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Wire Expo 2014 Exhibitors Listing

Booth Descriptions (Alphabetical Order)

To view the details of any exhibitor, please login and then click on their name. If you are an exhibitor and wish to submit your listing, click here.

Progressive Machinery, Inc./Niagara Composites International
Telephone: 1-905-788-2324 Fax: 1-905-788-1991
Booth: 343
Exhibiting: Progressive Machinery provides Extrusion Lines and Components, Cabling Equipment, Continuous AL/CU Equipment, Braiders, Drawing Machinery, Lead Extruders, Packaging Systems, Armoring Machinery and Welding/Corrugating Lines. Niagara Composites supplies composite bows (Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass and Aramid Fiber) to the Wire and Cable Industry.

M+E Macchine + Engineering S.r.l.
Telephone: +39 0341 806000 Fax: +39 0341 806002
Booth: 127

Sirio Wire Srl
Telephone: +390362573197 Fax: +390362576138
Booth: 127
Exhibiting: A provider of superior technology, know-how and services, Sirio Wire designs, builds and installs equipment for the chemical and electrochemical treatment of the wire. At Wire Expo, it will display pictures and film of its technology. In particular:
Ultrasonic and electrolytic cleaning, Fumeless HCl pickling, electrolytic pickling, bronze coating line for bead wires, electroplating lines, coating bathes as well as batch pickling and phosphating lines

Houghton International
Telephone: 610-666-4000 Fax: 610-666-0174
Booth: 149
We offer your operation a global network of fluids experts delivering innovative technologies, chemistries, products and services with a single focus on solving your toughest challenges. With over 2000 employees in 31 countries, Houghton helps customers around the world save on overall process chemical and disposal costs while improving production and part quality.

Lamnea Bruk AB
Telephone: +4612223200 Fax: +4612223299
Booth: 345
Exhibiting: Everything is possible. You set the standard. We supply equipment to wire manufacturers all over the world and have extensive experience of the changing needs of industry.
We specialize in the design and manufacture of machines for the ferrous and stainless steel wire industry and we’re a reliable supplier of complete lines and plants for the wire industry including pay-offs, mechanical de-scaling equipment, drawing machines and take-up units.
Our journey in the wire drawing industry started more than 100 years ago which has given us tremendous amount of experience which we incorporate in the design of our machines and equipment.

Fabritex Inc
Telephone: 7063766584 Fax:
Booth: 212

Gulf Specialty Steel Industries
Telephone: 0096826941493 Fax: 0096826701684
Booth: 427
Exhibiting: We produce galvanized steel wire
-for Cable Armoring
- for Mesh & Construction
- for Fencing & Chain Link
- for other relevant application

Color Resource
Telephone: 978-537-3700 Fax: 978-401-4370
Booth: 347
Exhibiting: Whether it is pellet geometry, a color match in 24 hours, fast turnaround on small orders, or expedited shipping, Color Resource understands when color matters.

We specialize in the fastest turnaround times in the business; one week-delivery for most projects!

We inspect all raw materials and approve all incoming ingredients utilizing first in, first out consumption. We test all dry blend masterbatches before they are extruded to enable color adjustments to the mix before extrusion. Upon final extrusion, the batch is retested against the standard to ensure consistency in every batch.

Color Resource - your specifications, on time, every time.

Telephone: (877) 616-8324 Fax: 219-778-8007
Booth: 347
Exhibiting: OTECH Corporation develops, designs, and custom manufactures high-quality specialty PVC compounds, thermoplastic elastomers and alloys used in electrical wire and cable, footwear, housewares, roofing, agricultural parts, and automotive industries. We have the product for your custom applications.
OTECH Corporation surpasses its competition in four key areas: customer service, innovation, product development, and quality. Our skilled professionals work closely with your team to improve existing products, develop new ones, and ensure quick delivery.
All OTECH products are made in the U.S.A.
OTECH boasts more than 100 UL-approved products including highly specialized flame retardant compounds, low-temperature compounds, and thermoplastic elast

Zhengzhou VIC water Blocking Materials Of Cable Co., LTD
Telephone: 86-371-66728229 Fax: 86-371-66728309
Booth: 422
Exhibiting: Zhengzhou VIC water Blocking Materials Of Cable Co., LTD is specialized in such products: swelling tape \single-side swelling tape\semi–conductive swelling tape\ semi–conductive swelling buffer tape \semi-conductive Nylon tapes\ semi-conductive Tetoron tapes\semi-conductive nonwoven tapes\water blocking yarn

Cable Consultants Corporation
Telephone: 914 834 865 Fax: 914 834 8903
Booth: 249
Exhibiting: Cable Consultants Corp. ( CCC) Booth # 249
On display: Primary Wire Wipe, plus mica tape, plastic spools.
CCC, Larchmont NY & Charlotte NC, represents the following companies in the USA & Canada:
GEO Wire Cleaning Systems GmbH Ultra sonic, mechanical, pressure and spiral brushes.
Vom Hagen & Funke GmbH air wipes, extruder lines, taping lines, single twist cabling , automatic re-spooling.
NEXANS, Deutschland GmbH. fiber in steel tube production lines, Cross welders, tube forming and welding lines.
GIMAX Welding wire re-spooling lines, drum packers, wet & dry drawing lines.
MALI planetary, drumtwister, armoring lines, compacting heads, take-ups and pay-offs.
CABLE TAPES UK (CTUK) Mica, Laminate & Polyester, water blocking,

American Kuhne
Telephone: 401-326-6244 Fax:
Booth: 348
Exhibiting: The preferred provider of engineered solutions for plastic, rubber & silicone extrusion™
Custom is our standard™

Specialized in solving customer challenges, American Kuhne (AK) is the preferred provider of engineered solutions for plastic, rubber & silicone extrusion. AK solutions comprise standard and custom single screw extruders, feed screws, extrusion systems & specialized turnkey systems for medical tubing, laboratory, narrow web, pipe, tubing & profile systems. Beginning with the customer’s application & applying decades of processing expertise along with in-house screw design, each AK solution is designed to meet exacting specifications. It is then manufactured & tested by an experienced team of professionals & supported throughout

Top Tapes
Telephone: 0038631625934 Fax:
Booth: 341
Exhibiting: We sell cable products to the cable industry under the trade mark TOP tapes. The products completely meet the high customer needs and requests. With our complete range from this area, we can offer cable manufacturers tapes for different cable designs.

Our customers use tapes for
the following purposes:

Water-blocking barrier
Separation tapes
Bedding tapes
Binding tapes
Semi-conductive tapes
Heat-barrier tapes

With the above mentioned products, we are
capable of meeting various requests for

Tensile strength
Swelling speed
Swelling height
Inner and outer diameter

W3 Ultrasonics LLC
Telephone: 330-497-7224 Fax:
Booth: 148
Exhibiting: Manufacturers of cleaning equipment specializing in continuous production environments such as wire, rod, strip, tube, fasteners, extrusions, etc. We specialize in determining the correct cleaning process and design our systems around that process. Our specialty is ultrasonic cleaning however we use any method, or combination thereof, necessary to achieve your desired cleaning result. Our extensive experience in many and various cleaning applications allows us to quickly determine the best process for your specific application. Stop by and discuss your cleaning problem or new application with us. If you already have an existing ultrasonic cleaning line, talk to us about repairing or replacing your transducers and generators.

Guardian Cable Systems
Telephone: 904-529-8314 Fax: 904-529-9333
Booth: 958
Exhibiting: Manufacture Galfan/Galvanized Wire, Cable & Rod in sizes .075-.350; We have convenient packaging and shipping options, And we are very competitive on our pricing.

The George Evans Corporation
Telephone: 800-733-5872 Fax: 309-757-8333
Booth: 118
Exhibiting: Process and Shipping Reels. Steel, Aluminum or Stainless Steel. Hi-Heat coatings are available. NEMA WC-26, WECO and Aluminum Association Reels. Specialized Process Reels for tough environments such as annealing or hose curing. Metal Fabrication for other products. 5 lasers. Bring prints or speicifications for quotes.

Founded and controlled by same family for 99 years.

Joe Snee Associates, Inc
Telephone: 7749910504 Fax:
Booth: 402
Exhibiting: Exclusive U.S. and Canadian Distributor for Pressure Welding Machines (PWM) cold pressure welders, die and spares. New England Representative for Beta LaserMike and AW Machinery.
Cold welders, diameter gauges, wall thickness, eccentricity, non-contact length speed measurement, pre-heaters, process control systems, extrusion lines and related components.

Appleton Mfg.
Telephone: 1-800-531-2002 Fax:
Booth: 536
Exhibiting: Appleton’s RollMover™ is a compact, battery-powered material handling device capable of moving reels of cable or wire. The RollMover's moving capacity ranges from several hundred to several thousand pounds! The Appleton RollMover™ features rugged steel frame construction and excellent versatility in moving rollable loads and has proven itself in the field year after year. No electric cords or pneumatic hoses to trip over, no more injuries from manually pushing heavy loads. The RollMover™ will do the job, safe and sure. Visit for more details and to sign up for a Risk Free Trial.

