry Clinton, Clinton Instrument Co, Clinton, CT, USA

October 1990
Robert M Eichhorn, Union Carbide Corp, Polyolefins Div, Somerset, NJ, USA

November 1989
Richard J Callahan, Wire Industry News, Stafford Springs, CT, USA

October 1988
Horace Pops, The Essex Group, Fort Wayne, IN, USA

October 1987
David Silver, David A Silver & Associates, Roseland, NJ, USA

October 1986
Roy Richards, Founder, Southwire Co, Carrollton, GA, USA

November 1985
Joseph C Gemelli, Pres and Treas, Gem Gravure Co, W Hanover, MA, USA

November 1984
John H Hitchcock, Morgan Construction Co, Worcester, MA, USA; and
Allan B Dove, Cliff H Ironberg, David McLean, and Sheridan Smith, Stelco, Hamilton, ON, Canada

November 1983
Frank M Precopio, Gen Mgr, Amchem Products, Ambler, PA, USA; and
Alfred R Gilbert, Laboratory Mgr, General Electric R&D Center, Schenectady, NY, USA

October 1982
Roger J Schoerner, Sr VP, Southwire Co, Carrollton, GA, USA

October 1981
John Dompas, Mgr, Copper Refinery, Metallurgie Hoboken-Overpelt, Olen, Belgium

October 1980
E Henry Chia, Mgr of Metallurgical R&D, Southwire Co, Carrollton, GA, USA

October 1979
Terrence Cahill, Dir and Gen Mgr, GKN Somerset Wire, Ltd, Cardiff, Wales

October 1978
Peter J Prediger, Gen Supt, The Steel Co of Canada, Ltd, Hamilton, ON, Canada

October 1977
Curtis M Jackson, Assoc Chf, Battelle Memorial Institute, Columbus, OH, USA

October 1976
Frank Horn, Cnslt, Toms River, NJ, USA

October 1975
Leonard C Crewe Jr, Maryland Specialty Wire, Inc, Cockeysville, MD, USA

October 1974
Stanley Stalson, Pres, Wire Lab Co, W Richfield, OH, USA

October 1973
Ilario Properzi, Pres, SPA Continuus, Milan, Italy

October 1972
E Jefferson Crum, Riderwood, MD, USA

October 1971
D B Cofer, VP, R&D, Southwire Co, Carrollton, GA, USA

October 1970
John A Bell, Sr Stf Eng, Western Electric Co, Hawthorne Works, Chicago, IL, USA

October 1969
Urbain J H Malo, VP, Whitney Blake Co, Hamden, CT, USA

October 1968 | Published January 1969
“Mordica Memorial Lecture” by Tom M Girdler Jr, Mgr, Union Drawn Steel Div, Republic Steel Co, Massillon, OH, USA

October 1967 | Published January 1968
“The Other Side of the Fence” by Carleton W Garrett, Chf Mtlrgst, Wire Rope Corp of America, St Joseph, MO, USA

October 1966 | Published January 1967
“Concepts in Production Scheduling and Control” by John L Sanderson, Mgr Prod Plng, Schdlng and Cntrl, Keystone Steel & Wire Co, Peoria, IL, USA

October 1965 | Published January 1966
“The Wire Industry’s Role in Telecommunications—An Appraisal” by Clement C Lawson, Supv, Cnstrctn Mthds, Bell Telephone Laboratories, Chester, NJ, USA

October 1964 | Published January 1965
“Alumoweld—An Aluminum Clad Steel Wire Produced by a Powder Metallurgy Process” by Leslie C Whitney, Mgr, Dvlpmnt Engng, Copperweld Steel Co, Glassport, PA, USA

October 1963 | Published January 1964
“Research in the Wire Industry” by Dr Bruce W Gonser, Tech Dir, Battelle Memorial Institute, Columbus, OH, USA

October 1962 | Published January 1963
“The Strengthening of Steel by Wire Drawing” by Howard J Godfrey, Asst Chf Dvlpmt Eng, John A Roebling’s Sons Div, The Colorado Fuel & Iron Corp, Trenton, NJ, USA

