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Interwire 2015 Exhibitors Listing

Booth Descriptions (Alphabetical Order)

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EFFEGIDI Int'l - Booth 1320

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Contact Information:
Telephone: 905-669-4010
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Information and categories
Laminated Shielding tapes from Effegidi International Spa, represented in North America by Howar Equipment Inc., will be showcased at the booth. Effegidi is specialized in the manufacturing of foil laminated tapes such as aluminum/polyester, copper/polyester, PVC, PE, Annealed Copper, Annealed Aluminum, Aluminum/PE, Copper/PE, semi-conductive non-woven tapes. The tapes are supplied in multiple thickness arrays depending on customer application requirements, and may be laminated in various layer configurations. Packages are available as pads, coils or traverse wound spools in customizable sizes. Customized packaging includes itemized identification and material description labels which clearly note all product parameters and manufacturing date for complete traceability.

Insulation Materials Tape - Materials

Key Contact and booth personnel
Key contact:Chris Hauer
Booth Personnel:Gianluca Gabelli, Erminio Granata, Chris Hauer

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