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Alcatel-Lucent reports record optical fiber transmission

Alcatel-Lucent reports that it has transmitted 31 Tbps over 7200 km on a single fiber, an achievement that it said represents a new record for single-fiber optical transmission at transoceanic distances.

A press release said that the transmission test was performed at Alcatel-Lucent's Innovation City campus in Villarceaux, near Paris, where researchers from Bell Labs transmitted 200 Gbps each over 155 carriers on a 50-GHz grid. The fiber link, it said, featured amplifiers every 100 km.

"Undersea fiber-optic transmission is integral to the digital economy, delivering vast amounts of video and data between countries, regions, and continents," said Alcatel-Lucent Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer Philippe Keryer. "As our customers cope with increasing demand on their networks for data capacity and higher-speeds of transmission, our researchers are intensifying their application with tests like this to develop new technology solutions to transform global data networks. This underlines the strategic R&D focus we recently announced as part of The Shift Plan."

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