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Interwire 2015 Exhibitors Listing

Booth Descriptions (Alphabetical Order)

To view the details of any exhibitor, please login and then click on their name. If you are an exhibitor and wish to submit your listing, click here.

Pittsfield Plastics Engineering, Inc.
Telephone: 413-442-0067 Booth: 764
Exhibiting: We offer a full line of plastic spools and reels for all your packaging needs. If we do not offer what you are looking for we can build tooling and produce exactly what you are looking for. Pittsfield Plastics is your one stop for your plastic spool and reel needs.

China TJK Machinery Beijing Co., Ltd
Telephone: 86 135 2162 2024 Booth: 1910
Exhibiting: Leading producer in China on wire processing machinery.
All with more than 12 years.

Plasmait GmbH
Telephone: +447810810656 Booth: 1320
Exhibiting: PlasmaANNEALER for high-speed annealing of stainless steel, CCA, CCS, nickel alloy wires.

PV Ribbon Line for rolling, annealing, tinning of super-soft PV ribbon.

PlasmaPREPLATE - surface preparation prior to coating, hot dip and electroplating applications. Chemical-free process used for different materials including aluminium.

PlasmaCLEANER is a plasma surface treatment machine designed for pre-heating, surface cleaning, degreasing, deoxidation or surface activation.
• Stainless steel nickel alloys
• Resistance/heating alloys
• Medical wires, tubes, strips, ropes strands
• Fine wire for filters, mesh, knitting
• Copper alloys CCA, CCA, superconductor
• Plating coating, enamelling and taping
• Precious metals

patanozzi metalli
Telephone: +33 49375432 Booth: 124
Exhibiting: www

Telephone: +49 911 94 98 980 Booth: 1058
Exhibiting: EUROBEND GmbH is involved in the manufacturing of advanced technology machinery, servicing the construction and wire industries.
Our company has long experience on manufacturing:
• Single line & multi line (2-D & 3-D) wire bending machines, type G-STAR (Single line) and G-MULTI (Multi-line)
• Single line & Multi line Straghtening & cutting machines, type MELC, incorporating our unique ‘ROTOR STRAIGHTENING METHOD’
• Mesh welding lines processing coiled or pre-cut, wire or rebar for the production of:
construction mesh (in forms of sheets and rolls)
precast mesh,
wall reinforcements,
bar & mesh supports,
dowel baskets
fencing mesh, etc.

General Copper Co.,Ltd
Telephone: +86-186-575-362-77 Booth: 2160
Exhibiting: It is our first time to attend Interwire which is also the fist time of the best copper CLAD steel wire manufactuer from China to attend big trade shows in America. It will be our great honor to meet you at our booth.

CN Wire Corporation
Telephone: 575-589-1300 Booth: 924
Exhibiting: CN Wire Corporation is a world class copper wire manufacturer located in Santa Teresa, New Mexico. Our newly built 260,000 sq. state of the art manufacturing facility produces bare and tin copper wire conductors which services all markets in the Wire and Cable Industry. We are committed in providing a level service to our customers that makes us a market leader in the industry. Our quality and service has contributed to our reputation and is the foundation of our success. Through our network of strategic positioned warehouses across the United States we are committed to our customers in helping facilitate their supply chain demands. We also provide stocking programs such as KANBAN, Make and Hold’s, and Consignment Agreements.

Bad Dog Tools
Telephone: 800-252-1330 Booth: 41
Exhibiting: For 28 years we've been making tools for cutting and drilling that are so good that we guarantee them for life. See Bad Dog Multi-Purpose Drill Bits, HDII for cutting & Grinding, and Biter Drill-Mounted Sheet Material Cutter in action at Interwire!

Zhejiang Tsingshan Steel Pipe Co., Ltd.
Telephone: 8657786620317 Booth: 656

Jin Yuan Bao International Ltd., Co
Telephone: 00186-769-88121891 Booth: 658
Exhibiting: Jin Yuan Bao International Co.,Ltd is a hi-tech enterprise specializes in compression spring machine integrated with R&D,manufacture,selling and service. With more than 30 years experience and good reputation ,product widely cover Europe, South American, and Southeast Asia. All our compression spring machine (wire range from 0.10mm to 20.00mm )are under one-year warranty and life service. To make your required spring within 5 minutes without technician and make sure 100% inspection with high precision. Welcome to visit our factory.

Electrolock Inc
Telephone: 4408347500 Booth: 40
Exhibiting: Electrolock is a leader in designing, manufacturing and converting high temperature insulation for wire and cable applications. Products include mica tape, polyimide film, Nomex, PTFE/Glass, and polyester tape. Since 1957, Electrolock Inc. has been developing material-design solutions for applications requiring high performance electrical and thermal insulation products.

Tecnofil S.p.A.
Telephone: 0039 030 9517655 Booth: 159
Exhibiting: Tecnofil is a prominent market player in the wire industry, manufacturing low-medium carbon steel wires and producing machines for steel wires and wirebands. Its Wire Division offers wires from 0.4mm to 8.00mm in the following finishes: bright, galvanized, heavy galvanized, zinc-aluminium coated, copper coated, annealed, coated wires for bookbinding and wire band for staples. Moreover, the Machinery Division designs, tests and supplies tailor-made complete solutions such as automatic die reworking lines, dry drawing and wet drawing lines, payoff systems, spooling lines, coiling and descaling systems, cold rolling lines, PVC coating lines, staple making and staple wire band production lines.

ATE Applicazioni Termo Elettroniche
Telephone: +390444601455 Booth: 63
Exhibiting: Founded in 1987, ATE Applicazioni Termo Elettroniche designs and manufactures induction heating equipment including process automation, control and supervisory systems.

ATE’s induction furnaces are innovative, technically advanced, reliable and meet the needs of today’s market.
ATE’s most important sectors of activity include any industrial application that involves the hot working of wires, bars, tubes and strips
Since its establishment, ATE devotes an important share of its resources both to improving the performance and reliability of their equipment as well as to the design and development of new solutions for future applications.

Etna Products Inc.
Telephone: 440-543-9845 Booth: 1706

Precision Process Inc.
Telephone: 716-731-1587 Booth: 2162
Exhibiting: Precision Process serves national and international markets as a leading full-service manufacturer of custom electroplating, chemical processing and automated handling equipment.
W have, in-house, a state-of-the-art machining facility and have with electrical, mechanical and fluid application expertise.

B&H Tool Company LLC
Telephone: 760-471-8949 Booth: 750
Exhibiting: B&H Tool Company LLC engineers, designs and manufactures “round” plastic extrusion tooling for low and high temperature polymer, FEP, silicone and rubber applications. We use flow simulation analysis software to design all of our head assemblies. Sectors served wire & cable, fiber optics, fine insulated wire and medical device. Our capabilities include, single layer, multiple layer (up to 5 layers), striping (embedded & laid down), multi-lumen, multi-cores, etc. Our head assembly platforms include adjustable & fixed center crossheads and in-line dies. We design and manufacture all related tooling including tips & dies, fittings and tooling to adapt the head assemblies to the extruder (s).

Telephone: 905-669-4010 Booth: 1320
Exhibiting: Full demonstration of the KSM Off-Line Measuring and Data Acquisition System for Wire and Cable Insulation

Telephone: 523338253009 Booth: 62
Exhibiting: We manufacture aluminum wire in any size from 3/8" to 0.0063"

FUHR GmbH & Co. KG
Telephone: +49 5233 38360-0 Booth: 752
Exhibiting: Founded in 1946, FUHR today develops and produces rolling mills mainly for cold forming applications, e.g. the automotive, electrical, food, textile and building industry. The scope of delivery encompasses the entire range from stand-alone units to turn-key solutions for shaped, flat and round profiles made of ferrous and non-ferrous wires, as well as stainless steels.

Schmale Machinery USA, LLC
Telephone: 904 501 - 28 24 Booth: 52
Exhibiting: If you want to speed up your wire bending process, come along and have a look. Get an update on the latest developments for swaging, pressing, threadning and bending from a german machine builder. Bring your parts or drawings with you and we will find a solution for your demand!

Tecnofil S.A.
Telephone: (51) 1 6139200 Booth: 234
Exhibiting: Tecnofil delivers high quality non-ferrous products all over the world. It offers the right mix of quality, value, relationships and customer service. Located in Lima, Peru, Tecnofil benefits from direct access to the highest quality metals such as copper and zinc; and produces with the latest technology in casting, drawing, rolling, annealing and extruding. This has allowed Tecnofil to expand into the most demanding markets of the world. Our products range from copper wire, bus bar, flat wire and bars to our specialty alloys such as lead free brass, phosphorus bronze, silicon bronze, nickel silver and copper magnesium amongst others.

Telephone: 905-669-4010 Booth: 1320
Exhibiting: Laminated Shielding tapes from Effegidi International Spa, represented in North America by Howar Equipment Inc., will be showcased at the booth. Effegidi is specialized in the manufacturing of foil laminated tapes such as aluminum/polyester, copper/polyester, PVC, PE, Annealed Copper, Annealed Aluminum, Aluminum/PE, Copper/PE, semi-conductive non-woven tapes. The tapes are supplied in multiple thickness arrays depending on customer application requirements, and may be laminated in various layer configurations. Packages are available as pads, coils or traverse wound spools in customizable sizes. Customized packaging includes itemized identification and material description labels which clearly note all product parameters and manufacturing date for complete traceability.

Metallurgical Council of CCPIT
Telephone: 86-10-65131905 Booth: 658
Exhibiting: MC-CCPIT is an organization engaged in promoting int'l trade, economic & technological cooperation for China’s metallurgical industry. MC-CCPIT carries out a variety of int'l exchange activities under the governance of laws & regulations of PRC to promote int'l trade, economic & technological cooperation for the Chinese steel industry.
Its business areas include organizing int'l exhibitions, conferences and technical exchanges in China; organizing enterprises to attend overseas exhibitions; undertaking CISA’s foreign affairs.

Sivaco Quebec
Telephone: 514-473-3313 Booth: 258
Exhibiting: At the forefront of wire production in North America, Sivaco designs, manufactures, and delivers the highest quality wire products for a wide range of applications. Our reputation for Innovation was recently bolstered with the introduction of the newly created Sivaco Subsea Steel Wire Products division, which produces specific wires for the offshore Oil & Gas exploration markets.

Fisk Alloy Inc.
Telephone: 9738258500 Booth: 2140
Exhibiting: Booth #2140

Telephone: +86 832 80982701 Booth: 123
Exhibiting: We are selling our cable products under trade mark TOP tapes. Products completely meet high customer needs and requests. With our complete range from this area, we can offer to cable manufacturers tapes for different cable designs. We provide Semi & Nonconductive water-blocking tapes; separation, bedding, binding tapes; yarns and other cable materials

Beijing BIHI International Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Telephone: 4006001958 Booth: 1910
Exhibiting: As an exhibitions portal Which obtains services, including search shows, Consulting, solution, design & decoration, freight , visa agent, business Trip etc. The exhibitions covers over 120 countries and regions in five continents, and more than 170 industry segments in 24 areas.

Telephone: 1-508-793-1945 Booth: 1358
Exhibiting: Since 1988, Morgan-Koch Corporation has provided technical support, service, and sales for the finest in E.U.-manufactured wire processing equipment. We proudly represent Ernst Koch, FIB, Krollmann, Lisciani, M+E, Sirio Wire, SKET and WiTechs. We also provide parts and factory trained service for each of these brands as well as Morgan and Vaughn machinery. Literature and expert consultation for all products and companies will be at our booth.

HMP Heinrich Müller Maschinenfabrik
Telephone: +49 7231 3199 0 Booth: 670
Exhibiting: HMP Displays samples of products made on their rolling mills and swaging machines

Angle Systems LLC
Telephone: 4083064537 Booth: 165
Exhibiting: Angle Systems' Wall thickness measurement system measures Jacket wall thickness of single, double and triple wall extrusions using machine vision technology. This system can be used for off-line measurements on the production floor as well as in a lab environment. Angle Systems LLC, founded in 2009 is designer, developer and manufacturer of high speed metrology, inspection and automation system solutions involving vision and laser based sensor technologies. Angle Systems will be displaying its Dual Head Wall Thickness Vision System (WTVS-DH) and a demo version of Print Inspection system (PI) at Booth 165

Bergandi Machinery Company
Telephone: 951-361-8020 Booth: 701
Exhibiting: Bergandi has over 85 years of manufacturing history in developing equipment for the wire industry. Come see the latest in our equipment line that includes: Chain Link Fence machines, Razor Tape Lines, Barbed Wire, Extrusion lines, Fabrication panels system, and much more. Or visit us on our website at

Telephone: 5633910400 Booth: 301
Exhibiting: Exhibiting the newest of their complete line of CNC Series of feed and form machines, the CEB 200 MICRO, for the high speed production of formed parts for small wire diameters will be exhibited. OMAS is also well known for their innovative multi-slide wire and strip forming machines, including the series BMX Modular Systems, and their full range of machines for the production of welded rings from wire and strip stock.

Central Wire Industries LTD
Telephone: 6132673752 Booth: 1818
Exhibiting: Drawing on Innovation since 1955, CWI is pleased to be exhibiting at Interwire 2015. In addition to our internationally known high quality stainless, nickel, copper, brass, bronze and zinc wire products, you will see this year our stranded cable and shape wire products. We are pleased to announce the acquisitions of Strandcore and Hempel Metals. Also, we have made advancements in Medical & Energy as well as in our bar & distribution capabilities. CWI is far more than wire. Stop by our booth to learn more about how we can grow our business together.

Kieselstein International
Telephone: 2604839269 Booth: 1052
Exhibiting: KIESELSTEIN International GmbH is one of the most important manufacturers of modern wire drawing and shaving plants supplying to more than 600 customers in 50 countries worldwide. We are focussed on offering tailor-made solutions individually engineered according to our customers’ requests.

As the worldwide leader in shaving technology, KIESELSTEINS’ substantial know-how in this technology results from the comprehensive R+D activities carried out on our own testing machine located in here in Chemnitz.

As the successor to the former German brands HERBORN+BREITENBACH, SKET Drahtziehmaschinenwerk Gruena and others we are able to supply spare parts and modernisation services for these machine, as well as the complete line of KIESELSTEIN equipment

Hafner & Krullmann GmbH
Telephone: 49-5208-7004-0 Booth: 370
Exhibiting: Häfner & Krullmann has been manufacturing plastic spools for over 80 years. Customers can choose from a product range of more than 1400 different spools in the range of 40 mm up to 1000 mm. The company will display a selection of its wide production program, including spools produced according to IEC (DIN)-standards, tape reels, processing reels. Personnel will help find customers the most suitable spools for their requirements.

Telephone: 6037496896 Booth: 372
Exhibiting: COGEBI is the world leader in the production of industrial mica-based products that are resistant to high voltage, and high temperatures. Firox M and Firox P cable tapes, are the most heat resistant products bonded to an electrical grade glass cloth, and impregnated with a special high temperature resistant silicone. Please, see us at Booth #372 for more information.

Electronic Drives & Ccntrols
Telephone: 973-428-0500 Booth: 724
Exhibiting: EDC has over 40 years experience in commercial and industrial variable speed drive maintenance, repair and retrofits. Our core competency is drives and engineered drive systems integration. We are the certified factory representatives for 20+ drive manufacturers.

Progressive Machinery Inc.
Telephone: 905-788-2324 Booth: 724
Exhibiting: Progressive Machinery Inc. provides cost effective solutions to the wire and cable industry for over 10 years. Our innovative approach and high quality standards will ensure that your wire manufacturing needs are met .

Niagara Composites International Inc.
Telephone: 905-788-4040 Booth: 724
Exhibiting: For over 35 years, Niagara Composites has been supplying the wire and cable industry , with high quality and innovative flyer bows.

Microdia USA
Telephone: 8604955788 Booth: 1922
Exhibiting: Exhibited on booth 1922
Cross head specially engineered to optimize the production speed of new ecological compounds sensitive to stress, mechanical friction, high pressure and overheating.
Thermostatic cross head with CV curing tube attachment and gum space adjustment from the rear.
Fine wire triple layer cross head fixed center head with fine manual tuning. Applications: micro skin-foam-skin, medical tubes, and more.
AVANTIS 50 Fixed center cross head for power cable.
AVANTIS 10 FO fixed center cross head for optical fiber buffering with injection jelly fitting and precision injection microtube centering. Entry guiding plate guarantees multiple fibers perfect positioning and stability.

Light Speed Cable Technology Co., Ltd.
Telephone: (086)755-28373676 Booth: 131
Exhibiting: Design, manufacture and market high performance coaxial and high data rate copper cable/cable assembly products, we serve a broad range of industries such as high performance computing, military and civil radar system, aviation, medical, automotive, aerospace, semiconductor automatic test system/ equipment(ATE system), test and measurement, smart phone/tablet, handheld devices, etc.

Collari Machines
Telephone: 2604839269 Booth: 1052
Exhibiting: Based in Italy and represented by Wire Machine Systems of Fort Wayne, IN offers high quality and economical equipment for winding and re-winding of ferrous and non-ferrous bare wire. Collari's equipment is highly suitable for superior quality re-winding wire from a coil or larger master spool in automatic and semi-automatic configurations.

Telephone: 2604839269 Booth: 1052
Exhibiting: Based in Italy and represented in the USA by Wire Machine System of Fort Wayne, IN, NewTech Machinery offers innovative equipment for the magnet wire industry as well as taping lines for all wire and cable applications. Horizontal and vertical enameling lines as well as Concentric and tangential taping machines for round and square wires and the full range of sizes for the cable industry. Taping capabilities available in Kapton, Mica, PTFE

Voge Composites LLC
Telephone: 2604839269 Booth: 1052
Exhibiting: Voge Composites LLC, Distributed by Wire Machine Systems offers low cost and innovative solutions for the flyer bow industry. See our WIDE SR-EDGE, the most innovative flyer bow to enter the market, for all Samp bunchers. I-Beam designs for larger format bows to reduce weight w/o sacrificing stiffness/strength. AERO bows for Niehoff bunchers reduce energy costs with its superior aerodynamics and is "plug & play" requiring no re-balancing of the machine. Bows for all makes and models of machines.