Roteq Machinery
Telephone: 905 660 8800 Fax: 905 660 8898
Booth: 109
Exhibiting: Roteq will exhibit our capabilities and developments in Stranding Technology for Copper and Aluminum Conductors, Single Twist, Double Twist, Concentric, Roll Forming and SIW Conductor
In Cabling technology, Drum Twisters, Single and Double Twist, Planetary and S/Z
In Strip Armouring Technology, 2 inch (50 mm) 5 inch (125 mm) including in line cabling and packaging.
In Communication Cable Technology LAN cable Twinners and Group Twinners Double Twist Shielded Instrumentation Cabling Lines
In Auxiliary Equipment Take-ups Payoffs Taping Binders Capstans and Caterpullers
In Specific Custom Engineered Solutions for your unique product manufacturing challenges.

Tubular Products Co
Telephone: 205-856-2010 Fax:
Booth: 306

Balloffet Die Corporation
Telephone: 9155925252 Fax: 9155928585
Booth: 521
Exhibiting: Balloffet Corporation is a manufacturer of high precision tools since 1870 for industrial, medical, electronics, automotive and energy applications.

Main products:
High quality Diamond and PCD dies from .0003'' to 1.380'' for drawing and tubing of Ni-ti, platinum, titanium, stainless steel, Gold, copper, special alloys.....etc.
Extrusion tools for PVC, PE, HFFR,...cables, tube and pipes.
Diamond nozzles for Micro water jet applications.
Precision tools with high resistance to wear.

Precision Die Technologies
Telephone: 2604825001 Fax: 2604825977
Booth: 234
Exhibiting: PDT specializes in new, used, and recut services for natural diamond, polycrystaline and mono-crystalline wiredrawing dies. We provide shaped, stranding, compression, tubing and split dies in carbide and polycrystaline, as well as specialty (coating, EDM guide, eddy current guides) and prototype tooling. Services include our manufacturing supply systems and our specialized development of inventory management programs, both on- and off-site. We have partnered with our customers as a team and achieve success for 25 years.

Zhejiang Baichuan Conductor Technology co,.ltd
Telephone: +86-579-84311389 Fax: +86-579-84312987
Booth: 323

Jinhua Yonghe Fluorochemical Co., Ltd.
Telephone: 86-579-83186763 Fax: 86-579-83186717
Booth: 420

Fly Dragon Precision Technologies (Suzhou) Co.,Ltd.
Telephone: 0086 512 6541 1114 Fax: 0086 512 6541 8778
Booth: 321

Tri Star Metals, LLC
Telephone: 630-384-8301 Fax:
Booth: 541
Exhibiting: Tri Star Metals is an industry leader in the manufacturing of wire in stainless steel and nickel alloys. With a NEW, state-of-the-art production facility and several strategically located distribution centers, we can meet your most demanding needs. We currently offer diameters of .028” through 1.00”. TSM also has straighten-and-cut capabilities that allow us to produce bar in 14” to 40’ lengths. Tri Star Metals ISO 9001 registered and are ready to meet your most complex wire requirements. We look forward to discussing your business needs with you.

GH Induction Atmospheres LLC
Telephone: 5853682120 Fax: 5852198395
Booth: 448
Exhibiting: GH Induction Atmospheres is a leading American provider of innovative industrial heating solutions for automotive, aerospace, medical and energy production applications. As an experienced industrial heating system integrator working solely with induction-based technology, we design and manufacture customized, turnkey induction heating systems for brazing, welding, heat treating, hardening and general heating.
GH-IA is part of the worldwide GH Group, one of the largest most experienced induction heating companies in the world. With headquarters based in Valencia, Spain, and affiliated Companies in Germany, France, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, India and China, GH has completed over 4000 installations in over 50 countries.

Telephone: 800-633-3962 Fax: 256-751-5101
Booth: 233
Exhibiting: The reel people at Sonoco offer you a full range of quality reels and spools including nailed wood, plywood, corrugated and tubular steel, plastic and polyfiber composites. See spools for fine wire, utility, fiber optics and other specialties like space-saving Twist-Lok® spools! A wide range of sizes are available from small precision spools for 56 AWG to 288-inch steel reels. Sonoco's EcoReel® program refurbishes/recycles nailed wood and composite reels.

Lesmo Machinery America, Inc
Telephone: 905-761-6165 Fax: 905-761-6168
Booth: 209
Exhibiting: Lesmo Machinery America will display technology from world leader manufacturers in the stranding, drawing and accessory equipment industry. Industrial proven, technically advanced products include: production stranding machinery, wire drawing machinery, steel reels (pressed, machined and fabricated types), Wire Straightening, Guiding and Feeding Attachments and Portable hand held Cutting Tools for Shearing, Cutting-Off, Bending and Straightening of Wire, Cable, Rod, Bar, Strip, Strand, Metal Banding, Bolts and Nuts. Also presented, will be complete and customized plant and equipment for the cleaning and plating of metallic wire, strip, coil, bar and tube as well as its complete lines for tin plating, nickel plating, zinc plating, an

Telephone: 39-039-628401 Fax: 39-039-698 1148
Booth: 210
Exhibiting: O.M. Lesmo is world renown for its diverse range of rotating machinery. Quality cable stranding and bunching machinery is the trademark of the company which highlights its range of high-efficiency/high output double twist, single twist, rigid cage, tubular, planetary and high-speed stranders. The integration of OM Lesmo and Eurodraw Energy allows it to be a full range supplier of wire and cable making machinery from rod breakdown to bunching, stranding and cabling. The company will have detailed information on wire drawing machinery as well as equipment for stranding and cabling. A team of technical sales and applications staff will be on hand to discuss the manufacturing solution that best fits your need.

Die Quip Corp.
Telephone: 412-833-1662 Fax: 412-835-6474
Booth: 106
Exhibiting: Die Quip has been industry leader in Die Finishing and Die Geometry for 40 years. We give our customers the knowledge and equipment to make dies that produce more wire and last longer. Our goal is to make you efficient and productive. Come to Booth 106 to see what we can do for you! We will also be displaying our full line of wire, bar, rod, cable cutters. These ergonomic tools make tough jobs safer and easier. Come see how we can improve efficiency and safety in your mill!

S&E Specialty Polymers
Telephone: 978-537-8261 Fax: 978-537-5310
Booth: 314
Exhibiting: S&E Specialty Polymers is a premier specialty plastic compounder. Our custom compounds developed by our professional R&D staff is used in the automotive, wire and cable, battery and footwear industries as well as in general-purpose applications. We specialize in flame-retardant polyolefins, flame-retardant concentrates, PVC, PVC Plenum, CPE and low smoke zero halogen compounds. Additionally, S&E has become a leading producer of compounds requiring exacting color match requirements

Flymca & Flyro
Telephone: 942559855 Fax: 942559865
Booth: 236
Exhibiting: After a successful 2013 closed with a 24% sales increase obtained through different worldwide projects, the expectations for the current year 2014 seem to follow a similar way and the company is focusing on new projects which seem to confirm the tendency.
This year current progress is carrying out new challenges transformed in new orders that are becoming a reality. Special equipment are currently under construction as a planetary for production of submarine control cables, a complete new production facility for MV cables that trusted us putting their business strategy selecting our machines. Also special equipment that we are developing for high efficiency cables based on trapezoidal wires. Due to the long experience of our team, one incr

Wire Lab Company
Telephone: 216-362-0800 Fax: 26-433-0007
Booth: 433
Exhibiting: Displaying models from our comprehensive line which consists of six standard Mechanical Descaling Systems ranging from basic Air Jet Descalers to advanced Automatic Brush Descaling Systems with Lubricant Precoating. Product samples of WILCO Lubricant Applicators, Pressure Die Holders and Pressure Die Receptacles. Descriptive videotape showing our in-house mechanical descaling demonstration facility.

Taubensee Steel & Wire Company
Telephone: 8474595100 Fax: 8474595187
Booth: 221
Exhibiting: Taubensee Steel & Wire is the leader in the steel wire and cold drawn bar industry, built on family values and exceeding customer expectations for more than 66 years. Taubensee’s best-in-class sales team has 100+ years of combined industry experience. Our quality, service, reliability, and trust puts us ahead of the pack as your go-to manufacturer for all low and high carbon wire, straightened and cut wire, and cold drawn bar needs. Come visit our booth to find out more!