October 1961 | Published January 1962
“How Soviet Wire Mills Compare with those of the Rest of the World” by David M Schmid, Pres, Techalloy Co, Inc, Rahns, PA, USA

November 1960 | Published January 1961
“Plastic Coated Steel Wire” by Dartrey Lewis, Chf Eng, R&D, John A Roebling’s Sons Div, The Colorado Fuel & Iron Corp, Trenton, NJ, USA

October 1959 | Published January 1960
“The Manufacturer of Precision Cold Drawn Shaped Wire” by John Rigby, Mng Dir, John Rigby & Sons Ltd, Bradford, England

October 1958 | Published January 1959
“What the Association Means to You—and What is Ahead” by David Dwight Buchanan, Johnstown, PA, USA

October 1957 | Published January 1958
“About the Wire Association” by Richard E Brown, Exec Secy, The Wire Association, Stamford, CT, USA

October 1956 | Published January 1957
“Fulfillment of a Trust” by Kenneth H Davis, Pres, The K H Davis Wire and Cable Corp, Los Angeles, CA, USA

November 1955 | Published January 1956
“What Lies Ahead” by John H Corson, Mgr of the Laboratory, The Carpenter Steel Co, Reading, PA, USA

November 1954 | Published January 1955
“The Jack Mordica Story” by Carl E Johnson, Supt Rod and Wire Mills, Bethlehem Steel Co, Sparrows Point, MD, USA

November 1953 | Published January 1954
“Reminiscings of an Old Timer” by Charles D Johnson, Worcester, MA, USA

November 1952 | Published January 1953
“Three Score and Ten Years of Wire Making” by Peter Igoe, Treas, Igoe Bros, Inc, Newark, NJ, USA

October 1951 | Published January 1952
“The Fabrication of Copper Wire” by Sidney Rolle, Asst Mgr, The Scomet Co, NY, USA

October 1950 | Published January 1951
“The Design and Manufacture of Woven Wire Fence” by Julian L Schueler, Gen Supt, Continental Steel Corp, Kokomo, IN, USA

October 1949 | Published January 1950
“Corrosion of Steel and Its Protective Metallic Coatings” by Allan B Dove, Wks Mgr, Dominion Works, Steel Co of Canada, Ltd, Lachine, QC, Canada

October 1948 | Published January 1949
“54 Years in the Wire Business” by C L McGowan, Supt Wire Mills, Atlantic Steel Co, Atlanta, GA, USA

October 1947 | Published January 1948
“Wire in the Automobile” by F Titus Updike, Chf Prds Eng, Products Engrg Dept, Round Wire & Cold Rolled Products Div, John A Roebling’s Sons Co, Trenton, NJ, USA

October 1946 | Published January 1947
“Galvanized Steel Wire” by Fred M Crapo, Pres, Indiana Steel & Wire Co, Muncie, IN, USA

October 1945 | Published January 1946
“Boundaries” by John C Callaghan, Wks Mgr, Canada Works, Steel Co of Canada, Ltd, Hamilton, ON, Canada

October 1944 | Published January 1945
“Carbon Steel for the Wire Industry” by A M Reeder, Met Eng, Jones & Laughlin Steel Corp, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

October 1943 | Published January 1944
“The Wire Drawing Die” by Flint C Elder, American Steel & Wire Co, Cleveland, OH, USA

October 1942 | Published January 1943
“Steel & Wire” by Louis H Winkler, Met Eng, Bethlehem Steel Co, Bethlehem, PA, USA

October 1941 | Published January 1942
“The Shape of Things to Come” by Kenneth B Lewis, Cnsltng Wire Mill Eng, Worcester, MA, USA

October 1940 | Published January 1941
“The Use of Plane Polarized Light and Sensitive Tint Illumination in the Analysis of the Microstructures of Steel” by B L McCarthy, Chf Met, Wickwire Spencer Steel Co, Buffalo, NY, USA

October 1939 | Published January 1940
"A Correlation of the Factors and Effects of Cold Drawing of Wire Rods" by S A Braley, Chf Met Field Eng, Pittsburgh Steel Co, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

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