Wire Machine Systems
Telephone: 2604839269 Booth: 1052
Exhibiting: WMS is a leading supplier of equipment and supplies to the wire, cable, bar and tube industry. We will exhibit state-of-the-art surface treatment, wire and bar drawing, peeling and shaving technology, coiling for bare and insulated cable, shot blasting, straighteners and guides, steel reels and reel handling equipment, buncher bows, wire cutters and welders, as well as a wide array of spare parts for European and Asian machines.
Special: State-of-the-art wire shaving technology. Taping and spooling machine. . The most advanced designs of bunching bows in the industry.

Staku Surface Treatment
Telephone: 2604030634 Booth: 1052
Exhibiting: E-Systems that offers state-of- the-art surface cleaning, pickeling and coating. The line includes E-clean, E-phos, E-copp, E-bead, E-galv models that provide for superior cleaning and coating while significantly reducing your day-to-day operating cost.

Huettner maschinenfabrik
Telephone: 2604839269 Booth: 1052
Exhibiting: Based in Germany and represented in North America by Wire Machine Systems, Inc., Hüttner will exhibit a barrel coiler suitable for insulated or bare wire that can be utilized either off-line for re-packaging or on-line with an extruder. Hüttner has a complete line of coiling and packaging equipment, and rolling mills.

IWE Spools & Handling
Telephone: 2604839269 Booth: 1052
Exhibiting: Based in Germany and represented in North America by Wire Machine Systems Inc., IWE will exhibit a full line of metal reels/spools for all wire and cable applications. Superior quality reels for bunching, stranding, drawing, annealing, cabling and extrusion applications. Reel sizes are up to 3200 mm diameter in standard sizes or customized to a customer’s specific needs. IWE also supplies reel/spool handling equipment to lift or lift-and-tilt reels

CM Furnaces
Telephone: 973-338-6500 Booth: 654
Exhibiting: CM will be displaying its continuous line of wire annealing furnaces. These furnaces are utilized for wire, strand, strip, and tubing. The annealing furnaces service a temperature range of 1000°F up to 3100°F. Process atmospheres include Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Argon. The furnaces have multiple tubes for higher output. They are complete systems with heating, cooling and atmosphere. Both standard and custom units shall be offered.

Electronic Drives & Controls, Inc.
Telephone: 973-428-0500 Booth: 724
Exhibiting: Electronic Drives and Controls EDC Systems division provides Drive and Control systems for wire manufacturing processes such as:


Our state-of-the-art control systems utilize AC and DC drives, PLCs, HMIs, industrial communications and manufacturing intelligence software. Our 30+ years in the wire industry allows us to customize a solution for your facility, equipment and specific needs.


Collins and Jewell Co., Inc.
Telephone: 860-887-8813 Booth: 2149
Exhibiting: Written and video displays of Collins & Jewell history and examples of capabilities. Equipment on display as an example.

Telephone: +1 847 4394500 Booth: 732
Exhibiting: See the future of Slide Forming and Twin Head Wire Bending
Numalliannce will unveil for the first time in the US market 2 newly engineered equipment
NUMASLIDE Developped especially for the US market to address the expected shortage of knowledge in the slide forming, the NUMASLIDE allies speed and repeatability
ROBOMAC 21XX line. The ideal machine for large simetrical part with short distance between the last two bends

Rhenium Alloys inc.
Telephone: 440-309-2076 Booth: 1906
Exhibiting: Rhenium Alloys Inc. is a high temperature powder metallurgy refractory metals raw material manufacturer.

We have been In business since 1966, and have the technology and experience to manufacture plate, sheet, foil, rod and wire in several different compositions.

Our materials are used in several different industries such as, Defense and Aerospace, Semiconductor, Medical Devices, LED and others.

Please visit booth number 1906 to get further information on our product lines.

Telephone: 00390721878711 Booth: 2152
Exhibiting: Reinforcement processing machinery: automatic stirrup benders, cutting/shaping machines, cage making/assembling machines, straighteners, wire processing plants, innvoative software systems

Telephone: +390432975752 Booth: 452
Exhibiting: Promostar is able to offer different solutions for the realization of complete production lines, turnkey plants, machines equipments and accessories for the production of Concrete Reinforcing Wire (cold rolling, straightening and cutting, stretching process, fully automated double vertical spooler), thin Steel Wire (wire drawing process with cassettes or dies), lattice girder and electro-welded mesh lines for different industrial application.

Telephone: +33 4 4202 6044 Booth: 1601
Exhibiting: Exhibits of high performance measuring instruments for fine wires, optical fiber and cable.
Applications for in line and laboratories.

Domeks Makine Ltd.Sti.
Telephone: 00 9 0282 747 60 93 Booth: 1430
Exhibiting: Domeks Makine is one of the most known company about automatic cable packing line. Quadromatik 400 Automatic Coiling and Spooling line with palletizer will be showed in İnterwire 2015 at the booth 1340.

As usual evey show, All the visitor can see the line as working with cable.

Zhejiang Wanma Macromolecule Material Co.,ltd
Telephone: 0086-571-63755318 Booth: 966
Exhibiting: Zhejiang Wanma Macromolecule Materials Co., Ltd, is praised as national large enterprise and the top 500 of Chinese manufacturing. In the field of cable insulation material, the production and sales of Wanma Macromolecule ranks first continuously in domestic market. Wanma Macromolecule is the only one listed as the top 500 of Chinese chemical enterprises in the industry. In 2008, Wanma Macromolecule was recognized as a high-tech enterprise in Zhejiang Province and the first one to implement the innovative concept of green technology in the cable industry.

China Ruijin Fairs International
Telephone: 86-10- 62125964 Booth: 966
Exhibiting: CRFI is an exhibition organizer whom has independent legal personality and were established in 2014 to promote the trade and economic cooperation in wire&tube and oil equipment with foreign countries!
We keep in touch and cooperate with near 30 event organizers from 20 countries abroad.

Tekno Tube Arabia, Cabex Russia, PVP Africa, CIS Africa BORU Turkey, CNR KABLO Turkey,TUBE&WIRE Indonesia,INA Glass,INA Fenestration, Cable&Wire Arabia, Interwire Atlanta USA, OTC Brazil, Rio Pipeline Brazil.

Raajratna Stainless Wire (USA) ; Inc
Telephone: 8479238000 Booth: 453
Exhibiting: Raajratna Metal Industries Limited is an "ISO 9001 : 2008" accredited stainless steel wire manufacturer, Raajratna has become one of the most reliable source of stainless steel wires, S.S bright bars, stainless steel welding wire, stainless steel spring wire and cold heading wires.
Our stainless steel wire includes Industrial stainless steel wire, SS Tig-Mig wires, Redrawing wires, SS Spring wires, Nail wires, spoke wires, SS wires for constructions, etc.
Because of being one of the largest stainless steel wire (SS Wire) manufacturer and having huge capacity and continuous product innovation with regular up gradation of stainless steel wires production process Raajratna is able to serve customers having highly diversified requirements.

Telephone: 4132837773 Booth: 2144
Exhibiting: YMC will exhibit its line of wire & tape break detection solutions for cabling and stranding lines. The exhibit will include active machine models demonstrating YMC’s “fail safe” wire break detection retrofit kit for rigid frame cabling and tubular stranding machines. In addition to its quality monitoring products, YMC will present unique shielding and braiding machinery options and spare parts for Wardwell braiders.

Telephone: 212-697-0770 Booth: 150
Exhibiting: EVG is a leading supplier of wire mesh welding plants and of concrete rebar processing equipment. In addition, EVG manufactures and supplies equipment for production of gratings, truss girders, wire drawing and cold rolling lines and wire straighteing and cutting machines. We will be displaying the EVG RA-XE wire Straightening and cutting machines, designed with hyperbolic rollers.

Saint-Gobain Ceramics
Telephone: 3212342699 Booth: 664
Exhibiting: Refractoty materials for galvanizing burners, copper melting furnaces and Induction furnaces.

Rainbow Rubber & Plastics
Telephone: 610-685-2800 Booth: 1649
Exhibiting: Rainbow Rubber & Plastics Inc is a leading supplier of Truly Endless belts for Caterpuller, Capstans and haul off units.
Working closely with end users and original equipment manufactures we have been proven in durability and reliability. Over the past 30 years Rainbow has become the leading supplier of original equipment and replacement belting.

Magnetic Technologies Ltd
Telephone: 508-987-3303 Booth: 612
Exhibiting: Manufacturer of magnetic brakes and accessories for pay-offs and take-ups on stranders, bunchers, and twinners. Brakes are adjustable for extreme accurate tension control and come in numerous sizes to fit customers' spools and reels. Torque range from .11 inch ounces to 140 inch pounds is developed magnetically and will be the same year after year. Single to multi-spool Payoff stands are available. Advantages include adjustability, portability and a minimum of floor space. Every brake or clutch is carefully engineered to give exceptional long life, for even the most demanding production standards.

Wuxi Quantong Cable materials Co., Ltd
Telephone: 0086-510-85958218 Booth: 1801

Nanjing Xiandai Diamond Products Co., LTD
Telephone: 706-332-1812 Booth: 2014
Exhibiting: We are a wire die manufacture. We can create various types of dies for your needs. We are capable of producing carbide, diamond, extrusion dies, etc. Our manufacture is located in Nanjing China and our sales office for USA is located in Atlanta, GA. Our current customers are well-known wire manufacture throughout the world.

Telephone: 770 486-1233 Booth: 812
Exhibiting: SIKORA (booth 812)
At Interwire SIKORA showcases innovative measuring, control, inspection and sorting technology for continuous online quality control in the wire, cable and plastic industry.

The product range includes X-ray and laser devices for the measurement of diameter, eccentricity, ovality and wall thickness, capacitance measuring devices, spark tester and wire preheater with temperature measurement and control. Furthermore, lump detectors for the detection of non-conformities on the product surface and devices for monitoring the cleanliness of plastic material and for temperature measurement of PE melts are presented. Also, SIKORA introduces the PURITY SCANNER, a system for online inspection and sorting of plastic pellets.

Reel Options by Vandor Corporation
Telephone: 7659667676 Booth: 449
Exhibiting: Reel Options by Vandor Corporation
Tel. 765-966-7676
Fax. 765-935-5572
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
USA Booth 449
Reel Options, by Vandor Corporation, is a leading manufacturer of plastic reels and flanges. Industry applications include wire, communications cable, tube & hose, rope, boxed reels, electrical connectors and fiber optics. Our manufacturing capabilities include plastic injection molding, CNC plywood cutting, plastic extruded cores, precision core cutting and precision die cutting. Our assembly capabilities include STAPLE, DEAD~BOLT®, SPIN~WELD and DUO~SOLVE. We also custom design reels to customer specifications.

Zhejiang Baichuan Conductor Technology co,.ltd
Telephone: 86-579-84311389 Booth: 219
Exhibiting: Zhejiang Baichuan Conductor Technology co,.ltd produce Copper clad steel wire,copper clad aluminum and aluminum magnesium wire,silver plated wire,Tin plated wire,galvanized steel wire,stranded wire and earth rod

Telephone: +497251981760 Booth: 551
Exhibiting: Under the motto “Always a twist ahead”, Germany-based company ADVARIS is presenting the new generation of “ADVARIS Cable”, its tried and tested software solution for the sector. Managing Director Dr. Manfred Moser says: “ADVARIS Cable is the most comprehensive, fully integrated operations management system for cable and wire producers available on the market today. ADVARIS Cable supports all aspects of cable manufacturing, from product data management through production to warehouse management and sales.

Tramev srl
Telephone: 39 031 658511 Booth: 1932
Exhibiting: TRAMEV is a world renowned producer of portable hand held cutting tools for Shearing, Cutting-Off, Bending and Straightening of Wire, Cable, Rod, Bar, Strip, Strand, Metal Banding, Bolts & Nuts. On display will be various tooling including electro-hydraulic shears, battery rod cutters and rod straightener’s. A hydraulic scissor shear for cable will also be displayed. Tramev’s cable division has provided some of the largest manufacturers of power cables in the world, shearing cable up to 170 mm. The wire division tooling can cut, bend & straighten steel rod up to 50 mm in dia. Also: butt welding machines, coil, vertical,horizontal & power driven pay-offs, tube drawing machinery for pipe, drawn wire

Cerrini srl
Telephone: 39 0331 631233 Booth: 1932
Exhibiting: Cerrini, founded in 1946 by Paolo Cerrini, the company has grown to become a very well-known name in extrusion technology, serving customers worldwide. Supplying complete extrusion system for building wire and THHN cables, energy cables, fiber optic, data cables and wire ropes sheathing lines, as well as extrusion line equipment.
They represent examples of typical lines for different extrusion technology. Cerrini is able to design and supply any extrusion line tailored on the specific customer requirements. Visit us to discuss Cerrini flexibility and technical competencies to find the best successful solution for your unique needs.

Cometo snc
Telephone: 39 0341 263090 Booth: 1932
Exhibiting: Cometo will display it line of wire straightening, guiding & feeding equipment. Having broadened their feeder unit range, on display will be a new modular structured wire processing machine for the straightening & cutting of wire with different profiles (round, square, triangular, rectangular and more) – machinery for welding wire processing is also available in this design. This machine design is very versatile and allows one to change the positioning of its components within minutes. Cut lengths are controlled by an encoder and fitted with electronic, hydraulic or pneumatic cutting units. Modular collector tray for cut material sections.

Lesmo Machinery America, Inc
Telephone: 905-761-6165 Booth: 1932
Exhibiting: Lesmo Machinery America will display a selection of equipment from world leader manufacturers:
- wire straightening, guiding and feeding equipment;
- wire & cable cutters/shears, rod straightener’s and flat bar cutters;
- a presentation of extrusion machinery demonstrating highly-engineered, value-added extrusion systems.

Telephone: +49643196100 Booth: 906
Exhibiting: For over 75 years, AUGUST STRECKER GmbH & Co. KG has been a specialist in the development and production of butt welding machines for almost any application in the wire and cable industry.
Our product range includes machines for butt welding solid wires, flat conductors, rings, chain links, stranded wires and conductors as well as special parts:
• Mechanical butt welding machines for the wire industry
• Pneumatic butt welding machines for the wire and cable industry
• Hydraulic butt welding machines with automatic deflashing for the wire and cable industry
• Stranded wire welding machines and tongs for the cable industry
• Steel cable welding machines for the steel cable production or processing industries

Telephone: 973-882-3223 Booth: 1712
Exhibiting: AW Machinery will be exhibiting few of its products at the 2015 Interwire Show in Atlanta. The listing of equipment include a Horizontal Accumulator, a Tension Controller, a Flyer Jackstand, a Flyer Cone Payoff, a Vertical Dancer, a Take-up and a Belt Wrap Capstan. Additionally, we will have on had brochures and information on numerous other products.

Telephone: 508-672-0811 Booth: 1066

Inosym Ltd.
Telephone: +1 (908) 797 - 0329 Booth: 1731
Exhibiting: Inosym, world wide suppliers of Steel and Plastic Reels will again be exhibiting at the Interwire.
Inosym will have on display a range of Steel and Plastic reels to show case our production capabilities and quality.
Our team welcomes the opportunity to talk to our customers about some of the new technology we have introduced into our manufacturing plant and how this can benefit the wire and cable manufacturer. This includes robotic welding and automated painting.
So if you have a requirement for steel or plastic reels please visit the Inosym team at booth 1731. One of our representatives from throughout the Americas will be on hand assist with your inquiry
Inosym are sure you will find their quality, performance and price to be world class

Telephone: +1-0424-472084 Booth: 558

Telephone: 256-234-3222 Booth: 558
Exhibiting: Wire machines for non ferrous and ferrous materials. Automation cabinet

Pioneer Machinery
Telephone: +1 973 2853211 Booth: 206
Exhibiting: PIONEER MACHINERY Leader as supplier of Complete Factory Automation to the Wire & Cable Industry, has developed one of the most advanced DUAL SPOOLER with Closed-loop Control Traverse completed Automated and 0 to 100% Torque Speed Control including 1000:1 Vector Duty Motors. High Speed continuous spooling for Extrusion and Drawing lines. Automatic Reel change controlled by PLC. Automatic Reel Load/Unload. Automatic Carrying In/Out is done by handy under-plate system.

Pioneer has already delivered three of the NEW and advanced BUNCHER in the market.
Pioneer also has available NEW Multi-wire Drawing Machine

Pioneer also manufactures: Extrusion Lines, Telephone & Power Cable Lines, Wire Drawing Machines, Copper / Aluminum Rod Breakdown Ma

Weber & Scher Mfg. Co., Inc.
Telephone: +1 (908) 236 - 8484 Booth: 1731
Exhibiting: At Interwire 2015 Weber & Scher Mfg. Co., Inc., will be celebrating their 100 year anniversary. The company was established in 1915 by Mr. George Scher and has spanned over three generations to become one of the leading equipment suppliers to the wire and cable industry worldwide. At Interwire 2015 Mr. William Scher will be attending who represents the 2nd generation of the company while Mr. Gregory Scher will be representing the 3rd generation. The Weber & Scher production program includes metal shielding/armouring tape handling and splicing equipment as well as longitudinal forming equipment for smooth and corrugated metal tape, the technology of which was developed by Mr. George Scher in the early 1940’s. In addition, evolving over the years, Weber & Scher has become a leading supplier of core wrap tape handling and applicating equipment; concentric and eccentric binding and taping machines, Kevlar serving equipment; cable core pressure filling and flooding equipment for optical fiber cables and copper telephone cables; metal tape overlap seam bonding systems; multi-position tension controlled supply equipment, high speed rewind/repair equipment, belt wrap type capstans, linear belt type caterpillar capstans, vertical and horizontal cable accumulators, and cable pay-offs/take-ups.

Within the last 15 years, Weber & Scher has become the leading supplier of welded metal tape sheathing systems (see attached photo). Our unique INDUCTOWELD and GATWELD technology and systems are being utilized for the continuous seam welded metal tape sheathing of power cables as well as coaxial cables, RF cables, and optical fiber cables. Corrugating systems are available for imparting either a helical or annular corrugation in the welded metal sheath.