Gem Gravure Co. Inc.
Telephone: (781)878-0456 Fax: (781)871-2753
Booth: 121
Exhibiting: Gem Gravure is famous for ink. We design and manufacture premier ink jet and contact inks for all types of wire identification equipment. Gem ink line features black and green ink for high temperature wires (patent pending) as well as VOC exempt and low VOC fluids. Gem is the exclusive North American representative for KBA Metronic alphaJET® ink jet printers and product identification equipment. The alphaJET into® ink jet printer, features superior print quality at high speed with pigmented and dye inks. Reduce make up/solvent use to save time and money. We invite you to learn more at booth 121.

WCISA Wire and Cable Industry Suppliers Association
Telephone: 3308642122 Fax: 3308645298
Booth: 116
Exhibiting: Nonprofit trade association of North America suppliers of machinery, accessories and materials for making all types of wire and cable. Member list can be seen at Mission is to promote member's products and services by providing representation, networking/social opportunities and services at domestic and international wire and cable trade events and conferences.

Wire Forming Technology International
Telephone: 3308642122 Fax: 3308645298
Booth: 116
Exhibiting: International technical magazine for manufacturers and users of springs, wire formed parts, wire mesh and rebar products. Published quarterly. Subscribe online at

Wire & Cable Technology International
Telephone: 3308642122 Fax: 3308645298
Booth: 116
Exhibiting: International technical magazine, print and digital formats, for manufacturers, processors, distributors and users of all types of wire and cable. Published six times per year. Subscribe and read online at

Premier Wire Die
Telephone: 2604969300 Fax: 2604969002
Booth: 138
Exhibiting: Premier Wire Die offers new diamond wire drawing dies and diamond die recutting services in size ranges from .002" - 1.181" (.05mm - 30mm). PWD specializes in standard drawing dies as well as specialty dies for tubing, stranding and bunching. Die inspections and evaluations are available at no cost. Die inventory programs are available for both new diamond wire drawing dies and diamond die recutting services. Our staff has extensive experience in helping you troubleshoot any drawing issues.
Competitive pricing, quality products, and quick turn around times are best in the industry.

B&H Tool Company LLC
Telephone: 7604718949 Fax: 7604714979
Booth: 403
Exhibiting: B&H mfgs plastic extrusion tooling for insulation and jacketing applications. This includes single and multiple layer xhds, adj and fixed center xhds, various deflector designs, adapters, tips & dies, striping attachments. We offer models for low and high temp. applications. We specialize in developing tooling based on polymer optimization. Call us today to have a conversation about a solution for your extrusion tooling needs.

Supreme Superabrasives Co., Ltd
Telephone: 86-371-63621182 Fax: 86-371-63621181
Booth: 538
Exhibiting: Supreme is a professional manufacturer of PCD die blanks in Zhengzhou, China, our products have not only high wear resistance, hardness and thermal conductivity, but also high strength and tenacity, which are suitable for drawing nonferrous wire such as copper, aluminum, stainless steel and other alloy wires. Also our products have passed the ISO9001:2008 certification.

Esteves Group
Telephone: 800-325-7989 Fax: 260-728-9751
Booth: 432
Exhibiting: Esteves Group will feature a complete line of precision diamond and carbide round, split, and shaped wire dies, along with diamond and carbide insert extrusion tooling, with superior concentricity, capable of making thin-wall constructions. Talk with our representatives about Esteves Group’s recutting, multi-wire elongation control, and just-in-time delivery services. Inquire about an in-house audit to help improve your wire manufacturing process.

BMR Group
Telephone: 260-635-2195 Fax: 260-635-2329
Booth: 450
Exhibiting: BMR Group is presenting examples of our repair work on a wide range of components used in virtually every wire manufacturing operation. We repair broken wire drawing components and finish them back to OEM specs, extending service life with laser hardening or thermal-sprayed coatings. We toughen up drawing surfaces of large steel blocks for the heaviest wire applications as well as ceramic surfaces on small step cones.

Rockford Manufacturing Group Inc. (RMG)
Telephone: 815-624-2500 Fax: 815-624-7254
Booth: 243
Exhibiting: Wire Expo - Indianapolis, IN -- May 6-7, 2014

Rockford Manufacturing Group (RMG), Fastener Engineers and Lewis Machine are innovative leaders in the wire industry. Our integrated In-Line Wire Processing Solutions are the epitome of Lean Manufacturing. Customers quickly realize reduced inventory, improved productivity, greater flexibility and most importantly, reduced total cost.

Please stop by our Booth # 243 to discuss your wire processing application and requirements.

RMG’s straighten and cut machines have introduced many revolutionary concepts including VF AC drives, 3 die arbors and our patented “CLUTCHLESS” cutting technology.

Our In-Line wire processing equipment is being used by many manufacturing processes including fastener production, nail making, wire bending, concrete products, steel bar processing, welded wire
products, screw machine parts and wire straighten and cutting.

RMG provides integrated systems for the processing of hot-rolled rod into descaled and drawn wire that is regularly used in a variety of production machines and processes to reduce material cost.

Service and Support
RMG is the only OEM for Fastener Engineers, Lewis Machine and G.C. Patterson equipment and your best source for all of your Tooling, Spare Parts and Technical Service requirements.

Take a tour of our state of the art manufacturing facility at
Contact us with any questions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Fastener Engineers
Telephone: 815-624-2500 Fax: 815-624-7254
Booth: 243
Exhibiting: Wire Expo - Indianapolis, IN -- May 6-7, 2014

Rockford Manufacturing Group (RMG), Fastener Engineers and Lewis Machine are innovative leaders in the wire industry. Our integrated In-Line Wire Processing Solutions are the epitome of Lean Manufacturing. Customers quickly realize reduced inventory, improved productivity, greater flexibility and most importantly, reduced total cost.

Please stop by our Booth # 243 to discuss your wire processing application and requirements.

RMG’s straighten and cut machines have introduced many revolutionary concepts including VF AC drives, 3 die arbors and our patented “CLUTCHLESS” cutting technology.

Our In-Line wire processing equipment is being used by many manufacturing processes including fastener production, nail making, wire bending, concrete products, steel bar processing, welded wire
products, screw machine parts and wire straighten and cutting.

RMG provides integrated systems for the processing of hot-rolled rod into descaled and drawn wire that is regularly used in a variety of production machines and processes to reduce material cost.

Service and Support
RMG is the only OEM for Fastener Engineers, Lewis Machine and G.C. Patterson equipment and your best source for all of your Tooling, Spare Parts and Technical Service requirements.

Take a tour of our state of the art manufacturing facility at
Contact us with any questions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

RTD Manufacturing Inc.
Telephone: 315-337-3151 Fax: 315-339-9337
Booth: 525
Exhibiting: Flyer Payoffs. Stop and see our new "High Torque Flyer". We can also provide your company with multi-wire payoffs from A-Z configurations. We customize to your plant configuration requirements. Let us design around your needs, not just an out of box system. Also provided is heavy duty steel skids, stems and basket carriers.

Bekaert Corporation
Telephone: 7705142200 Fax: 770 421 8521
Booth: 504
Exhibiting: Transforming steel wire and applying coating technologies is our core business. Strengthening our technological leadership in these competences therefore drives our innovation process. The combination of the two core competences results in a broad range of high technological products.

Through steel wire transformation we influence the properties of steel such as strength, ductility, fatigue, and shape.

Raajratna Stainless Wire (USA), Inc
Telephone: 8479238000 Fax: 8479238088
Booth: 238
Exhibiting: Raajratna is an "ISO 9001 : 2008" accredited stainless steel wire manufacturer, Raajratna has become one of the most reliable source of stainless steel wires, S.S bright bars, stainless steel welding wire, stainless steel spring wire and cold heading wires.Our stainless steel wire includes Industrial stainless steel wire, SS Tig-Mig wires, Redrawing wires, SS Spring wires, Nail wires, spoke wires, SS wires for constructions, etc.
Because of being one of the largest stainless steel wire (SS Wire) manufacturer and having huge capacity and continuous product innovation with regular up gradation of stainless steel wires production process Raajratna is able to serve customers having highly diversified requirements.

Lewis Machine
Telephone: 815-624-2500 Fax: 815-624-7254
Booth: 243
Exhibiting: Wire Expo - Indianapolis, IN -- May 6-7, 2014

Rockford Manufacturing Group (RMG), Fastener Engineers and Lewis Machine are innovative leaders in the wire industry. Our integrated In-Line Wire Processing Solutions are the epitome of Lean Manufacturing. Customers quickly realize reduced inventory, improved productivity, greater flexibility and most importantly, reduced total cost.

Please stop by our Booth # 243 to discuss your wire processing application and requirements.

RMG’s straighten and cut machines have introduced many revolutionary concepts including VF AC drives, 3 die arbors and our patented “CLUTCHLESS” cutting technology.

Our In-Line wire processing equipment is being used by many manufacturing processes including fastener production, nail making, wire bending, concrete products, steel bar processing, welded wire
products, screw machine parts and wire straighten and cutting.

