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Alcatel-Lucent to provide wireline broadband access network in Tunisia

Alcatel-Lucent reports that it has entered into a four-year agreement to provide, Tunisiana, Tunisia's largest provider of wireless communications services, with a wireline broadband access network that will bring high-speed Internet access and high-quality voice and video services to millions of Tunisian consumers and business customers.

A press release said that to support Tunisiana, part of the Qtel Group, in building the nationwide network, Alcatel-Lucent will provide a complete network solution that includes designing, building, managing and maintaining the network. Tunisiana, it said, plans to launch commercial services beginning in 2013.

"Our mobile customers have come to expect a very high level of service quality and innovation," said Tunisiana CTO Hatem Mestiri. "As we considered the challenges of building and managing a wireline network, we sought a solution that is as efficient as possible and keeps complexities to a minimum. Alcatel-Lucent's expertise...made them the best choice for Tunisiana, making sure we can meet the needs and expectations of both existing and new customers."

"Our agreement with Tunisiana provides an exciting opportunity for Alcatel-Lucent to build a completely new wireline access network in a country that is experiencing a rapid adoption of new communications technologies," said Faical Haffoudhi, country manager of Alcatel-Lucent Tunisia, Morocco and Mauritania.

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