Telephone: +1-908-797-0329 Booth: 1731
Exhibiting: At Interwire 2015, OEG GmbH will be displaying their DM 1 optical gauge designed for measuring and validating the inside diameter and bore ovality of drawing dies and enameling dies prior to use. Based on an optical measuring principle, the data acquisition and evaluation takes place by an image processing system, which guarantees highly accurate and reproducible measurements. During the measurement sequence, the smallest bore diameter is found automatically using software controlled by a special autofocus procedure. Additionally the roundness of the bore is evaluated and can be displayed in a diagram on the monitor and in the measuring protocol printout. The measuring results can be either printed directly as protocol or exported to other applications in different ways. The DM 1 provides a very cost effective and fast solution for obtaining high measuring accuracy of drawing and enameling dies that can be quickly and easily collected, evaluated and archived as part of your die management program. With this unique system, historical data can be maintained throughout the life of a given die for production and customer verification.

Q8Oils / Roloil
Telephone: 212-880-3737 Booth: 771
Exhibiting: Lubricants for the Rolling and Drawing of Bar, Rod, Wire, Tubes, Profiles and Strip. Lubricants for Fastener production, Heat Treatment and Protectives, Metalworking Lubricants, Plant Maintenance Oils and Greases. Technical Support Services to Increase Productivity and Provide Cost Savings.

Metallloid Corporation
Telephone: 269-503-7300 Booth: 2016
Exhibiting: Metalloid Corporation is a manufacturer of environmentally friendly wiredrawing lubricants. Our goal is to revolutionize the wiredrawing process to address the environmental concerns of our planet. Metalloid’s “green chemistry” offers alternatives to petroleum-based lubricants, powder soaps and greases. Our wiredrawing lubricants are formulated with American-made renewable resources that eliminate hazardous ingredients while providing the ultimate in lubricity. Our strategy focuses on combining problem solving skills with new concepts that meet the needs of the wiredrawing market and address environmental concerns. Metalloid Corporation: One Source … One Solution … One World!

Telephone: 0044 1233 627736 Booth: 157
On display will be information on the BWE range of Extrusion Machines and Cold Pressure Welding Machines.
Conform™ and Conklad™ are established technologies in the non-ferrous cable and tube industry. Applications include Copper and Aluminium Rectangular Wire (Magnet for Transformers, Solid Aluminium Conductor (SAC for Cables), Copper Bus Bar, Trolley Wire and other shaped conductors, AS Wire, OPGW, CATV, Round Refrigeration Tube, Multiport or PFC Tubes in different Alloys.
BWE’s SheathEx™ technology is the alternative to seamless aluminium sheathing of high voltage cables.

Telephone: +1 973 4024098 Booth: 206
Exhibiting: SIMPACKS
NEW Dual Head Automatic Coiler can Coil 18 AWG up to 8 AWG Building Wire Solid or Strand. Also can Coil Flat Wire/Cable. This Coiler is capable of producing 6 ~ 8 coils per minute of 100M Length.

Our NEW Automatic COILER + STRAP + COIL HOLDER are available for all your Steel Wire Packaging 22 ~ 34 Kg Coil. Including 2 / 4 Straps option.

Also NEW Automatic COILER + STRAP is available for all your Hose / Armor Cable Packaging solutions. Including 2 / 4 Straps on Coil.

Proton Products International
Telephone: +1 (908) - 797 - 0329 Booth: 1731
Exhibiting: At Interwire 2015, Proton Products International will be displaying the full array of instrumentation equipment offered from within their production range for the wire and cable industry. This includes laser Doppler speed and length gauges, single and dual axis laser scanners for measuring and monitoring wire diameter, dual and triple axis solid state diameter gauges with lump and neck detection capability, high frequency induction preheating systems for wire and cable conductor applications (see attached photo), high frequency spark testers, capacitance gauges, and process control systems. With over 35 years of experience designing and manufacturing instrumentation and process control products, the Proton Products team provides the most advanced technology at affordable prices.

EBNER Furnaces, Inc.
Telephone: 3303351600 Booth: 620
Exhibiting: EBNER, a world leader in designing and manufacturing annealing equipment for the ferrous and non-ferrous rod and wire industry invites you to visit us at the Interwire 2015, booth 620. HICON/H2® technology utilizing high convection and up to 100% hydrogen as process atmosphere provides up to 70% higher throughput and yields the highest product quality with superior and consistent mechanical and surface properties that is ultra-clean. Elimination or reduction of pickling requirements, a high degree of automation, low annealing costs, and outstanding equipment reliability make EBNER’s HICON/H2® the technology of choice for leading rod and wire processors, worldwide.

STOLBERGER KMB-Maschinenfabrik
Telephone: +49 2472 8080 Booth: 1506
Exhibiting: STOLBERGER KMB-Maschinenfabrik GmbH will exhibit a number of large sized pictures of delivered machines to the cable and rope industry. Additionally a movie of operating lines will be shown. Further to the range of different delivered lines for special applications such as power transmission, steel rope applications and other fields can be given during the exhibition. Visit our homepage for further information about all available equipment.

Canterbury Engineering / Genca
Telephone: 800-241-7650 Booth: 940
Exhibiting: Canterbury Engineering Company will feature a full line of Screws and Barrels for all types of Plastics Processing. We Have an 80,000 square ft manufacturing facility located in Atlanta Georgia, with capabilities of manufacturing Screws over 300 inches in length. We offer Custom Designs and Engineering Services for Extrusion, Injection Molding and the Rubber Industry. In addition, to high temperature and highly corrosive applications, Canterbury utilizes all types of exotic metal selections. We also offer total Refurbishing/Rebuilding of Screws and Barrels. We serve all plastic market segments including, Wire and Cable, Medical, Extrusion, Injection, Rubber/Tire and Specialty markets.

Telephone: 00902127352578 Booth: 2018
Exhibiting: Ozyasar is the largest wire products producer located at Istanbul, TURKEY.

Our annually wire drawing capacity is around 90.000mtons and 80% of this capacity is for both Low Carbon and High Carbon GALVANIZED WIRE.
We have 4 galvanizing lines and can produce from 35gr/m2 up to 410gr/m2 according to EN – BS – ASTM standarts.

More than 55% of the total capacity is for export market and we are in first 100 exporters in Turkey.

We also have an advantage that we can produce some final products like Welded PANEL, Barbed Wire, Chain Link Fence, Cutlength Wire and Steel WIRE ROPE.

Blachford Corporation
Telephone: 815 464 2100 Booth: 406
Exhibiting: Blachford Corporation has been supplying the Global Wire Drawing Industry and many of the world’s largest wire drawing companies since the 1950’s with cost effective, meticulously researched, and innovative wire drawing lubricant programs designed to meet the exacting requirements of our customers’ processes and end product goals.

Enkotec Company Inc.
Telephone: 440-349-2800 Booth: 108
Exhibiting: At ENKOTEC's information booth, staff will be ready to present news within high performance machinery for nail production.

Apart from its rotary nail manufacturing machines, ENKOTEC's product program includes high speed thread rolling machines, collators, cleaning and packaging equipment, supplied as standalone units or in ENKOline inline systems.

The fastest rotary ENKOnail+ machine is producing 2,500 short nails per minute. ENKOTEC has exclusive rights to sell and service BAUSSMANN's wire coil collator and VIBRON nail cleaning systems all over the world. Both ENKOTEC's new feeder bowl and new paper stick collator are finishing field testing this spring.

Joe Snee Associates
Telephone: 774-991-0504 Booth: 1355
Exhibiting: US & Canadian Distributor for PWM also representing NDC/Beta LaserMike & AW Machinery.

PWM manufactures various cold pressure welders covering a range of .0039” – 1.131” (0.100 – 30.0 MM). All models from the M10 hand held to the EP00 rod welder will be working in the booth.

NDC/Beta supplies SRL/FFT systems and diameter measurement, The new AccuScan 6012 is the industry’s first four-axis diameter & ovality gauge. Beta also offers lump/neck down, LayScan lay length gauge, eccentricity gauges, LaserSpeed length & speed encoder, Pre-Heaters, capacitance gauges & off-line inspection system,

AW Machinery offers complete extrusion lines as well as all the discrete components.

Clifford Welding Systems (Pty) Ltd
Telephone: +27333553400 Booth: 1723
Exhibiting: Clifford Welding Systems is excited to announce that we have recently opened a new dedicated Sales and Service office in the USA. The office will handle the North and South American market, and Interwire 2015 is the perfect time and place to tell our customers about the exciting changes coming this year. Clifford is known worldwide as a leader in reinforcing mesh welders, offcoil fencing welders, fine mesh welders, grating welders and high speed wire straightening machines. At Interwire we will have knowledgeable staff on hand to answer your questions and help you find the best equipment configuration to fit your budget. We look forward to meeting you. Also see our website & contact Graham Raynor at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

NDC Technologies (Beta LaserMike Products)
Telephone: 937-233-9935 Booth: 631
Exhibiting: NDC Technologies’ exhibits its complete wire & cable extrusion line measurement system with Beta LaserMike gauges. The new AccuScan 6012 is the industry’s first four-axis 12 mm diameter and ovality gauge with highest ovality measurement and flaw detection accuracy. The new InControl process controller brings advanced graphical user interface, functionality, and ease of use for increased productivity. Also on display: LN3015/LN3040 three-axis lump and neckdown detectors, LayScan lay length gauge, CenterScan eccentricity gauge, LaserSpeed length & speed encoder, Spark Testers, Wire Pre-Heaters, CapScan capacitance gauge, BenchMike off-line inspection system, DCM cable testing, and SRL Pro structural return loss prediction system.

Boockmann Engineering GmbH
Telephone: +49 9708 70 46 0 Booth: 264
Exhibiting: Boockmann will present their HELICORD® technology for wire and cable SURFACE PROCESSING and WELDING WIRE FINISHING, which during the past few years was implemented in industrial production lines. Very successful applications are removal of misprints from cable, removal of metal particles from strands for high frequency and submarine cables and removal of drawing lubricants and metal particles before extrusion. The most promising application is Welding Wire Finishing with simultaneous coating and removal of particles.

Telephone: +44 (0) 1233 820847 Booth: 1355
PWM will present its EP500 rod welder, plus a range of powered and manual cold welding machines. The PWM products will be featured by Joe Snee Associates, exclusive distributor of PWM cold welding equipment, spares and dies in the US and Canada.

PWM’s electro/pneumatic EP500 provides a cost-effective method of welding large non-ferrous rod sections 5mm (.197”) to 15mm (.590”).

The air/hydraulic HP100, for wire/strip 1mm to 5mm (.039” to .197”) is trolley-mounted, so it can be wheeled to the work area.

Manual models on show include the M101, BM10 and BM30, and the hand-held M10, M25, and M30.

Telephone: 630-860-1016 Booth: 1050










50-YEAR building machines for forming
wire & strip components

OMCG will exhibit their MINI CNC wire forming machines integrated with a ROBOT.
This machine featuring simple tooling and 3 to 6 bend radii capability plus generation for rings and large radii.
Wire sizes can range from 1 to 6mm other models available will handle up to 5/8” wire.
Machines have off site diagnostic modems.
Programming is very easy using a standard Windows based PC and the EZ program which writes the part program to make the part, draws part on screen, simulates the forming on screen prior to production and estimates time to complete production.
Design the part on CAD and down load the DXF or STEP file and EZ program will convert to the program and you can make the part.
Another program method allows the part coordinates to be enter as length, bend angle and orientation of angle of the part then the program creates the bending program that control the machine production.
For High production OMCG manufactures a line of CNC slide forming machine along with their Multi-slide forming machines that allow some parts to be produced at 300 parts per minute.
The Vertical Multi-slide line has press capacities of 20, 30, 40, 60 tons.


Web: www.OMCG.COM

Key Exhibit Personnel:
Bob Sears This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Daniele Togni This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Metal Resource Solutions, Inc.
Telephone: 513-874-7630 Booth: 358
Exhibiting: Metal Resource Solutions is a World Class distributor of Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper, and Bronze wire serving the Fastener and Wire Forming industries. Or corporate office is based in West Chester, Ohio, with additional distribution centers in Chicago, IL and Chicopee, MA. We serve customers from Fortune 500 companies to small privately held companies.

IBA Industrial
Telephone: 631-595-4101 Booth: 569

H Folke Sandelin AB (HFSAB)
Telephone: +46 141 203630 Booth: 740
Exhibiting: H. Folke Sandelin AB (HFSAB) Sweden, Co-Exhibiting with Niehoff Endex North America Inc.
Exhibiting Continuous Lead Extrusion equipment and know-how for trouble free lead sheathed cables, providing the perfect moisture barrier. The latest design is horizontal, floor standing, easy to install/maintain, fully automatic, extremely reliable with state of the art control systems, enabling continuous operation for weeks with little or no variation in temperatures and thickness/concentricity
Additional equipment includes the Cable Repair and Recovery System, CRRS, with the possibility of removing the outer jacket, Lead Sheath or triple layer XLPE insulation, without causing any damage to the subsequent layer below.

Phifer Incorporated
Telephone: 205-345-2120 Booth: 450
Exhibiting: With 60+ years of wire drawing experience, Phifer Incorporated is the leading U.S. manufacturer of aluminum round wire for a wide variety of applications. With some of the most diverse capabilities in the industry, Phifer produces custom aluminum round wire from numerous alloys in diameters .11mm-11.1mm and offers a vast range of reel and spool options.

P/A Industries, Inc.
Telephone: (860) 243-8306 Booth: 119
Exhibiting: P/A will be exhibiting a Wire Pallet Reel paying off to the fully enclosed Wire Cut-To-Length machine. Wire is fed to length by the Servo Feed, Straightened and then Cut to specified length.

Telephone: +33 2 38 94 42 00 Booth: 740
Exhibiting: High Capacity Rolling Mill Lines for the Production of Aluminum Strip, Copper Transformer Strip and Low Carbon Steel Flat Wire

Buehler Wuerz Kaltwalztechnik GmbH
Telephone: 0049 7231 7755-0 Booth: 740

Telephone: 00441942676331 Booth: 1949
Exhibiting: Pentre Group incorporating Hearl Heaton will be exhibiting Stand No: 1949 with J.J. Lowes Associates, USA, who is our exclusive sales agent for the Americas.
Pentre Group designs, manufactures and supplies on an international basis, a comprehensive range of High Speed - Steel and Plastic ABS Process Reels, Plywood, and Cardboard Reels, Wholly Moulded Plastic Spools, Steel and Wooden - Shipping Reels and Drums- equipment for the offshore industry.

Worth Steel and Machinery, Inc.
Telephone: 708-388-6300 Booth: 459
Exhibiting: Worth Steel and Machinery, Inc. is a steel wire and cold finished bar supplier near Chicago. Worth stocks low carbon wire in Bright Basic, Galvanized, and Annealed. Worth Steel also stocks carbon alloy Cold Finished Bar in 1018, 12L14, and 1215, with many other alloys available. Size range on Cold Finished Bar from 5/32" to 1 3/16". Wire sizes range from .062 to .625. Worth also sells used wire fabricating equipment, and is an ISO 9001 registered company.

Telephone: 877-832-7864 Booth: 2130
Exhibiting: From Extrusion Crossheads and In-line Heads to Tips, Dies, Screws, Barrels and Breaker Plates, JoeTools is your complete design and manufacturing resource for all extrusion tooling in the production of Wire & Cable products. For each application, JoeTools offers a wide selection of industry standard crossheads along with exclusive, innovative designs that can make your extrusion processes more productive and profitable. And with each of JoeTools wide selection of products, you can always rely on JoeTools' precision quality manufacturing and superior service.

W. Gillies Technologies, LLC
Telephone: 1-508-852-2502 Booth: 958
Exhibiting: Member RSD Group: Manufacturers of equipment for printing, marking, guiding and positioning. On display and under power; "New" Production Model CPLM1040 Fiber Laser for in-line and off-line marking; CP4R High Speed Electronically Driven Contact Printer featuring automatic wheel indexing; CP1Z Mid Speed Contact Printer; "New Space Saving" Combination Ink Jet Guidance & Contact Printer; Combination Offset & Direct Contact Printer; Vertical Printer; Print Wheels, Indent & Embossing Wheels; Guide roller Assemblies

Telephone: (847) 519-4400 Booth: 618
Exhibiting: FMS will showcase systems for tension control in wire stranding machines: the RTMX42. The RTM X42 Wireless Tension Monitoring System is a modular system that is expandable to monitor in real time up to 42 wire strands on rotating machinery. The tension data are wirelessly transmitted to the operator station to provide either an analog signal or be integrated into a PC or PLC (via gateway). Possibilities include Data Logging, Graphing, Tension Limit Alarms, Core Tension, and Running Length Input. The cost-effective system is ideal for both OEM and upgrade applications. FMS will also display a selection of tension measurement products for the wire and cable industry, including Force Sensors and Amplifiers ( including EtherNet/IP and Profibus interfaces).

W3 Ultrasonics LLC
Telephone: 330-284-3667 Booth: 451
Exhibiting: Process developers and manufacturers of cleaning equipment, particularly in continuous production environments such as wire, rod, strip, tube, fasteners, springs, extrusions, etc. We determine the correct cleaning process and design our systems around that process. Our specialty is ultrasonic cleaning, however we use any method, or combination thereof, necessary to achieve your desired cleaning result. Out extensive experience allows us to quickly determine the best process for your specific application. Stop by and discuss your cleaning problem, new application or repair or replacement of your transducers and generators.

Fine Internatioanal Corporation
Telephone: 7329330040 Booth: 332
Exhibiting: Fine International will be exhibiting at the Interwire 2015 exposition in Booth 332 from April 28rd to 30th, 2015 at the World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Rotary braiding and tape applying machinery will be operating throughout the exposition. Booth engineering personnel will be available to provide literature and have discussions regarding our complete machinery line including wire handling equipment, extrusion equipment, vertical and horizontal braiders, vertical and horizontal taping equipment, inductive preheaters and custom machinery. The company also offers raw materials including separating and shielding tapes and process reels.

Telephone: +34934601413 Booth: 312
Exhibiting: With over 70 years of experience in the design and manufacture of rotating machinery for the production of power and telecommunication cables as well as steel ropes, the Spanish company C.M. Caballé provides the cable industry with a wide array of stranding, twinning, bunching and cabling machinery. At Interwire 2015, the company will show the new range of rigid stranders and drum twisters to manufacture extra high voltage power conductors (Milliken) and aluminum aerial conductors with round or trapezoidal wires. Portfolio also includes big bunchers for up to 500 mm2 (1000 MCM) compacted conductors. The firm is constantly developing new, high quality equipment to meet the needs of the Wire and Cable Industry.