RMG provides integrated systems for the processing of hot-rolled rod into descaled and drawn wire that is regularly used in a variety of production machines and processes to reduce material cost.

Service and Support
RMG is the only OEM for Fastener Engineers, Lewis Machine and G.C. Patterson equipment and your best source for all of your Tooling, Spare Parts and Technical Service requirements.

Take a tour of our state of the art manufacturing facility at
Contact us with any questions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Etna Products, Inc. Etna-Bechem Lubricants, Ltd.
Telephone: 440-543-9845 Fax: 440-543-1789
Booth: 517
Exhibiting: Etna Products, Inc. and Etna-Bechem Lubricants, Ltd. will display process lubricants for non-ferrous and ferrous wire drawing and forming. Applications for these products include rod breakdown down to ultrafine drawing, roll forming, aqueous cleaners, annealing, and corrosion prevention. These lubricants are designed for: copper, aluminum, brass, steel, stainless steel and other exotic alloys.

Paramount Die Company
Telephone: 410-272-4600 Fax: 410-272-6559
Booth: 532
Exhibiting: Paramount Die Company, a leader supplying eco-friendly products to the wire industry. Our die design allows the carbide insert to be easily recycled. Many of our customers worldwide now participate in this program.

Paramount Die Company will be exhibiting a full line wire drawing dies and related equipment. Products featured are our TR-Series Carbide Drawing Inserts, our New "T" series inserts for PC Wire, Extrusion Dies, Stranding Dies, Shape Dies, Shaving Dies, Polycrystalline Diamond Dies, ParaLoc Pressure and Non-Pressure Holders, and ParaLoc Accessories.

Let Paramount's staff help bring your company into the 21st century. Visit us at Booth #532

Clinton Instrument Company
Telephone: 8606697548 Fax: 8606693825
Booth: 105
Exhibiting: The Clinton Instrument Company introduces an addition to the STCAL Spark Test Calibration System: the SM Sensitivity Module. This equipment checks the spark tester’s fault detection sensitivity and assures compliance with EN50356 (IEC/CEI 62230). The unit utilizes a rotating spark gap that controls arc duration and gap distance. The SM is offered as an accessory to the STCAL Spark Test Voltage Calibration System, which performs voltage calibrations of the most common spark test units including AC (mains and high frequency) and DC equipment, easily calibrating spark test voltages. The FL20A Cable Fault Locator and HF15AC/BD22S high frequency spark test unit will also be shown.

WTM - Wire Technology Maschinery Srl.
Telephone: 905-265-8912 Fax: 905-265-8834
Booth: 227
Exhibiting: High speed concentric taping at up to 4000 RPM for precision single and multi-layer applications. Taping equipment and complete lines built for high precision applications where the need to create a repeatable and accurate tape placement layer is of essence. WTM has specialized on vertical & horizontal taping equipment for various wire & cable applications using single and multiple screening layers are required.

The complete line of machinery includes specialized single twist stranding lines with back-twist payoffs. Full line of pay-offs, take-ups and respoolers are available for a multitude of applications and reel sizes

UNITEK Crossheads
Telephone: 905-265-8912 Fax: 905-265-8834
Booth: 227
Exhibiting: Extrusion crossheads to high concentricity and easy operation features will be showcased by Unitek. Fixed center single and multi-layer crossheads for thermoplastic and Fluoro-polymer thermoplastic materials will be on display. The high precision designs can achieve the highest concentricities and hold them for extended service life. PVC heads are documented to last up to 50,000 hrs.
Unitek is also a leader in automatic color change technology, which allows production lines to change colors within 50-100 feet while at full line speed.

BOCK Maschinenfabrik Gmbh
Telephone: 905-265-8912 Fax: 905-265-8834
Booth: 227
Exhibiting: Wire pointers and string up equipment from hand operated to heavy duty powered units will be on display. Bock of Germany manufactures precision, and durable wire pointers for the aid of die string ups which are designed to operate easily with no maintenance. Precise and special alloy pointing rollers are designed for long life without finning of wires.
On display will be the EZM roller pointers with string-up capstan, DSM roller type wire pointer, and HSM swivel wire pointers for pointing in both vertical and horizontal axis ideal for large diameter wire/rod.
Complete line also includes additional wire feeders and straightening equipment which can aid in setting up wire drawing machines.

OM Frigerio S.r.l.
Telephone: 905-265-8912 Fax: 905-265-8834
Booth: 227
Exhibiting: Rotating die holders + Mechanical Descalers/Wire brushing equipment designed to increase the wire production parameters. Rotating die holders feature special lubrication boxes and cooling mechanisms to increase die life by reducing friction and temperatures thus increasing drawing output. In-line mechanical descalers incorporate special wire brushing heads to descale and clean wire prior to entering the drawing machine. Scrap wire coilers finish off the product line in order to bundle and recycle scrapwire

Plasmait Gmbh
Telephone: 905-265-8912 Fax: 905-265-8834
Booth: 227
Exhibiting: Plasmait will be exhibiting the latest technology in plasma surface treatment for the wire, cable, tube and strip industry which will transform the economics of in-line wire processing. The plasma system provides advantages by allowing annealing and cleaning processes to be conducted in-line with wire drawing of stainless steel, carbon steel, and copper wires at process speeds.
Our solutions are built around a plasma treatment process that offers great advances in wire production efficiency, wire surface quality and process ecology and is designed for applications with demanding mechanical and surface requirements. Plasma treatment is conducted in controlled atmosphere to ensure distinct surface cleanliness and un-compromised surface quality. PV Ribbon wire applications are a great application with Plasma cleaning prior to plating being on the forefront of technical achievement. Medical tubing and wire applications are a specialty for the plasma processing equipment.

BOXY S.r.l
Telephone: 905-265-8912 Fax: 905-265-8834
Booth: 227
Exhibiting: Production since 1969 of steel reels and reel handling equipment of the largest array. The line up includes machined reels for wire drawing, pressed steel reels for bunching and extrusion lines, corrugated and structural steel reels for production and shipping, wire carriers & stem packs. Take-apart reels are available in a specialized assortment which includes the collapsible reels for packaging of reel-less wire coils with and without cardboard cores. A complementary line of handling equipment such as reel tilters, lifters pallets and coil lifters is available to help manage wire packages. Large diameter steel reels up to 180” diameter are available for USA cable market.

Metavan N.V.
Telephone: 905-265-8912 Fax: 905-265-8834
Booth: 227
Exhibiting: Pressed Steel Reels with curly edge from 12”- 49” (305 – 1250 mm) to the highest quality and consistency will be showcased at the HOWAR Equipment booth. METAVAN of Belgium has had a longstanding philosophy to offer a specialized product mix of pressed steel reels using highly advanced machinery in order to offer only the highest quality reels and spools for stranding, bunching, and cabling. Using automatic machinery, all reels are able to be produced to the strictest standards at valuable costs. All products are then powder coated in any RAL color providing the customer with a highly wear-resistant finish, and are available in extremely fast manufacturing times due to the specialized equipment employed.

Telephone: 905-265-8912 Fax:
Booth: 227
Exhibiting: OFF-LINE visual based tools designed to save insulation compound usage and $$$’s by means of controlling wall thicknesses. Cable cross-section measurement and data acquisition equipment form ACM will be displayed and operated for all to see the extremely precise and quick method of performing all 2 dimensional cable measurements. The KSM model also allows quality control departments track the efficiency of products or equipment with its sophisticated database and graphing + trending capabilities and analysis of data.
BRING YOUR SAMPLES TO THE SHOW: Customers are invited to bring their cable samples to the show, so that they may experience the innovative measurement system first hand.

Howar Equipment Inc.
Telephone: 905-265-8912 Fax: 905-265-8834
Booth: 227
Exhibiting: HOWAR Equipment will showcase wire & cable manufacturing accessories manufactured by its European represented manufacturers. Displayed products will:
• Steel Reels, Spools, Carriers and Reel Handling Equipment
• Mechanical Wire Descalers , Rotating Dies, and Scrap Wire Coilers
• Plasma Wire Surface & Heat Treatment
• Wire & Cable Taping Lines, Single Twist Strander, rewind lines
• Pay-Offs, Take-Ups & Tension Control Equipment
• Extrusion Crossheads, Automatic color change systems, Extrusion Tooling
• Automatic Cable Insulation Cross-Section Measurement
HOWAR has over 35 years industry experience, and is interested in discussing any machinery and application inquiries in order to provide solutions to practical requirements.

Vinston US Corp.
Telephone: 8479721098 Fax: 8479721098
Booth: 327
Exhibiting: VINSTON specializes in camless spring formers and wire benders. Aside from providing quality products and competitive pricing, the VINSTON brand has been expanding to all corners of the globe in 2013. We now have primary sales offices in 8 countries. Aside from the recent opening of the office in the United States, VINSTON has established sales offices in Korea and India as well. Companies in today’s competitive environment may have their branches in diverse locations to fully utilize localized resources. Now customers can rest assured that a VINSTON sales office will be close by to support their needs.

