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Inosym reels and Qunye reels form joint venture called IQ REELS

Insoym Ltd. and Qunye report that they have formed a joint venture, called IQ REELS, that will market and promote the collective products of both companies to a global market.

A press release said that IQ REELS will have a comprehensive worldwide professional sales network and world class production facilities of over 40,000 sq m. "The quality and service of Inosym combined with the cost base and production facilities of Qunye will allow IQ reels to offer reels, bobbins and spools to meet all markets quality and price expectations. We are excited by the benefits this presents our customers in terms of quality, delivery time and price."

Inosym Ltd. Managing Director Philip Young told WJI that no current production activity will be affected by the creation of IQ REELS. The Qunye product line will be marketed as a low-cost reel option while theInosym reels, for different markets, will be marketed as a higher end product.The separate brand names will continue, he said.

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