Lewis Machine
Telephone: 815-624-2500 Booth: 2056
Exhibiting: INTERWIRE - ATLANTA, GA. April 28 – 30, 2015

Rockford Manufacturing Group (RMG), Fastener Engineers and Lewis Machine are innovative leaders in the wire industry. Our integrated In-Line Wire Processing Solutions are the epitome of Lean Manufacturing. Customers quickly realize reduced inventory, improved productivity, greater flexibility and most importantly, reduced total cost.

RMG’s straighten and cut machines have introduced many revolutionary concepts including VF AC drives, 3 die arbors and our patented “CLUTCHLESS” cutting technology.

Please stop by our Booth # 2056 to see our Lewis 3SV8 straighten & cut machine with the Model 6450VF powered payoff, on display and fully operational. The 3SV8 has been re-designed to include many updated features including; Variable Frequency drive technology, “CLUTCHLESS” cutter and we’re introducing our Micro-Fine Adjustable Release Mechanism for accurate length control. The Micro-Fine release allows for precise cut length adjustments while the machine is operating. Lewis straighten & cut machines offer completely independent control of feed speed – arbor speed – cutter speed, to maximize productivity.

Our In-Line wire processing equipment is being used by many manufacturing processes including fastener production, nail making, wire bending, concrete products, steel bar processing, welded wire
products, screw machine parts and wire straighten and cutting.

RMG provides integrated systems for the processing of hot-rolled rod into descaled and drawn wire that is regularly used in a variety of production machines and processes to reduce material cost.

Service and Support
RMG is the only OEM for Fastener Engineers, Lewis Machine and G.C. Patterson equipment and your best source for all of your Tooling, Spare Parts and Technical Service requirements.

Take a tour of our state of the art manufacturing facility at
Contact us with any questions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Fastener Engineers
Telephone: 815-624-2500 Booth: 2056
Exhibiting: INTERWIRE - ATLANTA, GA. April 28 – 30, 2015

Rockford Manufacturing Group (RMG), Fastener Engineers and Lewis Machine are innovative leaders in the wire industry. Our integrated In-Line Wire Processing Solutions are the epitome of Lean Manufacturing. Customers quickly realize reduced inventory, improved productivity, greater flexibility and most importantly, reduced total cost.

RMG’s straighten and cut machines have introduced many revolutionary concepts including VF AC drives, 3 die arbors and our patented “CLUTCHLESS” cutting technology.

Please stop by our Booth # 2056 to see our Lewis 3SV8 straighten & cut machine with the Model 6450VF powered payoff, on display and fully operational. The 3SV8 has been re-designed to include many updated features including; Variable Frequency drive technology, “CLUTCHLESS” cutter and we’re introducing our Micro-Fine Adjustable Release Mechanism for accurate length control. The Micro-Fine release allows for precise cut length adjustments while the machine is operating. Lewis straighten & cut machines offer completely independent control of feed speed – arbor speed – cutter speed, to maximize productivity.

Our In-Line wire processing equipment is being used by many manufacturing processes including fastener production, nail making, wire bending, concrete products, steel bar processing, welded wire
products, screw machine parts and wire straighten and cutting.

RMG provides integrated systems for the processing of hot-rolled rod into descaled and drawn wire that is regularly used in a variety of production machines and processes to reduce material cost.

Service and Support
RMG is the only OEM for Fastener Engineers, Lewis Machine and G.C. Patterson equipment and your best source for all of your Tooling, Spare Parts and Technical Service requirements.

Take a tour of our state of the art manufacturing facility at
Contact us with any questions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Pneumatic Power Tools &Co
Telephone: 8324825988 Booth: 352
Exhibiting: We are leading manufacturer of pneumatic and Hydraulic wire cutter, Bar straightener, Nibbler, and Steel strapping tools.

Precision Die Technologies
Telephone: 2604825001 Booth: 402
Exhibiting: PDT specializes in new, used, and recut die services for Natural Diamond, PCD, and Monocrystalline dies. We provide shaped, stranding, enameling and other specialty dies.
Our broad range of services includes the Inventory Management Program and 100% satisfaction guaranteed products.
We are passionate about providing the fastest turnaround time possible. Our extensive inventory, streamlined production processes, and committed team environment provides quick delivery, and allows for more focus on reducing your costs. At PDT, superior wire drawing dies are ensured by strict international standards, continuous monitoring, and proven systems processing. Our ISO 9001:2000 certification brings consistent quality and outstanding service.

Finoptics Inc
Telephone: 4042471324 Booth: 1801

Trafco Cortinovis Sictra
Telephone: +390350061511 Booth: 2156
Exhibiting: Our company is since ever in the wire & cable machinery business.
Joining the experiences and knowledge of Cortinovis Sictra with the one of Trafco, we offer to our customers a portfolio of products ranging from the up data Sictra equipment for drawing copper and aluminium wires, to the state of the art Cortinovis equipment for stranding, laying up and armoring power and telecommunication cables as well as steel ropes and, for the lower budget investors, the Trafco refurbished second hand western equipment

Rockford Manufacturing Group, Inc. (RMG)
Telephone: 815-624-2500 Booth: 2056
Exhibiting: INTERWIRE - ATLANTA, GA. April 28 – 30, 2015

Rockford Manufacturing Group (RMG), Fastener Engineers and Lewis Machine are innovative leaders in the wire industry. Our integrated In-Line Wire Processing Solutions are the epitome of Lean Manufacturing. Customers quickly realize reduced inventory, improved productivity, greater flexibility and most importantly, reduced total cost.

RMG’s straighten and cut machines have introduced many revolutionary concepts including VF AC drives, 3 die arbors and our patented “CLUTCHLESS” cutting technology.

Please stop by our Booth # 2056 to see our Lewis 3SV8 straighten & cut machine with the Model 6450VF powered payoff, on display and fully operational. The 3SV8 has been re-designed to include many updated features including; Variable Frequency drive technology, “CLUTCHLESS” cutter and we’re introducing our Micro-Fine Adjustable Release Mechanism for accurate length control. The Micro-Fine release allows for precise cut length adjustments while the machine is operating. Lewis straighten & cut machines offer completely independent control of feed speed – arbor speed – cutter speed, to maximize productivity.

Our In-Line wire processing equipment is being used by many manufacturing processes including fastener production, nail making, wire bending, concrete products, steel bar processing, welded wire
products, screw machine parts and wire straighten and cutting.

RMG provides integrated systems for the processing of hot-rolled rod into descaled and drawn wire that is regularly used in a variety of production machines and processes to reduce material cost.

Service and Support
RMG is the only OEM for Fastener Engineers, Lewis Machine and G.C. Patterson equipment and your best source for all of your Tooling, Spare Parts and Technical Service requirements.

Take a tour of our state of the art manufacturing facility at
Contact us with any questions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Taymer International Inc.
Telephone: +1 905 479 2614 Booth: 849
Exhibiting: Taymer International has more than 40 years’ experience designing and building machines for the wire and cable industry. The SI3100 Surface Inspector detects surface defects 360 degrees around your cable surface and also provides dimensional measurements for lines up to 400 meters per minute. The PV1400 Print Verification system will automatically verify the print quality. Taymer’s Hot Foil Printers are used in the wire and cable industry to produce a clear, bright legend with a very accurate sequential cable length measurement mark in meters or feet. To learn more about Taymer’s products and services, visit

Commission Brokers Inc
Telephone: 401-943-3777 Booth: 717
Exhibiting: Will be displaying photos and brochures of currently available second hand machinery as well as information relating to their appraisal, liquidating, auction, and consignment capabilities. Martin Kenner, President of Commission Brokers inc., with over 46 years of service to the Wire Industry, specialized in non-ferrous wire and cable equipment, wire harness/processing/assembly equipment, and braiding machinery, from individual pieces to complete plants.

Gem Gravure Co. Inc.
Telephone: 781-878-0456 Booth: 706
Exhibiting: Gem Gravure brings ink jet & contact printing equipment with high tech fluids to Atlanta for Interwire 2015. We will be showing the newest ink jet fluids with reduced VOC content. Both dye based and opaque alphaJET into® ink jet printers from KBA-Metronic will be featured. Visit us to see a demonstration of diamondJET connect software, the best software program for communicating with your CIJ printers. GEM continues to supply the finest in striping and contact printing equipment. Custom marking wheels remain company specialty. Bring GEM your toughest marking and coding challenge and we’ll bring you the solution.

Beta Steel
Telephone: 800-594-9074 Booth: 2017
Exhibiting: Manufacturer and warehouse of steel wire, rod, and cut length bar. Supplier to the cold heading, wire forming, and industrial wire industries. We offer annealing, coating, and draw in diameters from .056" through 1.750". Specializing in custom designed JIT stocking programs.

ELCo Enterprises (Wire Wizard)
Telephone: 517-782-8040 Booth: 765
Exhibiting: ELCo Enterprises is an industry leader in wire dispensing and welding equipment. The Wire Wizard® line of products has revolutionized wire delivery throughout the welding industry and solved the most complex wire feeding challenges. Our products are designed to provide flawless wire delivery in applications where smooth wire feeding is critical. Additionally, we have a line of heavy duty drum and reel handling equipment for bulk wire packaging.

Tulsa Power
Telephone: 918-584-1000 Booth: 1950
Exhibiting: Tulsa Power, a 40+ year veteran of manufacturing, is a leading wire and cable handling equipment manufacturer. Tulsa Power designs and builds a wide range of material-handling equipment including payoffs, take-ups, accumulators, cabling lines, linear measurers, caterpullers, coilers, rewind/test lines, concentric and eccentric taping lines, spiral striping machines and many specialty items. On display in their Interwire booth this year is an ACT-26, an automatic cut and transfer spooler allowing for continuous operation whether as a take-up on an extrusion line or a rewind application. Please visit and stop by booth 1950 at Interwire 2015 to see how Tulsa Power can maximze your applications.

Pave CNC Wire Forming Systems
Telephone: 7835163000 Booth: 1321
Exhibiting: Specialise in CNC Wire Bending Machines and Auxilliary Equipment, from the UK

Lloyd & Bouvier Inc.
Telephone: 978-365-5700 Booth: 1832
Exhibiting: An industry leader in providing new and rebuilt equipment solutions, from individual items such as payoffs, take-ups, capstans, cablers, stripers, and dancers/accumulators, to complete lines for extrusion, cabling, respooling, taping, and specialty applications, Lloyd & Bouvier has been providing quality products and outstanding service for 25 years. Each new or rebuilt machine or system is designed to the customer's specific requirement and tested in-house before shipment to insure conformance. An on-site electronics department and modern machine shop provide customers with the latest technology, insuring that all equipment is kept current to constantly changing standards and system improvements. Stop by Booth 1832 and speak with the equipment experts.

Telephone: +4951187040 Booth: 1067
Exhibiting: Established in 1892, TROESTER is synonymous for outstanding quality in developing and manufacturing innovative German machinery for the cable processing industry.

The excellent results produced by TROESTER's extrusion technology, coupled with optimal control and regulation systems, have turned TROESTER into a competent manufacturer of complete lines and individual machines in the cable-sector.

 CV technology
• CCV lines (High-Speed technology)
• VCV lines
• Rubber CV lines
• Individual CV Tube components
 Compounding machines (e.g. for PVC, HFFR, TPE)
 Silane technology for LV-/MV cables
 Insulation and sheathing systems
 Upgrade solutions to increase efficiency of existing equipment

Windak Inc
Telephone: +18283222292 Booth: 1940
Exhibiting: Windak Group and Axjo America are pleased to announce that we will be participating at Interwire 2015 and all visitors are welcome to visit our booth 1940.
Windak continues to create innovative and high quality cable packing machines which are recognized as world class, industry leading solutions.
At Interwire 2015 Windak will introduce our SW6-14 is a dual head spooler developed for fully automatic packaging of cable and wire products onto spools between 165 mm (6.5’’) and 360 mm (14’’) in overall diameter.
During trade show you will have the opportunity to meet our team and for to get acquainted with our latest packaging solutions and innovations.

Micro Products Company
Telephone: +1 630-406-9550 Booth: 550
Exhibiting: Wide range of high performance Micro-Weld Butt Welders on display for welding steel, copper, aluminum, alloys - wire, rod, cable. Micro-Weld technical team available to answer questions on butt welding applications. Models include welders for fine wire to very large diameter material, ceramic fusion welders for clean burr-less welds. Genuine Micro-Weld parts/service available. Sample weld evaluation (in our Peoria IL USA plant). Expert technical assistance. In-plant service for better productivity. All butt welders built in Peoria, Illinois-USA for 85 years.

Longvision(Shanghai) Cable Materials Co.,Ltd
Telephone: 0086-21-64951451 Booth: 1917
Exhibiting: LongVision is one of the leading suppliers for cable related products( RAW CABLE MATERIALS & MACHINE) in the international market. LongVision try to supply one-stop solution for your cable production.
Longvision’s products have been strictly in compliance with ISO9001 and widely recommended by customers.
More detailed information about our product is available on our website.

Telephone: 86-21-66581267 Booth: 316
Exhibiting: Shanghai JNL Industry Co., Ltd has over 26 years of production experience and a history of innovation in the alloy industry. JNL supply: High Temperature (up to 1000℃/1830°F) Fiber / Polyimide and other material insulated thermocouple wire/cable, Resistance heating wire/cable, (Car seat Heating wire), Pure Nickel, NiCr alloy, CuNi alloy, CuMn alloy wire and strip, Enamelled wire and so on.
Our products have been exported to numerous countries around the globe including Germany, England, Russia, Japan, Singapore, Brazil, Peru, South Africa among others.
Hope you can enjoy our TOP QUALITY and BEST SERVICE.

Telephone: 86-18806509847 Booth: 411
Exhibiting: AVIC INTERNATIONAL was founded in 1979, has set up wholly-owned or holding subsidiaries in each major city in China and over 80 overseas organs in more than 40 countries and regions and owns 8 listed companies. Steel is the major business sections in Avic international, our export & import volume ranks in the top level in the industry for years. The products we deal with include: hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel, structural steel, galvanized coil and sheet, pre-painted steel sheet, medium-thick plate, wire rod, deformed steel bar, seamless tube, welded tube, and etc.

Conoptica AS
Telephone: +47 72830150 Booth: 870
Exhibiting: The Conoptica Production & Quality Control System, is the leader in the marked for drawing die measurements. The high quality measurement systems provide automatically 3D measurement with high accuracy. Measures inner 3D geometry of: Drawing Dies, Shaped Dies, and Enameling Dies. Measures cross-section profile of: 
Wire, Rod, Bar, Plug, Needle, and Pin.
Measuring key parameters as Diameter/ovality, reduction Cone Angle, Bearing length & Bearing asymmetry

Telephone: 0017349444994 Booth: 1650
Exhibiting: Wire drawing surface coatings & lubricants, cold rolling lubricants, are the core business of our company.
CONDAT’s lubricant and surface technology range is covering all metal forming applications and our commercial network is servicing this metal forming industry worldwide.
After over 160 years of expertise in the lubricant business CONDAT is continuously improving and upgrading its formulations for better value and in order to match the most advanced environmental regulations.
CONDAT Corporation is the US based division of CONDAT SA. With extensive production capabilities, the subsidiary offers the flexibility and reactivity to fully serve the North American market.

iiM AG measurement + engineering
Telephone: +49(3681)45519-0 Booth: 872
Exhibiting: Since over 15 years iiM AG measurement + engineering provides worldwide customers with complete solutions for measurement engineering and industrial Machine Vision. Hereby the brand VisioCablePro® specializes in producing innovative devices for geometrical cable measurement engineering (EN 60811). The optical cable measuring devices of the VisioCablePro® series fulfill cable producer’s requirements to measure the geometrical features of insulating skins and cable sheaths. They create high resolution colour video pictures of cable samples with a diameter up to 130 mm. Mr Freund and Mr Wark will be presenting iiM’s most innovative product – the VCPX5.

Reber Systematic GmbH+Co.KG
Telephone: +49712194830 Booth: 740
Exhibiting: filtration and cooling systems for wire drawing machines with oil and emulsion, cooling water filter systems for extrusion and annealing lines and other different solutions for filtration applications

Schmidt Maschinenbau GmbH
Telephone: +49 2265 910770 Booth: 740
Exhibiting: We focus on high performing (powerful) and extremely fl exible machines to guarantee the highest possible product quality.

Our year of experience enable us to design machines that are handled efficiently and with little need for maintenance. The outstanding quality and durability of our machines is appreciated by our customers since years.

Among our longstanding long-time clients are wire drawing plants for weaving-, knitting-, braiding- and bunching wires. We supply manufacturers of Cutting wire, heating wire and resistance wire as well as wire for precious metal catalysts, measurement technology and medical purposes.

Our supply range encompasses all components of our product line, among them various types of Pay-off devices, roll-off devices, heat treatment and electroplating plants, drawing machines, spooler with traversing pulley or traversing spooler, with automatic spool rim correction, fully automated spool change over, for a wide range of spool types.

For all downstream processes we offer respooling machines for all wire and features, also with fully automated spool changer, as well as take-ups for annealing processes.

Customized machines manufactured in close collaboration with our clients complete our product range. Therefore customers all over the world trust us as a responsible and professional partner. .

Our wide range of wet drawing machines for your wires :
stainless steel
steel (galvanized and brass-coated) and iron
copper, brass, bronze
nickel, cobalt, niobium, tantalum
noble metals, such as platinum, gold and silver
In addition to the well-known cone wire drawing machines (drawing of wire with slippage), our wide range of products also comprises machines for drawing wire without slippage.

Progress Maschinen & Automation AG
Telephone: +39 0472 979 100 Booth: 153
Exhibiting: progress Maschinen & Automation has been designing and manufacturing coil processing machinery
and equipment for over 50 years. The company’s core competence lies in the conception and realisation of state of the art wire processing machinery tailor-made to customers’ individual requirements. progress Maschinen & Automation stands for innovation, quality and reliability.

Yangzhou Yalong Cable Sample Co.,Ltd.
Telephone: 0086-514-83839818 Booth: 51204
Exhibiting: Yangzhou Yalong Cable Sample Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and exporter that is concerned with the design, development and production of cable sample.