Beta Steel
Telephone: 800-594-9074 Fax: 586-323-6806
Booth: 542
Exhibiting: Beta Steel is a full service wire processor and warehouse based in Utica, Michigan. With over 40 years of experience, we are a premier supplier to the cold heading and wire forming industries. Our ability to anneal, draw, and coat coil rod & wire combined with over 300,000 square feet of warehousing and distribution in Detroit, MI. and Rockford, IL., give us an unmatched advantage. Our three A2LA accredited laboratories, experienced
metallurgical personnel, and a knowledgeable sales staff assure that all needs are attended to promptly.

Telephone: 800-526-4473 Fax: 908-464-4658
Booth: 342
Exhibiting: Chemetall, a global leader in the manufacturing and development of chemical processes for the metalworking industry will be introducing a new technology at Wire Expo. In the wire industry we supply cleaners, zinc phosphate, salt carriers, polymer lubricants, and a complete line of specialty processes. Stop by and learn about a new technology being introduced for the ferrous wire manufacturer. It should be of special interest to those supplying the automotive industry. Also please consider attending our Technical Session. Time and location listed in the program agenda.

Heritage Wire Die, Inc.
Telephone: 260-728-9300 Fax: 260-728-9303
Booth: 114
Exhibiting: Drawing Dies, and Accessories, including Natural Diamond, Synthetic Diamond, PCD, Tungsten Carbide, and Ceramic Dies, for Drawing, Bunching, Stranding, and Plating. Die room Tools, Gages, and Equipment. Our unique abilities and experience in the selection, orientation and assembly, through the finishing processes are available to you with honest advice and integrity. Service is our specialty.

Windak Inc.
Telephone: +18283222292 Fax: +18283221716
Booth: 406
Exhibiting: Windak celebrates 20 years since it began in Stockholm, Sweden 1994. Windak is proud to launch their new website You will discover a whole new company look and an their new Windak Group logo. Windak also take the opportunity at Wire Expo to introduce the new high speed coiling line Quickpack QP3-H. Faster, with more servo control and less settings, will give customers a quicker return. The QP3-H targets products from 2 mm to 12 mm in diameter, and coil lengths from 5 m to 100 m per package. The output is up to 8 coils per minute, depending on type of cable and winding length. Almost all movements in this fast single-head machine are controlled by servos with very few mechanical setting changes for different packages.

Foerster Instruments Inc.
Telephone: 412-788-8976 Fax: 412-788-8984
Booth: 122
Exhibiting: Foerster Instruments Inc., a world leader in eddy-current test equipment, provides the best technology, quality and most comprehensive product range for Non-destructive testing of metals, fine wires and tubes in the industry. Together, with Foerster Instruments’ Systems Division, we design and manufacture custom material handling systems to meet your application specifications. Stop by our booth number 122 to see our CIRCOGRAPH and DEFECTOMAT series of instruments and let Foerster provide the solution to your Non-Destructive Testing AND Quality needs.

Rainbow Rubber & Plastics, Inc
Telephone: 888-438-2446 Fax: 610-685-7574
Booth: 134
Exhibiting: Rainbow Rubber & Plastics, Inc. is the leading supplier of caterpuller and capstan belts for the Original Equipment Manufacturers and Wire & Cable producers in North America.
Our Truly Endless construction eliminates cover separation, wear and tracking issues.
With no seam or splice to fail, we have eliminated the cause of most failures.
The Catroll series of Caterpuller and Capstan belts continue to solve in-plant problems and reduce downtime. Our technical staff is available for in plant visits to help eliminate belting issues.
Contact us at 610-685-2800 or

Carris reels
Telephone: 802-773-9111 Fax: 802-770-3506
Booth: 310
Exhibiting: Carris Reels, an employee-owned company, and J. Hamelin Industries have become synonymous with excellence in providing solutions for the wire and cable industry. Our customers rely on us as the “Reel Experts” to provide creative, cost effective packages and programs that meet their specific requirements. New developments in 2014 include our line of durable, 100% recyclable HDPE plastic spools (sizes include 8.5”, 10.5, 12” and 13.5”) - and our brand new 6.5” HDPE one-piece spool. Please come visit our knowledgeable and friendly sales team at booth #310 where our extensive product line will be on display.

Brookfield Wire Company, Inc.
Telephone: (508) 867-6474 Fax: (508) 867-2579
Booth: 509
Exhibiting: Brookfield is a leading manufacturer of fine diameter stainless steel and nickel alloy round and flat wire. Our materials are DFARS-compliant, with one of the largest inventories available in the marketplace. With an active ISO certification system in place, you can be assured that we will meet your needs and requirements.

Telephone: 301-223-8584 Fax: 301-223-8542
Booth: 217
Exhibiting: SAMP USA, Inc., the U.S operation of SAMPSISTEMI® is the supplier of a full range of equipment for nonferrous wire drawing, bunching and extrusion. We offer systems and services for the wire and cable industry throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico and South America. SAMP USA offers SAMP’s latest rod breakdown and multi-wire drawing developments, bunching solutions and brand new extrusion technology for automotive cable applications. The latest SAMP products pay particular attention to energy savings by minimizing the machine energy consumption and the Total Cost of Ownership. This new technology anticipates future trends in the wire and cable manufacturing world.

SAMP USA is also the principle for tungsten carbide drawing capstans and cones from Rizzardi.

SAMP USA Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of SAMP SpA, Italy.

Fort Wayne Wire Die, Inc.
Telephone: 260-747-1681 Fax: 260-747-4269
Booth: 303
Exhibiting: Fort Wayne Wire Die’s complete product line will be on display which includes single crystal diamond, Poly-Di™ polycrystalline and Dual-Draw™ wire drawing dies. Also featured will be shaped profile dies, extrusion tips and dies, tungsten carbide round hole and shaped profile dies, Poly-Strand™ compacting, bunching and stranding dies, Di-Pro™ diamond powder and compound, and miscellaneous wear parts for the wire, cable and tube industries. Also available is a full line of equipment for die maintenance, measuring and inspection.

Cemanco LC
Telephone: 9549703099 Fax: 9549703056
Booth: 214
Exhibiting: For 25 years CEMANCO supplies the Wire and Cable industries in the USA, Canada and Latin America with wear parts and machinery.
The following product groups are offered:
• Laser controlled Take-up’s and re-winders for fine wire
• Traversing systems for Take-ups, mechanical and laser guided
• Ceramic drawing rings, cones and capstans in zirconia und alumina
• Ceramic eyelets, bow guides, rods, tubes, hook guides etc.
• Pulleys and sheaves in solid ceramic, ceramic/metal composites, hard coated with ceramic or tungsten carbide, plastic.
• Wire straighteners and roller guide systems
• Hydraulic and pneumatic steel rod and cable cutters up to 380 mm material OD
• Nickel annealer bands and rings
Most products can be customized to individual customer needs

Wire & Plastic Machinery Corp
Telephone: +1 860-583-4646 Fax: +1 860-589-5707
Booth: 415
Exhibiting: Wire & Plastic Machinery Corporation is a global leader in second-hand wire, cable and optical fiber manufacturing equipment. Featuring the most comprehensive range of machinery with over 30,000 items in stock, equipment is offered as is, checked for operability or completely reconditioned to customer specifications.
Machinery is available for: rod breakdown to fine wire drawing machines, stranders, bunchers, extrusion and jacketing lines, braiders, planetary and single twist cablers, drum twisters, pay offs, take-ups, caterpullers, rewind lines, and more.
Wire & Plastic Machinery has 8 North American locations with complete rebuilding facilities in Bristol, CT and Bonham, TX.

Crown Technology, Inc.
Telephone: 317-845-0045 Fax: 317-845-9086
Booth: 505
Exhibiting: Crown is a family-owned manufacturer of specialty chemicals for the steel industry. We have been in business since 1946. Some of our key products include acid inhibitors, acid accelerators, rinse aids, lime additives and alkaline cleaners. We can custom blend and have products for both carbon and stainless wire. We also have reclamation systems for sulfuric acid.

Telephone: 203-481-5555 Fax: 203-481-9854
Booth: 203
Exhibiting: For over 75 years, AUGUST STRECKER GmbH & Co. KG has been a specialist in the development and production of butt welding machines for almost any application in the wire and cable industry.
Product range includes machines for butt welding solid wires, flat conductors, rings, chain links, stranded wires.
• Mechanical butt welding machines for the wire industry
• Pneumatic butt welding machines for the wire and cable industry
• Hydraulic butt welding machines with automatic deflashing for the wire and cable industry
• Stranded wire welding machines and tongs for the cable industry
• Steel cable welding machines for the steel cable production or processing industries
• Cold welding machines for the wire industry

CONDAT Corporation
Telephone: 17349444994 Fax: 17349444995
Booth: 534
Exhibiting: Condat offers the most extensive product range for wire drawing, including:  pre-coatings, powder lubricants, neat oils & greases, soluble oils & pastes, weaving lubricants, cleaners and protective products.  As the global leader, Condat continues to develop close partnerships with its customers to offer high performance products with environmental responsibility and compliance to the latest legislation.  Backed by a strong team of industry experts, Condat offers lubricant solutions for the most demanding applications and continues to develop new and innovative products and services for the wire industry such as VICAFIL TS 7112, a simple, efficient and more environmentally friendly surface treatment product.

