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Advertising Submission Requirements

WJI Covers

Advertising Submission Requirements

WJI publishes using computer-to-plate technology. Because variations can result when advertisements are generated from digital files, advertisers (or their agencies) are responsible for careful adherence to the following requirements.

Ad preparation
Disclaimer: Although we will make every effort to produce your digital advertisement to look as you intend, neither WJI nor its printer assumes responsibility or financial liability when our requirements for digital materials are not followed. Please note that you are responsible for additional charges incurred if the following specifications are not followed and errors result.

Accepted software
IBM and Mac files for the following programs:
• QuarkXpress® (Version 9.2)
• Photoshop®
• InDesign® (Version CS5.5)
• Illustrator® (files are accepted as long as they are saved as an .eps with fonts changed to outlines)

WJI cannot accept
• Microsoft Word or PowerPoint files

Document size & bleed
Documents must be supplied in the final trim size–8.125 in. x 10.875 in. (206.375 mm x 276.225 mm) for a full page ad. Any elements that requires bleed should be extended onto the pasteboard to at least the .125 in. (3.175 mm) mark. All text and images should fall within the live area dimensions of 6.775 in. x 9.541 in. (172.085 mm x 242.341 mm).

Send all Postscript and True Type fonts used in the file. For Postscript fonts, send both the screen and printer fonts (.pfb and .pfm files for PC fonts; bitmap and outline files for Mac fonts). For Mac files, please place only one font family in a suitcase.

Please be sure that you have defined the color correctly for all your images in your advertisement. In other words, all colors used in the file should be defined as process/CMYK or spot/PMS—never as RGB, index, or lab. Failure to do so will result in color variations in the final printed product. Please note: Standard colors are made up of CMYK. Standard blue is process cyan; standard yellow is process yellow; standard red is 100% magenta and 100% yellow. Files need to specify magenta and yellow plates when placing ads that have halftones or tints in standard red. PMS colors cannot be mixed with black or other colors.

Do not apply LZW or JPEG compression to your images or send DCS or pre-separated files (all image files must be in a composite format.)

Image Resolution: Digital photographs/continuous tone images should be 300 dpi; line art/illustrations should be 600 dpi.

Image Links: You must embed all images in your file. In addition, you must send all raw, .eps, and .tif files used in your document. Fonts must be embedded in eps images or turned to outlines.

You are responsible for correct trapping. There is a fee for our printer to adjust files, images that are not trapped correctly.

You must include an up-to-date, high quality, high resolution proof at 100% of size for all submitted ads. If you are using color, you must provide a composite color proof showing the correctly defined colors. (See “Color Section.”) Our printer will not output an ad without a proof. Lasers proofs are not an accurate guide for color reproduction; WJI assumes no liability when a laser proof is the only guide provided by the  advertiser.

PDF files
Only PDF files produced with full versions of Adobe Acrobat—not Acrobat Writer—are accepted. PDF files must follow WJI’s settings. Contact WJI for the correct settings to use.

Please specify which platform was used to create the ad: Mac or PC. Also, please include a printed directory of all files on the disk. Open all folders before printing the directory to be sure you have provided all files and fonts our printer needs to generate your advertisement.

Backup files
You are strongly encouraged to keep copies of your electronic files. WJI cannot be held responsible for files that are lost or damaged. Disks will be stored for one year unless return is requested.

File submission
• E-mail—Files smaller than 3 megabytes can be sent by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
• CD or DVD—Files larger than 3 megabytes can be sent to: Wire Journal International
1570 Boston Post Road, P.O. Box 578 Guilford, CT 06437 USA
• Digital Drop Box—Send files to WJI’s digital drop box using the link: then type your e-mail address, enter a subject, and browse to the file(s)

Advertisers should compress information that they transfer electronically. We recommend .zip, .sea, and .sit files for compression.For further instructions on using the Digital Drop Box please call (001) 203-453-2777, ext. 141 or e-mail
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Digital file checklist
❑ In addition to your final ad file, have you provided all raw files (for example, .eps or .tif files) used?

❑ Are all the images high resolution?
❑ Are all images correctly colored (defined as process/CMYK or spot/PMS—never as RGB, index, or lab)?
❑ Have you made sure there is no LZW or JPEG compression applied to your images?
❑ Are all images correctly trapped?
❑ Have you provided all the fonts you have used?
❑ Have you included a proof of the ad?
❑ Have you included a directory of the disk?
❑ Have you kept a backup of all files on the disk?

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