Telephone: 8675583526058 Booth: 570

Nano Diamond America, Inc.
Telephone: 4349066199 Booth: 1806
Exhibiting: Nano Diamond America, Inc. supplies Nano-Dies® to the industrial world in the cable, wire and tube manufacturing industries.
Cable manufacturers all over the world know the benefits of operating at +0 tolerance. Now they do this all the time using Nano-dies - and at 2-10 times less than previous-generation diamond dies.
Nano-dies still lead the way in diamond coating technology, giving them their tremendously strong surface. We provide the lowest-friction working surface on the die market. This unparalleled smoothness leads to Raw Material Savings due to less damage being done to the stranded material.

Telephone: 800-325-7989 Booth: 806
Exhibiting: Interested in maximizing wire throughput and quality? Then meet with the solution experts at the Esteves Group booth that design wire manufacturing tools specifically for your process. They will take your finished wire properties and manufacturing method into account to achieve your goals. To maximize your profits, Esteves Group engineers use proprietary software and successful experience to manufacture the following high performance tools: PCD, Single Crystal Diamond and Tungsten Carbide Wire Dies, Wire Die Recuts, Multi-wire Elongation Sets, Diamond Coated Stranding Dies, Split Dies, Shaped Dies, and Extrusion Tools. Esteves Group - the global wire die company.

PKG Equipment Inc.
Telephone: 585-436-4650 Booth: 231
Exhibiting: PKG Equipment Inc. designs, fabricates, and installs corrosion resistant process equipment for the rod and wire, tube, specialty steel, and hot dip galvanizing industries. We specialize in metal and thermoplastic tanks, tank liners, wire plating cells, drying ovens, ventilation systems, waste treatment systems, and complete tank lines for wire coating, coil processing, galvanizing, pickling, cleaning, and plating. We also offer equipment repairs and modifications, floor trenching, and floor coating services.

All Wire Forming Machinery, Inc.
Telephone: 406-994-0008 Booth: 770
Exhibiting: All Wire Forming Machinery, Inc. with over 20 years’ experience serving the Wire & Strip Forming Industry with New Wire & Strip Forming Machinery. Offers a Complete Line of New Equipment for the wire industry with: 2D & 3D CNC Wire Benders, CNC Spring Coilers, CNC Wire Formers, Power Payoff Dereelers, Custom Built Machines, Visit:

Displaying Photos & Videos: 2D-3D CNC Benders, 13 axis CNC Wire Formers, Sod Staples Machines, Wire Ties, Wire Coils, Wire Looper, Powered De-reelers, Feed Grippers, 2-Plane Wire Straighteners. Specializing in all types of "Turn Key" applications with custom built wire machines for all applications.

Wire Forming Technology International
Telephone: 3308642122 Booth: 235
Exhibiting: Wire Forming Technology International (WFTI) is a quarterly publication covering the manufacture of springs, wire formed parts, wire mesh and rebar products and the materials, tooling, machinery and control systems for making those parts. Readers are located in more than 70 countries.

Wire & Cable Technology International
Telephone: 3308642122 Booth: 235
Exhibiting: Published in print and digital formats six times per year, Wire & Cable Technology International (WCTI) is a technical magazine for manufacturers, processors, distributors and users of all types of electrical, communication and mechanical wire and cable. WCTI includes a special section called Wire Harness & Cable Connector (WHCC) for the wire processing sector. Readers are located in more than 100 countries.

Isotek Corporation - An Isabellenhutte Company
Telephone: 508-673-2900 Booth: 1800
Exhibiting: Isotek offers alloys for internationally standardized thermocouples (also mineral insulated) as well as extension and compensating leads for producing thermocouples, quick cups, connectors and plugs. We also supply resistance wire for heating elements and precision resistors. Solid, stranded and flat wires, strips, foils and rods available. We are the North American subsidiary of our manufacturing partner, Isabellenhütte, located in Dillenburg, Germany. Isotek stocks many items at our warehouse in Swansea, MA.

Precision alloys from Isabellenhütte are used in multiple industries, including the automotive and aerospace industry, petrochemical, process engineering, railway technology, as well as in control, temp. measurement and regulation.

WCISA Wire and Cable Industry Suppliers Association
Telephone: 3308642122 Booth: 235
Exhibiting: WCISA® · Wire and Cable Industry Suppliers Association® - is a nonprofit corporate membership association with approximately 90 North American suppliers of machinery, materials and accessories used for making all types of wire and cable. Members are based in or have an established subsidiary in North America. WCISA's mission is to promote its member's products and services by providing its members with representation, networking/social opportunities and services at wire and cable trade events and conferences. WCISA is active, both as an exhibitor and supporter, in wire and cable trade events and conferences throughout the world.

Telephone: (301) 223-8584 Booth: 1328
Exhibiting: The SAMPSISTEMI division of SAMP will exhibit several machines representing a broad product range. The display will include the DM80.2x8.22 (16 wire, 22 die) multiwire with annealer + pay-off/buncher combination, which will be in operation during the show. The DM80.2x8.22 represents the latest generation of SAMP multiwire design to improve production versatility, increased output and reduced energy consumption. The displayed line will feature a 22-die draw-box for 16 strands with the AN200M.16.16.3500 annealer. The BM/630-D double twist buncher is equipped with PLC controls and drives, specifically developed for the North American market and will be combined with the SV800 pay-off.

Bloom Engineering
Telephone: 412-653-3500 Booth: 601
Exhibiting: Bloom Engineering has developed a reputation for quality industrial burners and combustion systems. Our professional staff and years of experience have been the cornerstone of our business. Bloom’s products can be used for a variety of applications and can be operated with a wide array of fuels and capacity ranges. The industrial burners operate with Low to Ultra Low NOx emissions. Bloom’s customizable product line, extensive installation list, R&D capability, and on-site field service experience, allows Bloom the ability to provide the best possible solution for each unique situation.

Heritage Wire Die, Inc.
Telephone: 260-728-9300 Booth: 111
Exhibiting: Wire Drawing dies:
Tungsten Carbide dies, new, recut, and rough cored.

Diamond and Synthetic diamond dies

Die room supplies: Gages, Compounds, Tools and Equipment including microscopes, pointers and pullers.

Telephone: 318-2440 Booth: 1503
Exhibiting: LaserLinc is THE preeminent manufacturer of highly-accurate/highly-adaptable non-contact laser and ultrasonic systems for OD, ID, wall thickness, eccentricity, and concentricity for wire, cable, and fiber, in-process and offline. Our products help reduce scrap, increase production efficiency, and improve and document quality. LaserLinc gauges plus Total Vu™ software and a standard PC or the SmartLinc™ processor gives you the most versatile control systems available.

The MGS Group
Telephone: 315-337-3350 Booth: 1032
Exhibiting: The MGS Group, which consists of MGS Manufacturing, Hall Industries and Northampton Machinery Co., is an international supplier of automation and technology solutions for product handling and twisting systems…customized to optimize your application…comprehensive design and engineering capabilities…personalized service…ruggedly built for decades of reliable, consistent service.

Products featured include: Our Fully Automatic Dual Takeup with the unique Robot Handling System, various dual reel takeups for fiber to 1000mcm cable, the Northampton Twisting Machines, plus our standard product range which includes: Payoffs, Takeups, Rewinders, Dancers, Accumulators, Capstans, Length Counters, Air Wipes, Double Twist Bunchers, Twinners and Cablers

Northampton Machinery
Telephone: 315-337-3350 Booth: 1032
Exhibiting: The MGS Group, which consists of MGS Manufacturing, Hall Industries and Northampton Machinery Co., is an international supplier of automation and technology solutions for product handling and twisting systems…customized to optimize your application…comprehensive design and engineering capabilities…personalized service…ruggedly built for decades of reliable, consistent service.

Products featured include: Our Fully Automatic Dual Takeup with the unique Robot Handling System, various dual reel takeups for fiber to 1000mcm cable, the Northampton Twisting Machines, plus our standard product range which includes: Payoffs, Takeups, Rewinders, Dancers, Accumulators, Capstans, Length Counters, Air Wipes, Double Twist Bunchers, Twinners and Cablers

Hall Industries
Telephone: 315-337-3350 Booth: 1032
Exhibiting: The MGS Group, which consists of MGS Manufacturing, Hall Industries and Northampton Machinery Co., is an international supplier of automation and technology solutions for product handling and twisting systems…customized to optimize your application…comprehensive design and engineering capabilities…personalized service…ruggedly built for decades of reliable, consistent service.

Products featured include: Our Fully Automatic Dual Takeup with the unique Robot Handling System, various dual reel takeups for fiber to 1000mcm cable, the Northampton Twisting Machines, plus our standard product range which includes: Payoffs, Takeups, Rewinders, Dancers, Accumulators, Capstans, Length Counters, Air Wipes, Double Twist Bunchers, Twinners and Cablers

MGS Manufacturing, Inc.
Telephone: 315-337-3350 Booth: 1032
Exhibiting: The MGS Group, which consists of MGS Manufacturing, Hall Industries and Northampton Machinery Co., is an international supplier of automation and technology solutions for product handling and twisting systems…customized to optimize your application…comprehensive design and engineering capabilities…personalized service…ruggedly built for decades of reliable, consistent service.

Products featured include: Our Fully Automatic Dual Takeup with the unique Robot Handling System, various dual reel takeups for fiber to 1000mcm cable, the Northampton Twisting Machines, plus our standard product range which includes: Payoffs, Takeups, Rewinders, Dancers, Accumulators, Capstans, Length Counters, Air Wipes, Double Twist Bunchers, Twinners and Cablers

Dynamex Corporation
Telephone: +1-3310-329-0399 Booth: 1911
Exhibiting: Newest version of its patented Automatic Tape-Splicer for high-speed taping at the extruder. First low-cost, small footprint, longitudinal taping system with fully automatic on-the-fly tape splicing at full line-speed. This innovative process enables taping continuously with unattended automatic splices at constant tension. Payoff is PLC controlled, with digital AC drives, and runs up to 1,500 FPM. Operates with AL/PE, PE, mylar, kraft, tissue, water-swellable, etc. The tape leaves the payoff and is redirected to the wire-line and enters the tape-folder that folds it around the core prior to entering the extruder. Models now available for flat pads, traversed pads, or universal for both styles, up to 3” wide tape.

For taping in a Cabling line Dynamex offers non-driven two position tape payoffs, for flat pads, traverse pads, both styles, for single or two tape operation. These units operate best with “Dial-In-Angle” tape redirection units, delivering the tape to the cable at the correct angle.

Dynamex offers newly designed rugged Single-Twist Cablers & Bunchers:
New CU & AL Bunchers offered for 36”, 48”, 1000mm, 1250mm. Same size machines available as Cablers for insulated products.
New high speed 36” Cabler running15% faster for small size cables.

Multi-position or single-position shaftless driven reel payoffs are available.
Also offered - driven tension control payoffs for feeding a Cabler out of stempaks, neutralizing payoffs, and more.

Telephone: 1-440-871-5720 Booth: 457
Exhibiting: Bell-Type Furnaces using 100% Hydrogen Protective Atmosphere
RAD-CON, Inc. is a world leader in the design and manufacture of BELL-TYPE FURNACES for SPHEROIDIZE ANNEALING of WIRE ROD for the production of COLD-HEADING QUALITY wires (CHQ). Many of the largest fastener manufacturers are using RAD-CON equipment.
RAD-CON is headquartered in USA, and operating globally, with more than 75% of the turnover outside the USA. RAD-CON specializes in one type of furnace BELL-TYPE, one type of process ANNEALING, and has very specific knowledge in SPHEROIDIZING while producing a CLEAN SURFACE that is FREE OF DECARBURIZATION.

Lubrimetal corporation
Telephone: (+1) 828 212 1083 Booth: 1956
Exhibiting: The latest member of the Lubrimetal family, Lubrimetal Corporation has the same principles of quality and service that has made Lubrimetal the supplier of choice for many of the world’s leading producers of wire products for more than 55 years. The North Carolina Facility developed suitable range of ultraviolet curable coatings and UV solutions for the wire industry. Lubrimetal is ready to customize new UV coatings in order to satisfy customer’s needs for protective or decorative purpose. Come to visit us for our products and to learn more about our latest news.

Wire Lab Company
Telephone: 216-362-0800 Booth: 506
Exhibiting: Wire Lab Company manufactures the most comprehensive and complementary line of Mechanical Descaling Systems available to steel wire manufacturers today. Currently, six standard models are available, from the most basic and economical WILCO Model 920 Air Jet Descaling System to the complete WILCO Model 1250-DB Automatic Brush Descaling System with dual brushing heads. By offering many configurations of mechanical descaling systems customers may use the WILCO System which best matches their specific wire drawing needs. The system displayed at Interwire 2015 will be the WILCO model 1250-DB automatic brush descaling system with dual brushing heads. Customers benefitting from the 1250-DB in their wire drawing operation now have a mechanical descaling system that can process 7/32” through ½” diameter rod and convert lesser quality green rod into higher quality, and higher value wire products. The aggressive cleaning action of the dual WILCO Automatic Rod Brushing Machine heads will produce a descaled rod free from patches of adherent scale and surface rust. Many manufacturers rely on WILCO Lubricant Applicators and double die Pressure Die holders to maximize and maintain lubrication levels throughout the drawing operation.

Taubensee Steel & Wire Company
Telephone: 847-459-5100 Booth: 749
Exhibiting: Taubensee Steel & Wire is a leader in the steel wire and cold drawn bar industry, built on family values and exceeding customer expectations for more than 66 years. Taubensee’s best-in-class sales team has 100+ years of combined industry experience. Our quality, service, reliability, and trust puts us ahead of the pack as your go-to manufacturer for all low and high carbon wire, straightened and cut wire, and cold drawn bar needs. Come visit our booth to find out more!

S&E Specialty Polymers
Telephone: 978-537-8261 Booth: 331
Exhibiting: S&E Specialty Polymers is a premier US plastic and polymer manufacturer, developing advanced polymers and custom plastics for a variety of industries. Our custom compounds and Concentrates are developed by professional R&D staff and are used in the Automotive, Wire & Cable, Battery, and Footwear Industries as well as in Consumer, Industrial, and General Purpose applications. In addition to S&E's vast library of PVC, TPR, TPE, and TPO formulations, we specialize in flame retardant polyolefins, high flame retardant low smoke PVC Plenum, and zero halogen high flame retardant plastic compounds.

Hariton Machinery Co., Inc.
Telephone: 203-367-6777 Booth: 147
Exhibiting: Hariton Machinery will be Debuting our Wire Straighten and Cutoff Machine. We will have our machine running on display. we will also have a portable Hydraulic Wire Bending machine on display

Clinton Instrument Company
Telephone: 860-669-7548 Booth: 901
Exhibiting: Clinton Instrument Company will exhibit the new Model HF-15B series of high frequency AC spark testers. The new system will feature:
*DSP-based voltage regulation and fault detection
*Differentiation between metal-to-metal contact and gross bare wire
* Large alphanumeric display with multiple views
*4 relay outputs with selectable functions
* Easy Connection to most PLCs with Modbus RTU via RS-485 full duplex
*Optional Ethernet/IP, PROFINET, PROFIBUS, Modbus TCP and Analog communications
*Auto calibration of voltage and sensitivity to international standards with Clinton Instrument STCAL system.

Clinton will also show the STCAL calibration system as well as the FL20A cable fault locator.

W.T.M. Srl
Telephone: +39 049 8705566 Booth: 571
Exhibiting: High speed, extraordinary precise, taping unit with VISIO SYSTEM, optical quality control, exhibited. Products illustrated: sintering, curing and sealing heat treatment lines, high quality, fast single twisting lines with back twist feeders, machines for mechanical tests on cables and many accessory equipment

Jouhsen-Bundgens Inc.
Telephone: 4048509753 Booth: 232
Exhibiting: Special solutions for efficient, high-precision wire processing -
Jouhsen-bündgens at Interwire 2015 / Booth 232

Whether straightening and cutting, electro fission, end machining, cold forming or point grinding - Jouhsen-bündgens machines process wires with the smallest tolerances at high speeds worldwide. The demand for Jouhsen-bündgens technology has also increased with the continued drive for component miniaturization. The equipment produces parts for the electronics or the automotive industry; drive and cam chains, bearings or pins. For medical applications lancets, cannulas and surgical needles are often cut, grinded and loaded into magazines at high speeds of hundreds per minute.

We look forward to your visit in booth 232

Mario Frigerio/Frigeco
Telephone: 908-894-5801 Booth: 1379
Exhibiting: Mario Frigerio - WS2 – “DrawEasy” Sander.
This machine uses one or two heads depending on inlet speed, for producing from low carbon to a mechanical descaling for PC Wire with carbon contents up to 1080c. Providing energy savings, higher operating speeds, less maintenance costs, and easier to use by the operator.
Frigeco Extruder - 60 mm +35 mm Dual Extrusion
The Frigeco Extruder provides more accurate temperature control system for the extrusion process. We will display a 60 mm 25:1 L/D extruder plus a 35 mm 25:1 L/D extruder, dual cross head and operator interface.

Telephone: 46468884633 Booth: 2136
Exhibiting: exhibiting our Guide Rollers, Offshore Roller Crosses, Guides, Wire Straighteners, Pulleys, Ceramics, Payoff Stands, length Counters, Caterpullers, Brakes, Pre & Post Formers

Jiangsu Dasheng Electron Accelerator Co., Ltd.
Telephone: 86-512-82859888 Booth: 318
Exhibiting: 1.Manufacturing EB irradiation processing system for wires& cables cross-linking,including e-beam system and under beam transport systems. 2.Manufacturing compounds for insulation/ sheath of wires& cables,especially cross-linked compounds.

Zhejiang Jinping Wire Drawing Die Co., Ltd.
Telephone: 86 573 85600635 Booth: 306
Exhibiting: Jinping Wire Die Co. is a private manufacturing company which is one of the global major producers and suppliers of wire dies in China. We specialize in the manufacture of PCD dies, Mono diamond dies, Natural diamond dies, Extrusion tips & dies, Enamelling dies and TC dies etc.