Q E D Wire Lines Inc.
Telephone: + 1 450 458 1200 Fax: + 1 450 458 0200
Booth: 335
Exhibiting: Q E D Wire Lines will be pleased to introduce the latest version of our energy efficient Immersion Burner for use in Galvanizing and Galfan furnaces. This Mark IV version is more fuel efficient and maintains the stability and reliability of the previous Mark III model.
We will also be able to discuss improvements to our well proven Fluidbed heat treating furnaces and our patented multi stage high turbulent acid pickling systems.
Q E D continues to add to the versatility, efficiency and ease of operation of our various wire wiping systems. We would like to discuss these and all other aspects of our equipment with you.

Caballe SA
Telephone: 0034934601413 Fax:
Booth: 515
Exhibiting: With over 70 years of experience in the design and manufacture of rotating machinery for the production of power and telecommunication cables as well as steel ropes, the Spanish company C.M. Caballé provides the cable industry with a wide array of stranding, twinning, bunching and cabling machinery. At Wire Expo 2014, the company will show the new range of rigid stranders and drum twisters to manufacture extra high voltage power conductors (Milliken) and aluminum aerial conductors with round or trapezoidal wires. The firm is constantly developing new, high quality equipment to meet the needs of the Wire and Cable Industry.

Telephone: 1 336 856 8176 Fax: 1 336 856 811
Booth: 442
Exhibiting: POURTIER and SETIC, world leaders in rotating machines for the nonferrous wire and cable industry re-brand their new machine division located in Greensboro, North Carolina. With over 20 years of continuous presence and after several recent major machine installations in the USA, the Gauder Group, Inc. subsidiary now promotes the sales of its POURTIER and SETIC product range under the name “POURTIER & SETIC of America”. This product line includes POURTIER’s successful Rigid Stranders and Drum Twisters for producing low, medium, and high- voltage cable and conductor, as well as SETIC’s large and small Double Twist Bunchers, and complete line of machines for the production of LAN and special cable.

PWM (Pressure Welding Machines) Ltd
Telephone: +44 (0) 1233 820847 Fax: +44 (0) 1233 820591
Booth: 402
Exhibiting: PWM, which celebrates 30 years of service to the wire and cable industry this year, will showcase its range of high-performance manual cold pressure welding machines. These will be presented by Joe Snee Associates, PWM’s exclusive distributor for the US and Canada.

PWM’s manual range includes hand-held, bench and trolley-mounted cold welders, with capacities from .0039" to .141" (0.10mm to 3.60mm) copper and .197" (5.00mm) EC aluminium. PWM cold welders are precision engineered in PWM’s own UK workshops to produce strong, consistent welds. Dies are individually hand-made in matched sets, in standard or custom sizes, to suit round or profile wire.

Lloyd & Bouvier Inc.
Telephone: 978-365-5700 Fax: 978-365-9700
Booth: 124
Exhibiting: Lloyd & Bouvier provides used, new and rebuilt equipment to the wire and cable industry. Each new or rebuilt machine or complete system is designed to the customer's specific requirement and tested in-house before shipment to insure conformance. Additionally, complete rebuilding services for Wardwell 16 and 24 carrier braiders are available, with an extensive inventory of quality used parts on hand at all times. Our on-site electronics department and modern machine shop provide customers with the latest technology for all their wire and cable equipment needs. Stop by Booth 124 and discuss your specific or unique requirements with the equipment experts.

Telephone: 5633910400 Fax: 5633910403
Booth: 308
Exhibiting: Wire, tube and strip forming equipment. Including secondary and specialty equipment.

Mid-South Wire
Telephone: 6157432580 Fax: 6152565836
Booth: 110
Exhibiting: Mid-South Wire is an industry leading manufacturer of carbon steel wire with locations in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee (headquarters) and Scott City, Missouri. Founded in 1967, this family owned company began with a single “side-winder” machine and today boasts more than 30 state of the art drawing machines capable of producing wire from .072” through .625” in diameter. We specialize in Low/Medium Carbon Industrial Quality, Plating Quality, Cold Heading Quality, Galvanized, and Shaped Wire. We are an ISO 9001 certified company committed to producing the highest quality wire products in the industry.

Anbao (Qinhuangdao) Wire & Mesh Co., Ltd.
Telephone: +86-335-3893600 Fax: +86-335-3870760
Booth: 339
Exhibiting: Anbao (Qinhuangdao) Wire & Mesh Co., Ltd. is the main manufacturer and exporter of steel wire and wire product in China. We are specialized in export of various kinds of wire products, high quality steel wire, including Galvanized Wire & Hot Dipped Wire, ACSR Wire and Strand, Armouring Wire,GALFAN Wire, Aluminum Clad Steel Wire, Wire for Scourers, Hook & Eye Wire, Stitching Wire, Cloth Pin Wire, Baling Wire, Spring Wire, Steel Wire, Garage Gate Spring Wire, Flexible Duct Wire,Vineyard Wire,Stainless Steel Wire, Galvanized Low Relaxation PC Steel Strand, Barbed Wire, Shaped Metal Wire & Bars etc.

Amaral Automation Associates
Telephone: 4014050755 Fax: 4017389800
Booth: 443
Exhibiting: Amaral Automation the wire, cable and plastic industry resource will be in Booth 443 with several of our principles including but not limited to Bongard Machine, Subec and our full line of cold welding machines and dies. Please visit our booth to see all products we have to offer the wire and cable industry.

EPLAN Software & Services
Telephone: 248-945-9204 Fax:
Booth: 340
Exhibiting: EPLAN Harness proD is a technologically leading solution for the efficient design and documentation of cables and wire harnesses in 3D/2D. The key challenges with wire harness engineering are the combination of mechanics and electronics, as well as ensuring correct and consistent data. Insufficient communication and missing data exchange between the two disciplines lead to expensive and time-consuming errors, such as lack of space when laying cables, multiple iteration steps when designing and manufacturing, as well as incorrect length calculations.

Engineered Machinery Group Inc.
Telephone: 909-579-0088 Fax: 909-579-6399
Booth: 502
Exhibiting: Various photo display of wire and tubing equipment. We offer a wide variety of machinery including bull blocks , deadblocks, high speed wire draw machines, wetdraws, stranders, pickling lines, galvanizing lines and other auxiliary machinery.

MGS manufacturing, Inc.
Telephone: 3153373350 Fax: 3153374502
Booth: 103
Exhibiting: The MGS Group, which consists of MGS Manufacturing, Hall Industries and Northampton Machinery Co., is an international supplier of automation and technology solutions for product handling and twisting systems…customized to optimize your application…comprehensive design and engineering capabilities…personalized service…ruggedly built for decades of reliable, consistent service.

Products featured at Wire Dusseldorf, Booth 9D14-07 include: Our Fully Automatic Dual Takeup with the unique Robot Handling System for Depalletizing and Palletizing, various dual reel takeups from fiber to 1000mcm cable, the Northampton Triple Twist Twinner, the latest design in Slip Ring Brushes and Holders, plus our standard product range which includes: Payoffs, Takeups, Rewinders, Dancers, Accumulators, Capstans, Length Counters, Air Wipes, Swage Tools, Electric Brazers, Double Twist Bunchers, Twinners, Tape heads and Single Twist Cablers.

Telephone: 315-331-6222 Fax: 315-331-7254
Booth: 434
Exhibiting: Exhibiting: Refractron is a global manufacturer of ceramic tools used in winding machines such as drawing cones, guides and pulleys. Izory® (MgPSZ) is an optimum choice where traditional metal alloys and other low-grade ceramics are not ideal. Please contact us to learn more about our line of Izory® and Izory® gold cones, rings, rolls, eyelets, guides and capstans for all your wire drawing processes. The most reputable wire manufacturers and OEMs in the business use Izory®. Our customer centered approach is responsive, innovative designs with superior grade ceramics.

Metalloid Corporation
Telephone: 269-503-7300 Fax: 269-503-7795
Booth: 441
Exhibiting: Metalloid Corporation is a manufacturer of environmentally friendly wiredrawing lubricants. Our goal is to revolutionize the wiredrawing process to address the environmental concerns of our planet. Metalloid’s “green chemistry” offers alternatives to petroleum based lubricants, powder soaps and greases. Our wiredrawing lubricants are formulated with American made renewable resources that eliminate hazardous ingredients while providing the ultimate in lubricity. Our strategy focuses on combining problem solving skills with new concepts that meet the needs of the wiredrawing market and address environmental concerns.

