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Upgrades completed at Loos & Co.

Loos & Co. has completed upgrades to its wire and stranding operations in Pomfret, Connecticut, with the installation of three in-line ultrasonic wire cleaners and a massive expansion of the Medical Technology Division.

A company report said that the new equipment adds 24 additional lines of capacity to complete a wire mill expansion project which began this spring. "We're very excited to have the additional capacity," said wire mill General Manager Joe Stagon. "We've been able to both improve product quality and increase output, and continue to support our expanding customer base."

The report said that the additional capacity marks a continuance of planned upgrades that Loos & Company is making to its equipment and facilities. The cleaning line upgrade will provide more throughput of upstream wire products into the company's specialized product manufacturing divisions. "We have seen an increase in business across our entire product line over the last few months," said wire mill Sales Manager Mike Fredrickson, "and our new equipment has allowed us to keep up with customer demands, in both quantity and quality."

The Medical Technology Division, the report said, was recently remodeled, doubling the size of its production space. "Part of this was the inclusion of a new 12-bay strander and office space for medical quality control. This expansion allows for future growth and will soon be the home to our expanded medical fine wire drawing operation."

The report added that the company has further investments planned, including the expansion of its specialty wire drawing and coiling capacity for products destined for resource recovery and energy production.

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