Telephone: 86-21-55232928 Booth: 1919
Exhibiting: SHJJKJ is a private company, it is set up in 2000. Our products are: wire rod preparing line; steel wire drawing machine; wet drawing machine; and production lines with good environmental protection such as: medium patenting line; brassing line; bead wire line with DV 500; galvanizing line (electrical coating and hot dip) DV 140, the consumption of acid and water is in the lowest level of the world.

Telephone: 86-510-85183218 Booth: 217
Exhibiting: Sunlit is a scientific and technological enterprise specialized in R & D, manufacture and sales of complete set of auto control equipment and also a company R & D and manufacturing professional equipment for steel wire and solar industries. The company has successfully developed Electroplating Brass production line and medium wire heat treatment production line and series products. Our equipment operates reliably, with easy operation and good controllability and steel wires produced are stable in quality and fully meet the requirements of customers in each performance index, which has been affirmed and praised by users

Integrated Control Technologies
Telephone: 972-906-7445 Booth: 1660
Exhibiting: Integrated Control Technologies specializes in extruder drive and control upgrades. Our ACPAK Drive/Motor Package is stocked through 500 HP, and can ship in one business day. The TEMPCOM is a competitively priced graphical extruder control system for all types of extrusion.

Tantec Est, Inc
Telephone: 630-351-1320 Booth: 1908
Plasma and Corona treatment technologies are cost effective and easily integrated in existing production lines, providing fast treatment time. The technologies do not damage the material and offer Manufacturers an eco-friendly solution.
At Tantec we develop both standard and customized Plasma and Corona Surface Treatment Systems. Our core competence is treatment of 3D parts and our systems are developed to meet high quality requirements of even and uniform treatment. We help our customers choose the most suitable surface treatment system for their product and production line. Tantec A/S is an ISO 9001 certified supplier.

Wirex Dies and Steels India Pvt Ltd
Telephone: +919991100593 Booth: 143
Exhibiting: WIREX is one of the biggest semi-finished and finished die manufacturing company based in North India which produces Natural Diamond Dies, PCD Dies, Mono Diamond Dies, Tungsten Carbide wire drawing Dies available in all shapes and sizes. We also produce Enamelling Dies, Extrusion Tools,
Compacting Dies, TC Die Re-conditioning Machine, Ultrasonic
Cleaner, Ultrasonic Polishing Machine, Thermal Spray Ceramic Coated Pulleys, Buncher Bow Guides, Diamond Files, Diamond Paste & Powder and many more products.

We offer competitive pricing with Quality accepted to many major companies in North, Central and South America, Europe, Middle East, South East Asia, Africa and in India.

QED Wire Lines Inc
Telephone: +1 450 458 1200 Booth: 952
Exhibiting: QED specializes in equipment for heat-treating, cleaning and coating of steel wire. Custom designed and built, our high speed lines are for galvanizing, Galfan®, patenting, annealing, and oil tempering processes. Combining innovative design concepts with 30 years practical experience, we have developed a range of products and equipment that is both technologically advanced and ruggedly dependable.
The company also supplies the latest development in HighTurbulence® Pickling and Galvanizing technology. Our multiple stage cleaning systems have high turbulence acid that greatly accelerates the pickling process. Now with computer control, nitrogen wiping in galvanizing and Galfan offers significant savings and accurate coating weights.

Sonoco Reels and Spools
Telephone: 800-633-3962 Booth: 432
Exhibiting: Sonoco exhibits a full array of reels: NEW built-in pallets on polyfiber composite reels for easier, safer handling; Reel Tough® plastic reels with lifespan exceeding similar-process reels. From small precision spools for 56 AWG to reel diameters of 288” Sonoco has your solution—structural, corrugated or tubular steel, utility, lightweight, durable and recyclable EconoReel plastic spools, nailed wood, polyfiber composite and plywood. Sonoco's EcoReel® recycling program offers truckload or LTL pickup of viable used reels. Founded in 1899, Sonoco has reel service centers across North America, design and development resources worldwide and is a member of Dow Jones Sustainability World Index.

Kinrei of America
Telephone: 973-677-9500 Booth: 624
Exhibiting: Kinrei of America is a supplier of twisting equipment to the W&C industry. We will be exhibiting a Kinrei FX-630 Single Twist Buncher and KOA PS-PS-2 dual head power payoff. KOA will also be displaying a complete line of ABS and steel processing reels manufactured in India. The facility in Wayne, NJ, USA supplies spare parts and service support for all machines.
Other areas also under the umbrella of KOA with representatives from each company are the following:
• Candor Sweden AB – Electro Plating and cleaning equipment
• Kopilowitz Engineering, Ltd – Payoffs, take-ups and rewinders
• Donnelly Reels – ABS plastic processing and shipping reels manufactured by Sudhir Enterprises of India as well as steel reels manufactured by Skyline in Ind

LUKAS Anlagenbau GmbH
Telephone: +49 9561 930-0 Booth: 116
Exhibiting: LUKAS Anlagenbau GmbH, a manufacturer for cable and wire technology from Bavaria/Germany, offers a wide range of take-ups, pay-offs, drawing machines and taping equipment of different type and shape. We provide customer tailored configuration for various applications.

Properzi International, Inc.
Telephone: (443) 212-4320 Booth: 1840
Exhibiting: Continuus-Properzi invented the methodology and process of continuously casting and rolling nonferrous rod in the 1940s. Today, Continuus-Properzi is the global leader of CCR lines for nonferrous wire rod production offering a complete product line including all the necessary elements from furnaces to casting equipment, to rolling equipment, to double spoolers. The Properzi organization provides unparalleled continuous casting and rolling technology for the production of Aluminium and Copper wire rod on a global basis. The Copper rod can be produced from either copper cathodes or 100% low quality copper scrap to yield top quality copper rod. The product line also encompasses machinery for the production of nonferrous ingots with the Track & Belt system. The product line is complemented by the offerings of the Wire Machinery Division which include newly designed drawing lines for high carbon, stainless steel, and AS wire, as well as complete PC Strand lines, PC Wire lines, and Steel Rope lines.

During the second half of 2014 Properzi added to its portfolio the Continuous Extrusion plant under the name of PRO-FORM which stands for “Properzi Forming”.

A wide selection of technical literature is available at our booth. Visit our website at or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more detailed information regarding our complete product offering.

Jiangsu Handing Machinery Co.,Ltd
Telephone: 0086-519-86230798 Booth: 91201
Exhibiting: Handing is a manufacturer &exporter of wire and cable equipments. Our company has 13 years experience of providing extruder, bunching machine, single twister,double twister, taping machine ,coiling and packing machine etc.

Telephone: 86-575-88047455 Booth: 51201
Exhibiting: Found in 1985,Shaoxing Kaicheng Mica Material Co, Ltd is a modernized enterprise specializing in the production of auxiliary materials for electriec wire and cable. It is the most professional enterprise for the resistant mica tape prodution in Asia with the biggest sales volume.
the major products are mica tape, non-halgon low smoke fire-retardant tape and polyester tape and the fillings

Telephone: 8651068975019 Booth: 91208
Exhibiting: Jiangyin kangrui stainless steel products co.,ltd.(KRS for short) specializes in production of stainless steel wire/welding wire/bar for various application for customers both domestic and abroad markets.It is with annual a yearly output of 40000 tons.The products sell well worldwidely,including USA,Europe etc.

Telephone: 051081660708 Booth: 51206
Exhibiting: Our company was set up in 1992 specialised in exporting steel wire
and wire ropes, joint ventured in the year of 2001, and reorganized in 2010.
We have been sepcialized in supplying steel wire, Galv. Cable, wire rope and raw material for cable industry over 20 years.

Allied Mineral Products, Inc.
Telephone: 614-876-0244 Booth: 1804
Exhibiting: Allied Mineral Products, Inc. is a leading producer of monolithic refractories and precast refractory shapes for the foundry, steel, aluminum, copper and zinc metals markets as well as the cement, power, incineration, mineral processing and boiler industries. Primary manufacturing, research and corporate headquarters are located in Columbus, Ohio, Additional manufacturing facilities are located in Brownsville, Texas, USA; Tianjin, China; Foshan, China; Johannesburg, South Africa; Tholen, Netherlands; and Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India supported by a worldwide network of distributors, sales and service representatives.

Amaral Automation Associates
Telephone: 401-405-0755 Booth: 2136
Exhibiting: D/S Extrusion Lines, SUBEC Wire Handling accessories, ZUMBACH Diameter Gauges, Wall Measurement,, B& H Crossheads. RSD/GILLIES Printers, WITTMAN Processing Equipment, ACCURATE THERMAL Tool Cleaners, ANGLE SYSTEMS Cable/Wall Detection, BALLOFET Drawing DIes, BONGARD used machinery,RS SCHLICHT Talc Machines, Drives, Process Measurement & Control systems, COLD WELDERS, YIELD MGNMTt Tape Break Detection. WTM Tape Systems

P&R Specialty, Inc.
Telephone: 937-773-0263 Booth: 333
Exhibiting: P&R is a leading supplier of reels and spools for the wire & cable industry, offering plastic spools, fiberboard spools and plywood reels. Our in-house tool shop, which adds tremendous value to our customers’ experience, is a unique feature in the industry. Our tool shop team is dedicated to designing, building, and maintaining all the tooling used in the manufacturing processes at P&R Specialty, Inc. Preventative maintenance is performed efficiently and repairs are made quickly, reducing downtime and allowing us to meet or exceed production expectations. We strive to meet expectations by ensuring each call is answered by a friendly person ready to assist, each request is responded to as quickly as possible, and that in many situations orders can be shipped the same day.

Rosendahl Nextrom USA Inc.
Telephone: +1 828 464 2543 Booth: 640
Exhibiting: Rosendahl Nextrom is the leading global supplier of production technologies for cable, wire and optical fiber. Our core competencies include extrusion, SZ-stranding, corrugation, optical glass making, fiber drawing, fiber coating, ribbon making and proof testing

Telephone: 0086-516-87318026 Booth: 91203
is one group with rich experience and professional technology
in wire & cable(low/medium voltage) field.
We offer best production machineries
and test equipments as well as technical assistance
including installation, trail running, training operators and trouble shooting"

Forever Cable Materials Group
Telephone: 0086-512-66030392 Booth: 51203
Exhibiting: Forever Cable Materials Group consists of cable material manufacturing plants and a trading company named Suzhou Forever Imp & Exp Corp., Ltd. FEC Group has specialized in manufacturing and exporting cable materials of Semicons, XLPE, PBT, PP Filler Yarn, Copper Tape, Galvanized Steel Tape, Mica Tape, Water Blocking Tape.

Baicheng Fujia Technology Co., Ltd
Telephone: 864363298036 Booth: 51210
Exhibiting: We are the biggest special CV lines manufacturer and supplier in China. The main equipments are: 6~35kV CCV line, 10~132kV CCV line, 35~500kV VCV line and rubber CV lines, extruder lines etc.

Hipo Electrix Science &Techology Co., Ltd.
Telephone: 0086-21-37519670 0086 13774297415 Booth: 41210
Exhibiting: "Our HIPO designed and manufactured the H.V. 500kV and below testing equipment. Included 500kV PD Test System. 1800kV Impluse generator, Heat cycle system, High Voltage Test Equipment, spark tester, mobile test car etc. for Cable and cable accessories and transformer field.

Telephone: 86-510-83552530 Booth: 41204
Exhibiting: Wuxi Xingcheng & Walsin Lihua Steel Co., Ltd. is jointly established by Xingcheng Special Steel Ltd., a subsidiary under CITIC Pacific Special Steel Holdings, and Taiwan Walsin Lihua Corp. with the total investment of RMB 650,000,000. It covers an area of 280 Acre with the total staff of 700. It is specialized in R&D and production of stainless steel wire rod, stainless steel wire, and stainless steel bar. The company produces 200,000 tons of stainless steel rod, 25,000 tons of stainless steel bar and 36,000 tons of stainless steel wire annually. The annual sales will exceed RMB 4 Billion.

Anhui Herrman Impex Co., Ltd.
Telephone: 86-551-65667601 Booth: 91204
Exhibiting: Anhui Herrman Impex Co., Ltd. is a world wide professional trading company in China which has exported cable machinery since 2003, but was established in 1994 by management of all group companies including Nanjing Herrman Chemicals Plant, Anhui Herrman Chemicals Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Herrman Impex Co., Ltd., Anhui Herrman Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.

RIchardsApex, Inc
Telephone: 215 487 1100 Booth: 540
Exhibiting: Innovation meets world-class customer support. RichardsApex applications specialists and scientists from around the world join client services people to discuss groundbreaking new products. We welcome the chance to understand your needs and determine how we can help. Old friends or new, stop by to see us.

Mossberg Industries, Inc.
Telephone: 260-357-5141 Booth: 113
Mossberg Industries, Inc. manufacturer of plastic spools and reels offers a range of sizes from 5” to 72” diameter for various products. We offer injection molded light utility spools, molded heavy duty bare wire reels and rotation molded power cable reels up to 72”. Come see our new flanges for auto winding applications and more knock down style plastic reels to reduce transportation costs. Also, custom designed tooling from concept, to 3D model, then production parts to meet your specific requirements. Mossberg serves customers from 2 locations Indiana and California.

Telephone: 860-259-6600 Booth: 1955
Exhibiting: Complex metal forming processes are easy with 115 years of experience! Fenn is a global supplier of rugged, innovative, state-of-the-art metal forming machinery, custom engineered and precisely manufactured for your unique application. With decades of experience, our experts can help make your company’s production goals a reality. Fenn’s well-rounded product line includes rolling mills, wire flattening and shaping lines, turks heads, drawbenches, spring coilers, and swagers. Services offered include upgrade, remanufacture preventative maintenance, spare parts and after sales support. Fenn is headquartered in East Berlin, Connecticut, USA with agents available across the globe to provide sales and support to your business.

Sylvin Technologies, Inc
Telephone: 800-462-4781 Booth: 129
Exhibiting: Sylvin Technologies, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of custom flexible vinyl and vinyl alloy compounds developed to meet your specific requirements. Our diverse product portfolio includes RoHS, REACH and Prop 65 compliant compounds for the wire and cable and electrical markets. Several grades are UL and CSA recognized and numerous specialty grades have been developed for enhanced conductive properties, flame and oil resistance and improved low temperature flexibility. Bio-based, non phthalate products are available as eco-friendly alternatives to traditional vinyl compounds. Our on-site laboratory has developed insulating and jacketing compounds for a variety of applications including automotive wire, speaker wire, blasting wire, booster cable and flexible cords. We are a trusted partner that will deliver excellent technical expertise, high quality materials that process consistently and superior customer service.

Carris Reels
Telephone: 802-773-9111 Booth: 1350
Exhibiting: For over 60 years Carris Reels has proudly serviced the wire and cable industry. Our 9 manufacturing plants and 8 assembly/warehouse locations are strategically located throughout North America to provide you with the best service in the industry. Our range of reel packaging allows customers to minimize inventory dollars and warehouse footprint through our “One Call Does it All” model.

At booth #1350, you will find our extensive product line – plywood, plastic, nailed wood, wood/metal, stamped metal and hardboard, along with the newest product line of polyethylene plastic reels. Stop by and meet the people who can help provide you with creative and timely solutions for your packaging needs.

Queins Machines GmbH
Telephone: +49 2472 8080 Booth: 1506
Exhibiting: Queins Machines GmbH will exhibit a number of large sized pictures of delivered machines to the cable and rope industry. Additionally a movie of operating lines will be shown. Further to the range of different delivered lines for special applications such as power transmission, steel rope applications and other fields can be given during the exhibition. Visit our homepage for further information about all available equipment.

Anbao(Qinhuangdao)Wire&Mesh Co.,Ltd.
Telephone: 0086-335-3893600 Booth: 753
Exhibiting: We are specialized in export various kinds of wire and wire mesh products: Steel wire, Galv.Wire, GALFAN Wire, PVC Coated Wire, Stainless Steel Wire, Ultra Fine SSl wire. Wires for Cable Armoring, ACSR Wire and Strand, Wires for Scourers, Hook & Eye Wire, Stitching Wire, Baling Wire, Spring Wire, Duct Wire, Vineyard Wire, Barbed Wire, Razor Wire, Shaped Metal Wire & Bars etc. We also provide steel wire mesh products as Architecture Mesh, Gabion Box, Conveyor Wire Belt, Knitted Mesh & Demister & Fillings.

Bongard Trading GmbH & Co. KG
Telephone: +4923789155 Booth: 1068
Exhibiting: BONGARD - Specialist for the wire, cable and rolling industries
Being known as one of the leading suppliers for second-hand equipment BONGARD has been in the market for 56 years. Our warehouses cover 1200 machines and 20,000 m².
Since 2008 Bongard has been completing the product program for the manufacture of new machinery. This includes drawing lines, static coiler, spooling lines, take-ups, horizontal bull blocks, etc. Our strength comes from our international network and the close dialogue with our customers around the world. BONGARD knows its business and its experienced team of specialists provides fast and flexible solutions.

OM Frigerio srl - HOWAR
Telephone: 905-669-4010 Booth: 1320
Exhibiting: Wire drawing accessories designed to increase the wire drawing production parameters are available through the vast array of rotating die holders which feature special lubrication boxes and cooling mechanisms to increase die life by reducing friction and temperatures thus increasing drawing output. Additionally, OMF provides a line of in-line mechanical descalers which incorporate special wire brushing heads to descale and clean wire prior to entering the drawing machine. Scrap wire coilers finish off the product line in order to bundle and recycle scrapwire.

Unitek Crossheads - HOWAR
Telephone: 905-669-4010 Booth: 1320
Exhibiting: UNITEK will be exhibiting its high precision/high concentricity fixed center single and multi-layer crossheads for thermoplastic and Fluoro-polymer thermoplastic materials. The high precision designs can achieve the highest concentricities and hold them for extended service life. PVC heads are documented to last up to 50,000 hrs.

UNITEK manufactures a complete line of fixed center crossheads capable of producing up to 120 mm (4.75”)over-insulation cable diameters. With special tool designs, a variety of materials and applications can be handled. In addition to the crossheads, peripheral equipment such as bypass valves are offered efficient purging of material and changing of product. This keeps the head clean during tool changes.