Metalloid Corporation – One Source … One Solution … One World!

Queins Machines GmbH
Telephone: +49 2472 8080 Fax: +49 2472 3014
Booth: 102
Exhibiting: Queins Machines GmbH will exhibit at the WIRE EXPO 2014 a number of large sized pictures of delivered machines to the cable and rope industry. Additionally a movie of operating lines will be shown. For further information please visit our website

Ideal Welding Systems
Telephone: 8158744349 Fax:
Booth: 503
Exhibiting: Ideal Welding Systems will be exhibiting at the Wire Expo 2014 exhibition in Indianapolis, IN USA May 6th -7th, 2014. We invite you to visit our booth # 503 to learn about our company and machinery, and how we can help you with your production requirements. IDEAL Welding Systems represents the IDEAL and CLIFFORD product lineup for automated machinery for resistance welding of Wire, Cable and Sheet metal. Our equipment lineup includes, butt welders, automated mesh welding, grating machines and CNC robotic welding machines. We will have a team of experts to help you in the selection of the right equipment for your needs on our booth, along with sales material and videos. Come and learn about our latest Green line of machinery that reduces your electrical consumption, while helping you gain an edge on your competitors. What can we do to help you?

PKG Equipment Inc.
Telephone: 585-436-4650 Fax: 585-436-3751
Booth: 245
Exhibiting: PKG Equipment designs, fabricates and installs process equipment for the rod and wire, tube, metal, specialty steel and hot-dip galvanizing industries, including thermoplastic and metal tanks. Tank liners, ventilation systems, waste treatment systems and complete lines for wire coating, coil processing, galvanizing, pickling, cleaning and plating are also available. In addition, we can modify or repair your existing equipment, and we are approved applicators of Koroseal tank linings.

Beta LaserMike
Telephone: 937-233-9935 Fax: 937-233-7284
Booth: 316
Exhibiting: Beta LaserMike will debut several new products at this year’s event in booth 316: high-speed AccuScan 5000 series diameter and ovality gauge (2400 scans/sec/axis), three-axis LN3040 Lump & Neckdown Detector, recently patented LayScan lay length measurement system, and DCM ES-2G LAN/Data cable testing system now to 2.2 GHz. Other products on display include Beta LaserMike’s CenterScan eccentricity measurement system, LaserSpeed length and speed gauge, SRL Pro on-line structural return loss (SRL) predication and analysis system, high-frequency Spark Tester and Pre-heater systems, DataPro process controller and data management system, and BenchMike table-top cut sample measurement system. Visit to learn more.

Keystone Steel & Wire
Telephone: 800-447-6444 Fax: 309-697-7422
Booth: 311
Exhibiting: At Keystone Steel & Wire, we are an integrated mill. We heat, melt, cast, roll, and finish our steel to our
own and our customers’ exacting specifications. Our integration produces premium wire and rod with a high level of
metallurgical integrity and mechanical capability. From beginning to end, continuous control
enables us to produce the finest steel possible. At Keystone, our business is quality and has been since 1889.

Telephone: 937-318-2440 Fax: 937-318-2445
Booth: 112
Exhibiting: LaserLinc is THE preeminent manufacturer of highly-accurate/highly-adaptable non-contact laser and ultrasonic systems for OD, ID, wall thickness, eccentricity, and concentricity for wire, cable, and fiber. Total Vu™ software provides in-process tolerance checking, trending, SPC, control, data logging, and many other features. High-speed three-axis laser gauging for OD, ovality, and flaw detection, plus FFT and SRL helps reduce scrap, increase production efficiency, and i

Guill Tool & Engineering
Telephone: 401-828-7600 Fax: 401-823-5310
Booth: 104
Exhibiting: Guill Tool and Engineering Company, a leading manufacture of Extrusion tooling will demonstrate our complete line of extrusion Crossheads. We will feature our updated line of C.V, Crossheads which are available in single and multi-layer. Additional designs on display include our low volume fixed center crossheads
for fiber optic and circuit size wires as well as our FlexiSpiral design. The FlexiSpiral design offers a unique package of features that include our multi port spiral flow deflector, patented feather touch concentricity adjustment, and our seal right system to eliminate leaking

Woodburn Diamond Die, Inc.
Telephone: 2606324217 Fax: 2606324388
Booth: 416
Exhibiting: Representatives from Woodburn Diamond Die will be available to discuss our complete line of single crystal diamond, polycrystalline diamond, and tungsten carbide draw dies. Also featured will our shaped, split, bunching, and enamel dies. Services include recutting, inventory management, and physical elongation of multi-wire sets.

Hildebrandt USA, Inc.
Telephone: 704-664-7630 Fax: 704-664-0949
Booth: 344
Exhibiting: We manufacture steel cable reels with a flange diameter of 1200 - 6000 mm and a bearing capacity up to 100 t, as well as equipment made of steel, for example barrels or cradles. We also manufacture wooden cable reels with a flange-diameter of 600 mm to 4500 mm and a bearing capacity up to 50 t with different drum core materials. Our range of drum cores comprises plainly jointed or plugged core bars, conifer timber as well as plastic or steel. These cable reels can be manufactured according to customer specification as one way, multi way and machinery cable reels. Our steel cable reels are particularly suitable for high voltage cables in the on- and offshore field.

P&R Specialty, Inc.
Telephone: 937-773-0263 Fax: 937-773-4243
Booth: 512
Exhibiting: The P&R Specialty team will be available to discuss your wire and cable packaging requirements and review P&R's complete portfolio of solutions to meet your needs. We'll have samples of our plastic spools, fiberboard spools and plywood reels available for your review. With our in-house toolroom & flexible manufacturing capabilities, we can also manufacture spools and reels to your specifications. Please stop by booth #512 at Wire Expo in Indianapolis and discuss how we can best meet your packaging needs.

Worth Steel and Machinery, Inc.
Telephone: 708-388-6300 Fax: 708-388-6467
Booth: 145
Exhibiting: Worth Steel is a steel wire and cod finished bar supplier located just south of Chicago. Worth stocks wire in Bright Basic, Galvanized, and Annealed. Items can be purchased by coil, carrier, or straighten and cut from 1" to 20ft. Many different carbon alloys of cold finished bar are in stock and ready to ship. 1018, 12L14 and 1215 are just a few types of what Worth can provide. Used wire fabricating equipment is also available at Worth Steel.

Canterbury Engineering
Telephone: 800-241-7650 Fax: 770-454-9021
Booth: 216
Exhibiting: Canterbury Engineering Company has a full line of Screws and Barrels for all types of plastic processing. The company has an 80,000 square foot manufacturing facility located in Atlanta Georgia. We have the capabilities of manufacturing Screws over 300 inches in length and we offer custom Designs and Engineering Services for Extrusion, Injection Molding, and the Rubber Industry. In addition to high temperature and highly corrosive applications, Canterbury utilizes all types of exotic metal selections. We offer total Refurbishing/Rebuilding of screws and barrels. We serve all plastic market segments including, Wire and Cable, Medical, Extrusion, Injection, Rubber/Tire and Specialty markets.

Ultimate Automation Ltd
Telephone: +44 1403710043 Fax: +44 1403 588084
Booth: 141
Exhibiting: Personnel from Ultimation will be available to discuss their ULTIMAT range of Two Axis Wire Forming and Welding Machines, suitable for the manufacture of supermarket shelving, and point of purchase displays etc. Plus their range of Ring Forming and Welding Machines All ULTIMAT models feature a “closed die” forming & cutting system, giving a high quality square, burr free cut and butt weld. Options include – secondary bend head for high speed production of complex wire forms and automatic part unloading systems. With models available for a wire range from 2.00 – 16.00mm, Ultimation has a machine to suit everyone’s requirements.

Polytec, Inc.
Telephone: 949-943-3033 Fax: 949-679-0463
Booth: 440
Exhibiting: What is your current process length variation….0.5%, 1%, more? What if it were 0.05%?! With repeatability of 0.02%! How would that affect your bottom line?
Polytec is a global leader in non-contact length & speed sensing. Our LSV line of Laser Length & Speed sensors offer greater accuracy, repeatability and reliability than traditional contact encoder wheels, delivering the precise footage count, every time, no slipping, no calibration, no maintenance. The visible laser makes alignment easy, while the standard encoder pulse, serial and Ethernet outputs enable seamless integration to counter displays, printers and PLC’s. Come see why Polytec is considered the best when it comes to non-contact length & speed sensors.

