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Feb. 10 update: Wire Expo a sellout! Want on the waiting list?

Click here to see which companies took booths for the 2014 staging of the WAI Operations Summit & Wire Expo, to be held May 6-7 at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, Indiana. Companies that put off getting a booth should contact the WAI sales department ASAP because only a limited number of booths can be added. E-mail or call Bob Xeller or Anna Bzowski at tel. 203-453-23777, ext. 119/ext. 126 to get your name on the waiting list. 

A  total of 131 of the 196 available booths were allocated on Thursday, Sept. 26, during the Points Meeting. Nearly 100 companies took part in the process, which could be followed on-line as the floor plan was updated as each booth was taken. At this point, companies can contact WAI's sales department for a booth. As of Jan. 30, all the 196 available booth units have been sold. At the Points Meeting for WAI's Operations Summit & Wire Expo 2012, which was held in the Omni Dallas Convention Center, a total of 126 booths were allocated by 97 companies.






























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