Telephone: 905-669-4010 Booth: 1320
Exhibiting: Steel reels and reel handling equipment of the largest array will be showcased. The line up includes machined reels for wire drawing, pressed steel reels for bunching and extrusion lines, corrugated and structural steel reels for production and shipping, wire carriers & stem packs. Take-apart reels are available in a specialized assortment which includes the collapsible reels for packaging of reel-less wire coils with and without cardboard cores. A complementary line of handling equipment such as reel tilters, lifters pallets and coil lifters is available to help manage wire packages. A working display of handling equipment and reels to be on hand at the booth.

Metavan NV - Howar
Telephone: 905-669-4010 Booth: 1320
Exhibiting: Steel Reels from 12”- 49” (305 – 1250 mm) to the highest quality and consistency will be showcased at the HOWAR Equipment booth. METAVAN of Belgium has had a longstanding philosophy to offer a specialized product mix of pressed steel reels using highly advanced machinery in order to offer only the highest quality reels and spools for stranding, bunching, and cabling. Using automatic machinery, all reels are able to be produced to the strictest standards at valuable costs. All products are then powder coated in any RAL color providing the customer with a highly wear-resistant finish, and are available in extremely fast manufacturing times due to the specialized equipment employed.

Howar Equipment Inc.
Telephone: 905-669-4010 Booth: 1320
Exhibiting: HOWAR Equipment will showcase wire & cable manufacturing accessories manufactured by its European represented manufacturers. Displayed products will:
• Steel Reels, Spools, Carriers and Reel Handling Equipment
• Mechanical Wire Descalers , Rotating Dies, and Scrap Wire Coilers
• Plasma Wire Surface & Heat Treatment
• Pay-Offs, Take-Ups & Tension Control Equipment
• Extrusion Crossheads, Automatic color change systems, Extrusion Tooling
• Automatic Cable Cross-Section Measurement
• Cable Wrapping/Packaging
HOWAR has over 35 years industry experience, and is interested in discussing any machinery and application inquiries in order to provide solutions to practical requirements.

American & Efird LLC
Telephone: 704-827-4311 Booth: 1556
Exhibiting: American & Efird is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of industrial thread, technical textiles and embroidery thread and a global supplier of solutions for the wire & cable industry. A&E offers a comprehensive line of strength members, ripcords, binder yarns and marker yarns. Specialties include Aramids, Polyester, Nylon, Rayon and Cotton, and advanced fiber systems, including Camel waterblocking yarns. A&E’s advanced winding systems ensure dependable payoffs and maximum package yardages.

Fort Wayne Wire Die, Inc.
Telephone: 2607471681 Booth: 1532
Exhibiting: Fort Wayne Wire Die’s complete product line will be on display which includes single crystal diamond, Poly-Di™ polycrystalline and Dual-Draw™ wire drawing dies. Also featured will be shaped profile dies, extrusion tips and dies, tungsten carbide round hole and shaped profile dies, Poly-Strand™ compacting, bunching and stranding dies, Di-Pro™ diamond powder and compound, and miscellaneous wear parts for the wire, cable and tube industries. Also available is a full line of equipment for die maintenance, measuring and inspection.

Telephone: 706-323-5142 Booth: 1702
Exhibiting: At Starrett-Bytewise Measurement Systems we produce non-contact in-line measurement solutions specialized for profile manufacturing industries. We are a complete solutions provider - we manufacture line laser sensors, build multi-sensor systems, produce the application software, and provide the sales and service network to assure that you are well supported.

Telephone: +390432796511 Booth: 858
Exhibiting: Eurolls specializes in equipment for ferrous and non-ferrous wire industry. Range of products includes: wire drawing lines for low-medium-high carbon wire; multi-block cold rolling lines; manual-automatic spoolers and coilers; wet wire drawing lines; skip and tubular stranders for steel-cord and bead-wire, ropes, LRPC wire and strand; welding wire equipment and flux-cored wire production lines; lattice girder machinery; rolling cassettes for reinforcement wire and industrial wire, tungsten carbide rolls; straightening-cutting machines; chainlink fencing-gabions production machines; high resistance chain production lines.
Come by, visit our booth, speak with a Eurolls professional and get the right solution to your wire production needs.

Davis-Standard, LLC
Telephone: 860-599-1010 Booth: 1524
Exhibiting: Davis-Standard engineers and manufactures innovative extrusion equipment & systems to provide processors with rugged, reliable, yet cost effective solutions in the wire & cable industries. Davis-Standard manufactures complete wire and cable systems for building and communication wire, construction wire, coaxial cable, automotive wire, high temperature wire, and specialty wire applications. Systems are available with a wide range of extruders, payoffs and tension brakes, take-ups, and auxiliary equipment including cooling troughs, capstans, caterpillars, and accumulator systems. All are engineered and manufactured to meet the most demanding applications. The superior quality, durability and flexibility are offered throughout the company’s product line.

Heatbath Corporation
Telephone: 413 452-2000 Booth: 2012
Exhibiting: Heatbath Corporation supplies a comprehensive line of cleaning and coating chemicals for the ferrous wire industry. Products include acid inhibitors, scale conditioners, zinc phosphate, oxalate and immersion copper coatings, neutralizers and lubricating topcoats. Supplying innovative solutions for over 90 years, visit our booth to discuss your specific cleaning house requirements. ISO 9001 Certified.

SIEBE Engineering GmbH
Telephone: +492683 30030 Booth: 1069
Exhibiting: SIEBE GmbH has grown to one of the leading engineering companies for plastic processing machines since its founding in 1982. SIEBE is producing customized extrusion lines for automotive cables, data-communication cables, special cables and plastic-tubes. SIEBE extrusion lines are specially designed to meet the permanently increasing demands of the industry for highest quality, highest productivity and a minimum of production scrap.
Also measurement equipment for cables can be offered to the market, e.g. color matching system for cables.

Telephone: 0039 0432 671301 Booth: 2150
Exhibiting: HWS - Handy Wire Scanner, fully portable optical micrometer for non-contact measurement of wires, cables and other similar products.
WIRELINE- Laser System for on-line diameter and ovality measurement of drawn wire.
WIRELAB - Ultra Accurate Table-Top Laser Micrometer for the Wire Industry

Mossberg Associates, Inc.
Telephone: 401-334-2255 Booth: 763
Exhibiting: Mossberg Associates is an independent supplier of large cable drums, fully machined multi-wire reels, pressed metal process reels, shipping reels and ancillary equipment that includes take-apart reel, reel tilters and movers and coil and reel lifters. We will have information available on all products.

Tensor Machinery Ltd
Telephone: (514) 636-3121 Booth: 1750
Exhibiting: Tensor Machinery manufactures cable making equipment for both fiber optic and copper cables. We custom build complete lines and also have standard equipment to build your particular cable. Our equipment includes UV Coloring, SZ Stranding, Armoring, Yarn Serving and Jacketing of both indoor and outdoor cables. At the Interwire show we will have brochures and videos describing our latest designs. Stop by for a visit at booth 1750

Telephone: + 44 1403711043 Booth: 458
Exhibiting: In 2015 Ultimat will be displaying their latest version of their ULTIMAT UMW-100, 2D Wire Forming & Welding Machine, which incorporates faster drives and control systems.

The UMW can be combined with their UCW-100 model, to create an integrated forming and welding cell, for the production of shelving products with the frames being produced on the UMW-100 and then transferred into the UCW-100 where the frame support /brace wire is fed direct from coil, and welded into the frame.

Ultimat has a machine to suit everyone’s requirement from the manufacture of POP displays, lampshades, supermarket shelving and automotive components etc.

Telephone: 630-783-9555 Booth: 2015
Exhibiting: Lake Michigan Metals Inc. is a stocking distributor of Stainless steel wire. Specializing in Electro Polish Quality or EPQ forming wire & Cold Heading Wire for the fastener industry. Multiply stocking locations for JIT delivery. Quick lead times on specials and aggressive pricing.

v.Hagen & Funke
Telephone: 49232497450 Booth: 140
Exhibiting: Exhibiting video and photos displaying the v.H&F range of machines for the production of electrical conductors. Including but not limited to semi and fully uttomatic (robotic) re-spooling lines, all extruder line equipment, irradiation, under-beam-handling equipment, single twist stranding lines, air-wipes and cable dryers, take-ups/payoffs, eccentric and concentric tapers.

Cable Consultants Corp.
Telephone: 914-834-8865 Booth: 140
Exhibiting: Cable Consultants Corp. (CCC) represents well know European companies producing a range of cabling, stranding, spooling/re-spooling, extrusion and wire cleaning lines for the production of wire, wire rope, electrical and fiber conductors. CCC will exhibit a Primary Wire Wipe for the cleaning of wire and rope strand up to a diameter of 2 mm. (.80")

Zhangjiagang Greenshine Electronics Co., Ltd.
Telephone: +86-512-58163220 Booth: 41202
Exhibiting: Zhangjiagang Greenshine Electronics Co.,Ltd. engages in developing, manufacturing and sales of composite bimetallic wire.Main products includes: Copper Clad Aluminum wire(CCA),CCS wire,Silver plated copper wire.

Jiangsu Yonggao Steel Wire Manufacture Co., Ltd.
Telephone: 0513-85916666 Booth: 51202
Exhibiting: Jiangsu Yonggao Steel Wire Manufacture Co.,Ltd. established in 2000, approaching to the Sutong Yangtze River Bridge, occupied an excellent position for transportation of land, water and air, is a manufacturer specialized in producing spring steel wire, mattress wire, piano wire, rivet wire etc.

Bojin Cable Drum Manufacturer co.,Ltd
Telephone: 00862223758758 Booth: 91204
Exhibiting: Bojin Cable Drum Manufacturer specializes in wooden cable drums,wooden & steel cable drums,steel cable drums. Our products enable easyandefficient packing of high-tech cables used by engineering, telecommunicationsandelectrical industries . Over our experience, We have built up impressive technological capabilitiesandpossess extensive production facilities . Dynamicandstatic balance tests are applied throughout the manufacturing process .

Telephone: 315-331-6222 Booth: 302
Exhibiting: Refractron is a leading manufacturer of innovative ceramics for tough applications like the those found in wire manufacturing. Izory®, Refractron’s featured magnesia stabilized zirconia, is specified for all multiwire machines made by SAMP and is proven on machines made by all major OEM's. Izory® is an excellent choice for drawing rolls, pulleys, eyelets, guides, air wipes and idler rollers.

Frontier Composites and Castings
Telephone: 905-685-3633 Booth: 215
Exhibiting: Composite wire winding bows,flyer bows. Materials are carbon fiber and fiberglass in an epoxy matrix with Kevlar used where desirable. Bows can be fully outfitted and balanced or blank. A wide selection of hardware is available.

Amacoil, Inc.
Telephone: 610-485-8300 Booth: 713
Exhibiting: Amacoil will display Uhing rolling ring traverse winding drives and accessories. Uhing traverses are designed for level winding a wide range of materials from hair thin fiber to heavy gauge wire, cable, rope and chain. Traverse reverses automatically without clutches, cams or gears. Threadless shaft will not clog or jam. Custom designs include moving spool assemblies, optical flange sensing and slowdown/dwell. Accessories on display include shaft collars to hold spools secure and wire guides. Featured will be a Uhing traverse system equipped with flange detection sensors which trigger traverse reversal saving time when winding material onto spools of varying widths.

Telephone: 5086952822 Booth: 2128
Exhibiting: FSP-one is a world-wide leader of specialty wire headquartered in France. There is additional manufacturing capability in Vietnam (Hi Tech Wires Asia) that started in 2007. There is a sales office and warehouse in Plainville, MA and a sales office in China. Products include silver, nickel and gold plated copper and copper alloys. A high strength alloy (Green 6) was developed and is qualified by aircraft industries. Markets include telecom, electronics, medical and aircraft. New innovations have also been developed using SPCCA and NPCCA for the Airbus projects.

Plastic Equip, LLC
Telephone: 203-606-2378 Booth: 2111
Exhibiting: Plastic Equip, LLC, USA distributor for PLASTICOLOR/Woywod, will be exhibiting a 2-Fold Volumetric Mixing Station with Modular control demonstrating upgrade capability. Paul Hansen from Woywod will be available for full technical discussions.

Nantong Elite Metal Products Imp.and Exp. Co., Ltd.
Telephone: 86-15000984962 Booth: 41201
Exhibiting: We are a big and specialized manufacturer of Galv. Guy Cable, Galv. and Stainless Commercial Aircraft cable who is located in Hangzhou city.Besides providing large quantity of Guy Cable for China domestic market, we also already provide cables for years to greenhouse manufacturers,dairy manufacturers, poultry manufacturers ect. in United States. We compete with Korean cable manufacturers and save our U.S. customers' cost

Telephone: 0086-20-81493939 81493883 Booth: 41207
Exhibiting: Hanstar established in 1989, we are specialized in producing high temperature PFA ,FEP,ETFE ,E/CTFE wire cables and coaxial cables,PVC,XLPVC,XLPE,Silicon wires and other electronic and electrical equipment internal wiring.We have got certificate such as UL, CUL,VDE,ROHS,and also passed the ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004 international quality management system, we warmly welcome your visit, your OEM &ODM is acceptable.

Telephone: 0769-83713086 Booth: 91206
Exhibiting: "We've specialized in manufacturing any kinds of cable extrusion line,cable twisting bunching machine and cable auto coiling machines etc with high quality level.
Until now, our machines have been successfully exported to more than 55 different countries, like Germany,Nigeria and Thailand etc."

Telephone: 86-523-83781571 Booth: 41206
Exhibiting: XingLong Co.,ltd is a leader manufacturer for stainless steel cable,galvanized steel cable and wire rope asseblies.Our company was found in 1985, Now we have 86500 Square meters factory ,380 employees and whole testing machines,our production capacity is 350tons per month. Welcome to our company.

Handuk Ultrasonic Co., Ltd.
Telephone: +82-41-533-9517 Booth: 2011
Exhibiting: Handuk Ultrasonic is a Korean manufacturer specializing in ultrasonic machines including Ultrasonic Processors, Ultrasonic Grinders, Ultrasonic Lapping Machines, and Ultrasonic Polishing Machines.

We offer an unsurpassed selection of machines for the drawing dies, mould, plastic, non-ferrous, woodworking and textile industries. We have been developing various ultrasonic machines with a focus in the diamond dies industry since 1994 and now we proudly present ourselves as the best supplier of Ultrasonic Polishing and Lapping Machines for the drawing dies industry in Korea.

Nevertheless, we recommend our automatic and semi-automatic ultrasonic machines for increased productivity in all industrial fields.

Telephone: 39 0444 551790 Booth: 1040
Exhibiting: GIMAX will display a type POLISPIRA semi-automatic re-spooling line for producing standard 33lbs spools of welding wire on wire baskets, plastic spools or fiberboard spools. Spooling speeds of up to 6900 feet/min.

Traxit North America
Telephone: 9013668525 Booth: 349
Exhibiting: Traxit North America is part of Germany's Traxit International GmbH, a leading lubricant supplier for the wire drawing and rolling industry. Traxit North America offers a wide range of calcium and sodium based lubricants for all wire drawing applications. Products are locally manufactured or imported from Germany. Traxit also offers a full range of dry drawing lubricant products completely free of borax and all boron compounds. These innovative and superior products, which are better than traditional boron-containing products offer longer die life, higher drawing speeds, reduced wire breaks, reduced drawing temperatures and less moisture pick up.

Rautomead Limited
Telephone: 00 44 1382 622341 Booth: 1070
Exhibiting: RS upwards vertical casting machines for oxygen-free copper rod 3,000 – 30,000 TPA. Rautomead’s graphite furnace technology produces highest quality CuOF 8mm diameter wire rod. This high quality material benefits manufacturers of enamelled wire, LAN cables and fine wires. Larger diameter CuOF rods may be produced for processing to flat strips or water tube fittings; 8.0-12.5mm CuAg rod for processing to commutator sections; 18-30mm CuCd or CuMg for trolley wire cables & 8.0mm copper alloy wires for special applications such as EDM machining wires.

Fil-Tec Inc
Telephone: 800-258-5052 Booth: 1502
Exhibiting: Fil-Tec provides innovative solutions to the wire and cable industry. Our next generation water swellable binders offer the highest absorption capacity while providing excellent yield and high yield package, designed for high speed and cleaner running. We are also showcasing our product line of WS yarn solutions for Power Cable applications. Exhibiting ripcords and binder yarns, wicking and non-wicking, marker, filler and flame retardant yarns as well as fiberglass yarns for various applications. Yarns: aramid, high tenacity polyester, nylon, fiberglass, Vectran, etc. Available with performance coatings or uncoated. Wound on a variety of package sizes and customize to your needs.

Ace Metal Inc.
Telephone: 610-623-2204 Booth: 650
Exhibiting: Ace Metal has worked hard to build an excellent reputation manufacturing both custom and standard wire drawing spools for the ferrous, nonferrous and tire cord wire industries. Our spools are designed with uniform quality and precision and are also used in the batch annealing process. Spools are made from prime cold-rolled steel and are available in multiple colored finishes. We manufacture many varieties of tubular wire carriers—square base, star base, clover leaf base and circular base designs. We design, manufacture and ship our wire carriers throughout North America at economical prices. All of our products are guaranteed for quality, strength and design. We know that customers are looking for durability as well as performance, and that shipping times or JIT supply is vital, so we are tailored to meet those needs.

Aztech Lubricants LLC
Telephone: 405-310-0034 Booth: 964
Exhibiting: Aztech Lubricants LLC is celebrating 10 years in business and 10 continuous years of growth. Jonathan Anderson and Michael Colvin started from zero and now have a full line of wire drawing lubricants – EZDraw (powders and oils) precoats - EZCoat, cleaner – EZClean and our AZWipe spiral brushes. Products are manufactured in Wayne, OK and sold to the USA and 14 other countries. We are willing to manufacture those small volume products that others will not. Stop by and let us know what we can do for you!

Stolberger Inc. DBA Wardwell Braiding Co.
Telephone: 4017248800 Booth: 712
Exhibiting: Wardwell and Spirka are world leaders in braiding machine technology and manufacturing. Our equipment program includes the traditional deflector braider invented by Simon Wardwell and re-known throughout the industry, the Dratex and DF model developed by Spirka, and a full compliment of maypole braiders. We have added a complete line of spiraling machines, winders and payoffs for every bobbin size and wire application and a line of remote payoffs and take-up for reels up to 1,250 mm in diameter. Combined, the Wardwell group has nearly 500 years of experience in manufacturing and problem solving. Please visit us in booth no. 712 to see the Rapid Braider equipped with new features, a four-spindle automatic winder with static payoff.

