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Wire Expo 2014 Exhibitors Listing

Booth Descriptions (Alphabetical Order)

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Evolution Products, Inc.
Telephone: 855-728-0753 Booth: 133
Exhibiting: Evolution Product's mission is to help our customers improve their bottom line by providing them with cost savings solutions and green alternatives to the traditional ways of packaging.

Paramount Die Company, Inc.
Telephone: 4102724600 Booth: 340
Exhibiting: Paramount Die is the leading designer and manufacturer of wire drawing die inserts and tooling systems for the wire drawing industry. For more than 45 years, Paramount Die has delivered dies and wire drawing solutions that optimize wire drawing operations. Paramount Die has helped hundreds of wire drawers improve productivity and increase efficiency of their wire drawing processes by providing premium die inserts and holders.

Axjo America Inc.
Telephone: 828-322-6046 Booth: 1940
Exhibiting: With a wide range of products of spools, reels and drums Axjo America provides the Cable market with packaging solutions for all types of cable.

SKET Verseilmaschinenbau GmbH
Telephone: +49 39140558 0 Booth: 712
Exhibiting: SKET will present photos and graphics of his production program of machinery and equipment for making cables and ropes. In the center of presentation will be a model of vertical laying-up machine. This machine is designed for laying up of insulated round conductors to make long-length submarine cables of different constructions. Depending on the cable construction, further elements such as fibre optics, telecommunications or control cables and conductors can be stranded from rotating pay-offs and various filler strands from stationary pay-offs. As a function of the arrangement of the pay-offs, vertical lines of modified design are also suitable for producing umbilicals.

Telephone: +49-30-549918-0 Booth: 712
Exhibiting: SSB will exhibit a 4-spindle fully automatic winder for copper and steel wires suitable for combination with all usual payoff systems in cable industry.

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