Chemetall, Inc
Telephone: 1-800526-4473 Booth: 400
Exhibiting: Chemetall, a global leader in the manufacturing and development of chemical processes for the wire industry, will highlight their processes. At their booth, Chemetall will also conduct a Productions Solutions Seminar. It will focus on troubleshooting a cleaning house process when issues arise. Experts will be available to address specific issues before and after the session. Chemetall supplies cleaners. phosphates, salt carriers, polymer lubricants and a complete line of specialty processes. Also please consider attending our Fundamentals Course.

KEIR Manufacturing, Inc.
Telephone: (828) 885-8444 Booth: 703
Exhibiting: “KEIR is a North Carolina based manufacturer of technical engineered products serving the worldwide wire and cable industry with high purity Ceramic Guides, the energy efficient Frontiersman line of Air Wipes, and state of the art Composite Flyer Bows. KEIR’s mission is to engineer value and differentiation by partnering with each customer to generate solutions applying leading-edge materials to solve challenges of improving productivity.”

Telephone: 203-481-5555 Booth: 906
Exhibiting: For over 75 years, AUGUST STRECKER GmbH & Co. KG has been a specialist in the development and production of butt welding machines for almost any application in the wire and cable industry.
Our product range includes machines for butt welding solid wires, flat conductors, rings, chain links, stranded wires and conductors as well as special parts:
• Mechanical butt welding machines for the wire industry
• Pneumatic butt welding machines for the wire and cable industry in the areas of individual part manufacturing and of series production of special parts
• Hydraulic butt welding machines with automatic deflashing for the wire and cable industry as well as for special applications which make very high demands on weld quality and reproducibility.
• Stranded wire welding machines and tongs for the cable industry
• Steel cable welding machines for the steel cable production or processing industries
• Steel cord welding machines and tongs for automotive tire manufacturers
• Cold welding machines for the wire industry
• Special machines as well as customer-specific solutions

Gavlick Machinery Corp.
Telephone: 860-589-2900 Booth: 1053
Exhibiting: Gavlick Machinery was established in 1957. Supplier of used machinery for the ferrous and non-ferrous industry internationally; appraisals, liquidations, buying and selling single machines and complete plants in the following categories: Bar, rod & wire processing; wire drawing; multi-pass; bullblocks; wire flattening mills; stranders; cablers; straight & cut; fence; nails; rope; spring coiling; shaped & flat; weaving; welded mesh; etc. Booth personnel: Mark Haba, President

AIM, Inc.
Telephone: 630 458 0008 Booth: 1014
Exhibiting: AIM offers 2D and 3D CNC wire bending solutions with models ranging from 2.5mm to 25mm. Our automated work cell solutions take wire from straight and cut or coil and will form, weld and systematically arrange the finished parts.

During the past few years, AIM has developed new benders and accessories that we will unveil at Interwire. No further details can be provided at this time but stop by our booth 1014 to witness these innovations firsthand. AIM will exhibit robotic integrations with its patented hybrid forming solution, the AFM-3D8Sd, capable of unmatched versatility, fast output and low cost maintenance.

International Wire & Machinery Association (IWMA)
Telephone: 44 121 781 7367 Booth: 601
Exhibiting: A corporate membership association for the wire, cable and wire product industries, IWMA considers its primary function to promote new technology, education and growth within the wire and cable industry.
Events provide an international forum for the exchange of technology, regular focused meeting places and excellent reference sources from a library of past papers.

IWMA offers assistance to members exhibiting at the best international wire exhibitions and publicity opportunities though its newsletter and directory web site.

Through the IWMA Educational Trust Fund, it actively encourages the gaining of new skills and experience for future rising stars in the industry.

Telephone: 91 831 2441847 Booth: 702
Exhibiting: Sneham International is India’s leading manufacturer & exporter of Cable Wrapping tapes, Electrical Insulation Tapes & Masking Tapes. Sneham International’s state of the art technology and its talented team of professionals make it a premier global player in the cable industry. The company's businesses are supported by a wide marketing and distribution network, and have established a reputation for strong customer support. We have expertise in manufacturing of complete range of water blocking tapes. Our comprehensive range of product portfolio includes tapes for optic fiber cables, power cables & for Submarine Cables.

Die Quip Corp.
Telephone: 412-833-1662 Booth: 1003
Exhibiting: Die Quip is your Die Making and Wire cutting Resource! Featuring quality equipment, supplies, training and die design to help you effeciently and consistantly produce dies leading to less down time and increased production. Let us become your strategic partner to get more feet per die.

We are featuring our line of innovative cutters for wire, rod, cable and chain at Interwire. Safely and easily tackle your tough cutting needs with our manual, battery, pneumatic, electric or hydraulic cutters. Don't risk injury with inferior tools or cutting methods.

Sjogren Industries
Telephone: 508-987-3206 Booth: 715
Exhibiting: Sjogren Industries, Inc. has been providing high quality machinery, tooling and accessories to
the wire and cable industry for more than 75 years. Our product lines includes wire straighteners and replacement grooved rolls of all shapes and configurations, wedge grips, wire guides, and magnetic brakes and clutches to be used in a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous applications. With our machining services we can offer replacement and wear parts for all types of wire equipment. Sjogren is constantly upgrading our machinery to provide the highest quality there is to offer.

Cimteq Ltd
Telephone: 00441978664215 Booth: 2019
Exhibiting: Cimteq are showing two products; their flagship product CableBuilder, and a new innovation called CableMES, a Manufacturing Execution System specific to Cable Manufacturing based on the Wonderware platform.CableBuilder is used to design wire and cable faster, quote faster and avoid costly mistakes that lead to waste:
•all cables
•drawing generation
•version control
•integration to ERP
•length-based costing
CableMES improves communication with the shop-floor in order to maximise throughput, improve schedule adherence, improve process efficiency, and reduce waste:
•convey orders/specifications to shop-floor
•progress to ERP
•non-conformance handling
•quality alarms
•tracking/analysis of process parameters

T & T Marketing, Inc.
Telephone: 800-608-1577 Booth: 1064
Exhibiting: T & T Marketing supplies wire and cable manufacturers with everything from bare copper to shielding, filling, insulating and jacketing products. As a result of two new supplier partnerships, T & T has added EVA, Moisture Curable EPR, and Thermoplastic CPE Jackets to its portfolio. In addition, T & T is introducing two new low smoke zero halogen compounds from its own compounding line: EXP 5595 LSZH, which is a low smoke zero halogen flame retardant thermoplastic elastomer, and EXP 5187 LSZH, which is an oil resistant low smoke zero halogen flexible flame retardant thermoplastic vulcanizate.

Witels Albert USA Ltd
Telephone: 410-228-8383 Booth: 1812
Exhibiting: WITELS ALBERT USA will be presenting both new and field-proven
solutions from its range of STRAIGHTENER, ROLL, GUIDE, FEED AND
PRE-FORMER products. The company will turn the spotlight onto
engineering solutions for straightening applications and the feeding of
process materials. Visitors to the stand can see the new products in action
and find out how good they really are. The show also gives visitors the
opportunity to learn more about the latest clever ideas from the world of wire,
tube, rope and cable production and to familiarize themselves with the
services and what the WITELS-ALBERT USA website has to offer.

Process Control Corporation
Telephone: 770-449-8810 Booth: 1805
Exhibiting: Information about auxiliary equipment for plastics processing. We will be able to discuss material handling, gravimetric blending, scrap recovery, and extrusion control solutions for your system.

Telephone: +41328415177 Booth: 114
Exhibiting: Nearly 40 years of experience in the cable industry allows AESA Cortaillod to offer you the benefits of its skills and complete solutions for testing, quality control and process improvement. Acknowledged leader within this sector, AESA is here to help you run your business with maximum efficiency by offering you only the most productive solutions.

At Interwire 2015, AESA will present a new developed adapter matching to their balunless automatic high frequency measuring system called Cobalt. Additionally to all kind of LAN cables it is now also possible to test patchcords.

Madison Steel, Inc
Telephone: 404-343-4855 Booth: 360
Exhibiting: Come visit Madison Steel to discuss steel wire and strand requirements and demands and how we can make solutions for your individual needs.

Leoni Wire Inc.
Telephone: 4135936618 Booth: 850
Exhibiting: Leoni Wire, a fine wire manufacturer, supplies stranded conductors, solid conductors, braider bobbins, ropes, braided constructions and copper alloys that are available in standard and heavy silver-, nickel-, and tin- plated copper. We service the aerospace and defense, high-speed data, industrial cable, communications cable, copper flexibles, wind power, and solar markets, etc. Since 1990, all of our products have been produced in our AS9100/ISO 9001- certified facility in Chicopee Massachusetts.

Niehoff Endex North America, Inc.
Telephone: 8564674884 Booth: 740
Exhibiting: NIEHOFF Group’s offers a broad range of wire processing equipment for the non-ferrous wire and cable industry. The product line includes: rod breakdown machinery (geared and minimum slip), static and dynamic payoffs, single & multiwire drawing lines, tandem wire drawing lines for data cable, conductive & inductive annealers, static & dynamic take-ups (spoolers and coilers), double twist bunchers, data and special cables double twist twinners and cablers with backtwist payoffs, electroplating machines, cable packaging systems, ultra-fine wire drawing machines, bobbin winders and braiders.

NIEHOFF ENDEX is responsible for the North American sale and support for the complete range of the Niehoff equipment and services portfolio in addition t

Lamnea Bruk AB
Telephone: +4612223200 Booth: 324
Exhibiting: Lämneå Bruk AB specializes in the design and manufacture of machines for the wire drawing industry. Our journey in the wire drawing industry started more than 100 years ago which has given us a tremendous amount of experience which we incorporate in the design of our machines and equipment. Today we have a wide range of high quality machines with the latest designs and technology and this year at Interwire we would like to welcome you to come visit our booth 324 for more information on our machines.
Come visit us at Interwire, booth no 324!

WAFIOS Machinery Corporation
Telephone: 203-481-5555 Booth: 906
Exhibiting: This year at INTERWIRE, WAFIOS will be exhibiting the fast, flexible and efficient B 3 - CNC coiling and bending machine for the production of 3D wire parts (.079 - .157 Ø working range). The B 3 will be producing a broad range of complex bent wire forms while demonstrating:

• High flexibility and safety due to reliable and tested tool concept
• Simple handling of wire, from feed unit up to bending head
• Safe and simple operation with WAFIOS user-friendly WPS 3 programming system
• Enhanced efficiency through intelligent process and quality control using iQ Functions

We invite you to visit us at booth #906, meet our experts and share your applications.

Plas-Ties, Co.
Telephone: 7145424487 Booth: 112
Exhibiting: At Plas-Ties Booth 112, you'll discover a wide variety of Twist Tying Machines and Cable Tie Solutions that can provide secure, industrial strength closures for your products. We will showcase our NEW XL-S which self-adjusts to accommodate multiple diameter sizes at a single station. Preview our full line at:

Roteq Machinery Inc.
Telephone: +1 905 660 8800 Booth: 2032
Exhibiting: Roteq will present our manufacturing developments in
Stranding of Aluminum and Copper Conductors, Single Twist and Double Twist with Roll Forming and Die Compacting
Strip Armouring 2 and 5 inch machines
Cabling using S/Z, Single Twist, Planetary and Drum Twisters
Armouring using Single Twist Planetary Cablers and Drum Twisters
Shielding with Double Twist, Single Twist and Custom Taping Lines
LAN Cable manufacturing using Double and Single Twist
Rewind and Cut Lines in all sizes
S/Z lines in various sizes and configurations
Taping Heads including Eccentric and Concentric pancake and Bulk Pack pads
Take-ups and payoffs in all sizes and configurations
Custom Equipment Solutions

Filtertech, Inc.
Telephone: 315-682-8815 Booth: 1049
Exhibiting: Since 1969, Filtertech has serviced the wire industry by providing complete coolant and water filtration and waste disposal systems. These systems are custom designed for drawing coolant, aluminum rod drawing oil, annealer quench, caster roll coolant, caster water, CV water and other associated process coolant and water applications. Filtertech strives to exceed our customer’s expectations by supplying quality equipment and servicing that equipment for the life of the process.

Huestis Industrial
Telephone: 401-253-5500 Booth: 124
Exhibiting: Showcasing and demonstrating the latest technology and products from Huestis Industrial and Wyrepak Industries.
Multiple machines and additional ancillary equipment will be on site.
We will be happy to assist and answer all of our visitors questions and inquiries.

Mathiasen Machinery, Inc.
Telephone: 8608731423 Booth: 139
Exhibiting: Mathiasen Machinery buys and sells used wire and cable machinery internationally. Machinery is purchased for inventory or it can be sold on an exclusive basis. MMI has interest in locating individual machines, complete lines or entire plants. Consignments, warehousing, appraisals and liquidation services are also offered. MMI has buyers seeking all types of good quality used wire and cable machinery. Serving the domestic and international Ferrous and Non-ferrous wire machinery markets. Their booth will display photos of a wide variety of second hand machinery. Customers are asked to bring their surplus machinery list and photos for evaluation.

Chengdu Centran industrial Co., Ltd
Telephone: 0086-28-85322171 Booth: 1801
Exhibiting: CENTRAN Industrial is a leading manufacturer of water-blocking tape & yarn, , flame-retardant tape for cable industry.

We develop new type of single-side high tensile strength water blocking tape CBDWD serious with extra high tension and good swelling to protect cable core.

we make fine small yarn CZS-35 swellable yarn with perfect surface treating technology which absorb water fast and consist stable gel, it’s suitable for using inside tube.

Electron Beam Technologies, Inc.
Telephone: 8159352211 Booth: 454
Exhibiting: Electron Beam Tech. Inc. is a world wide supplier of composite specialty cables for all types of environment. we will exhibit sample of various specialty cables for industry and OEM applications.

GMP Slovakia s.r.o.
Telephone: +421566280211 Booth: 758
Exhibiting: Worldwide leader in the production of reels, take apart reels, handlinq equipment for reels and coils. Know how, great experienced people and high quality machined are the perfect mix for a very high quality product. European quality is a warranty. The group includes three companies: GMP Slovakia in Pribenik, GMP do Brazil in Sao Paulo and GMP Reels India in Nashik.

Telephone: 904-449-4981 Booth: 161
Exhibiting: Representatives from Bohl and H Boehl North America will demonstrate a Meister coil wrapping machine designed to efficiently package cable, wire, and rolled metal in a coil configuration for 100% surface protection. Also available is information on a variety of packaging solutions for all types of product materials, shapes, and sizes.

Telephone: +39 0444 551790 Booth: 140
Exhibiting: Gimax will have videos and information on its drawing equipment for ferrous and non-ferrous wire, in particular on its new generation wet draw line.
Gimax will also exhibit one of its respoolers specifically for sub-arc welding wire.
Full information will evailable on the complete range of Gimax equipment from drawing to respooling to drum packing, as well as specialised machinery such as shaving lines for aluminum wire.

Maillefer Exrusion Oy
Telephone: +358 9 88 665 600 Booth: 932
Exhibiting: Maillefer is a global leader in W&C production technologies. We offer over 50 technologies and the widest services portfolio in the industry to cover nearly 20 applications. Our try-level production solutions – /Enter, //Extend and ///Explore vary in capacity, cost, automation, flexibility, product range, space requirements and maintenance needs. From us, you can always get the best technical fit and value – from a single component to a complete factory, and services – to match your lifecycle needs. We offer solutions for building and automotive wires, dry or jelly filled fiber optic cables, low, medium, high and extra high voltage cables, rubber cables, telecom, LAN and coaxial cables.

Steel Cable Reels LLC
Telephone: 7138515713 Booth: 270
Exhibiting: Steel Cable Reels - Cabrol Group comes with a global presence of manufacturing and warehouse locations to service the cable industry with shipping reels.

Parkway-Kew Corporation
Telephone: 732-398-2100 Booth: 1057
Exhibiting: Custom coatings for extreme wear applications including: capstans, draw rings, pulleys, stepcones, deflector wheels, tuner and guide rolls. Capabilities include: manufacturing; CNC machining, grinding, polishing, hard-surfacing, plasma spray, metallizing, welding, and shaft, roll and journal restoration. Manufacture and re-contouring solid tungsten carbide for forming, feeding and descaling roll applications.

Pittsfield Plastics Engineering, Inc.
Telephone: 413-442-0067 Booth: 764
Exhibiting: Pittsfield Plastics Booth will be full of Plastic Spools and Reels used in the wire and cable industry.

Evolution Products, Inc.
Telephone: 855-728-0753 Booth: 133
Exhibiting: Evolution Product's mission is to help our customers improve their bottom line by providing them with cost savings solutions and green alternatives to the traditional ways of packaging.

Paramount Die Company, Inc.
Telephone: 4102724600 Booth: 340
Exhibiting: Paramount Die is the leading designer and manufacturer of wire drawing die inserts and tooling systems for the wire drawing industry. For more than 45 years, Paramount Die has delivered dies and wire drawing solutions that optimize wire drawing operations. Paramount Die has helped hundreds of wire drawers improve productivity and increase efficiency of their wire drawing processes by providing premium die inserts and holders.

Axjo America Inc.
Telephone: 828-322-6046 Booth: 1940
Exhibiting: With a wide range of products of spools, reels and drums Axjo America provides the Cable market with packaging solutions for all types of cable.

SKET Verseilmaschinenbau GmbH
Telephone: +49 39140558 0 Booth: 712
Exhibiting: SKET will present photos and graphics of his production program of machinery and equipment for making cables and ropes. In the center of presentation will be a model of vertical laying-up machine. This machine is designed for laying up of insulated round conductors to make long-length submarine cables of different constructions. Depending on the cable construction, further elements such as fibre optics, telecommunications or control cables and conductors can be stranded from rotating pay-offs and various filler strands from stationary pay-offs. As a function of the arrangement of the pay-offs, vertical lines of modified design are also suitable for producing umbilicals.

Telephone: +49-30-549918-0 Booth: 712
Exhibiting: SSB will exhibit a 4-spindle fully automatic winder for copper and steel wires suitable for combination with all usual payoff systems in cable industry.

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