Heany Industries Inc.
Telephone: 5858892700 Fax:
Booth: 315
Exhibiting: Heany manufactures high purity alumina and zirconia guides, bushings, pulleys, etc... for the wire and cable industry to extend the life of machinery components. We also provide thermal spray coatings to custom fabricated or customer parts to increase wear and corrosion resistance. Heany also offers thermally insulating ceramics and coatings.

Stolberger Inc. dba Wardwell Braiding Co.
Telephone: 4017248800 Fax: 4017232690
Booth: 523
Exhibiting: Wardwell and Spirka are industry leading suppliers of braiding machines in various models, sizes and configurations. We also offer a complete line of re-winding equipment, payoffs, take-ups, spiraling machines, taping units and a variety of accessories.

Micro Products Company
Telephone: 630-406-9550 Fax: 630-406-9552
Booth: 132
Exhibiting: Booth visitors have an excellent opportunity to learn about MICRO-WELD Butt Welders for continuous processing of wire, rod, or cable. Key personnel available at booth to discuss applications and recommend models for efficient butt welding solutions. Choice of over 50 models for ferrous and non-ferrous material. Custom-built options can be offered. Parts, support and reconditioning services are also available. Customers can find out about in-plant services and increase productivity with MICRO-WELD service personnel's plant visit and evaluation and on-site preventative maintenance. Sample weld evaluation is also offered at company's plant to evaluate weldability and strength of sample. Reps, sales, service & support available worldwide.

Davis-Standard, LLC
Telephone: 8605991010 Fax: 8605996258
Booth: 9A21
Exhibiting: Davis-Standard engineers and manufactures innovative extrusion equipment & systems to provide processors with rugged, reliable, yet cost effective solutions in the wire & cable industries. Davis-Standard manufactures complete wire and cable systems for building and communication wire, construction wire, coaxial cable, automotive wire, high temperature wire, and specialty wire applications. Systems are available with a wide range of extruders, payoffs and tension brakes, take-ups, and auxiliary equipment including cooling troughs, capstans, caterpillars, and accumulator systems. All are engineered and manufactured to meet the most demanding applications. The superior quality, durability and flexibility are offered throughout the company’s product line.

Telephone: 508-672-0811 Fax:
Booth: 128

E-BEAM Services, Inc.
Telephone: 5139330031 Fax: 5139330542
Booth: 140
Exhibiting: E-BEAM Services, Inc., with locations in OH, NJ, and IN, provides crosslinking and polymer modification services to the wire and cable industry. The e-beam crosslinking process provides improved tensile, impact and hot modulus strength as well as creep resistance, durability, solvent and chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, cut-through resistance and environmental stress crack resistance. When compared to alternative technologies, the process is more energy efficient, safe and environmentally friendly, and often uses lower-cost compounds and a faster development process. The company has high-speed reel-to-reel equipment to handle all applications ranging from heavy-wall cable to multi-strand wire to thin-wall heat shrink tubing.

Phifer Incorporated
Telephone: 205-345-2120 Fax: 205-391-0799
Booth: 213
Exhibiting: With 60+ years of wire drawing experience, Phifer Incorporated is the leading U.S. manufacturer of aluminum round wire for a wide variety of applications. With some of the most diverse capabilities in the industry, Phifer produces custom aluminum round wire from numerous alloys in diameters .11mm-11.1mm and offers a vast range of reel and spool options.

Applications include coaxial cable braid shielding, hose braiding, rivets, weaving wire, industrial knitting, wire forms, tea bag staples, semiconductor bonding, medical devices, stranded power cables, fencing, hinge pins and food packaging clips. Phifer also offers precision-winding capabilities for aluminum thermal spray and metalizing applications.

Aztech Lubricants LLC
Telephone: 405-310-0034 Fax: 866-215-0666
Booth: 337
Exhibiting: Aztech Lubricants is a global provider of wire drawing and lubricant solutions. With over 125 years of cumulative expertise, we excel at providing a full line of calcium, sodium and potassium stearate based drawing powders, RP oil, drawing oils and precoats. Our key name brands will be showcased at this year’s show, include - EZDraw, EZClean and EZCoat. Additionally, we offer a complete line of AZWipe spiral brushes. We have manufacturing and distribution capabilities in the US, South America and Asia. For more information, please visit our booth at the show.

Frontier Composites and Castings
Telephone: 905-685-3633 Fax: 905-685-3482
Booth: 545
Exhibiting: Composite wire winding bows, flyer bows. Materials are carbon fiber and fiberglass in an epoxy matrix with Kevlar used where desirable. Bows can be fully outfitted and balanced or blank. A wide selection of hardware is available.

Ace Metal Inc.
Telephone: 610-623-2204 Fax: 610-623-2268
Booth: 404
Exhibiting: This year Ace Metal Inc. will be exhibiting there full line of metal spools for the ferrous, nonferrous, tire cord, and fiber optic industries. We will also be showing our complete range of tubular wire carriers and our custom metal stamping line.

US Synthetic Wire Die
Telephone: 8012359001 Fax: 8017510062
Booth: D1402
Exhibiting: As a business unit of US Synthetic Corporation, US Synthetic Wire Die manufactures the longest-lasting polycrystalline diamond (PCD) wire dies available.

Our technical expertise in PCD enables development of the unique material used in our wire dies. In fact, we’re the only wire die manufacturer that also presses its own PCD inserts. Pressing the diamond core and finishing the die to exact specifications offers customers a durable, high-performance product that draws more pounds of wire per dollar.

Joe Tools
Telephone: 1-877-832-7864 Fax: 770-832-7868
Booth: 513
Exhibiting: From Extrusion Crossheads and In-line Heads to Tips, Dies, Flanges and Breaker Plates... JoeTools is your complete design and manufacturing resource for all extrusion tooling in the production of Wire & Cable.Hose, Pipe & Profile. and Medical Tubing products. For each application, JoeTools offers a wide selection of industry standard crossheads along with exclusive, innovative designs that can make your extrusion processes more productive and profitable. And with each of JoeTools wide selection of products, you can always rely on our precision quality manufacturing and superior service. Please stop by and see us at Booth 513 and see our Switcher Head.Joe Tools. 1-877-832-7864..

United Wire Co., Inc.
Telephone: 800-840-9481 Fax: 203-752-1762
Booth: 510
Exhibiting: Located in North Haven CT., United Wire Co., is a 3rd generation family business that specializes in the manufacturing of flat, square, and shaped wire in copper bases, carbon steels, nickel bases, and stainless steels.

Electri-Tec, Inc.
Telephone: 2606651252 Fax: 2606651132
Booth: 421
Exhibiting: Electri-Tec, Inc. is a manufacturer of power cords, wire harnesses, cordsets and assemblies. We make quality, custom parts with molded items and all kinds of connectors.

Mossberg Industries Inc.
Telephone: 2603575141 Fax: 2603575144
Booth: 421
Exhibiting: A leader in the Plastic Spools and Reels industry. We have been manufacturing reels for over 100 years now. Through innovation and product variation we not only continue to serve the wire industry but improve the industry as well. Please visit our website at

Vollmer America Inc.
Telephone: 8608245157 Fax: 8608240682
Booth: 113
Exhibiting: Vollmer has more than 50 years of experience in the wire making industry. Makers of thickness and width measuring gauges as well as SPC software and process control equipment.
Vollmer will be introducing the new VBK 512 VTS measurement system which will provide dimensional information in 90% of the wire making applications.
Successful in the harshest environments the method of contact measurement provides accurate measurement of square, rectangular, and shaped wire.
Booth personnel will be available to discuss your measurement needs.

Wire World
Telephone: 1-519-754-0998 Fax: 1-519-759-8190
Booth: 343
Exhibiting: Wire World is an online global directory for suppliers to the wire & cable industry. Makers of wire & cable can gain access to news, information, events listings, 1000’s of suppliers and more! With over 15 years experience and over 20,000 visitors monthly, Wire World is the #1 online resource for the wire & cable industry!

Mossberg Associates, Inc
Telephone: 401-334-2255 Fax: 401-334-3541
Booth: 444
Exhibiting: Information will be available on small and large metal reels for all phases of wire processing and packaging. We will also have information on reel ancillary equipment.

Welding Wire Machineries SRL
Telephone: +39 049 9500666 Fax: +39 049 9500682
Booth: 142
Exhibiting: Leader manufacturer of machinery for the production of metal wire (high and low carbon), such as dry drawing lines, wet drawing lines, fully automatic and semiautomatic respooling lines, high speed drum packers, coatings tanks, shaving lines and turn-key plants, training to customer's operators and supply fo spare parts.

Plas-Ties, Co.
Telephone: 714-542-4487 Fax: 714-972-2978
Booth: 144
Exhibiting: At Plas-Ties Booth 144, you'll discover a wide variety of Twist Tying Machines and Cable Tie Solutions that can provide secure, industrial strength closures for your products. We will be demonstrating of our NEW XL-8 machine, specially designed for tying diameters of 1” to 8” regardless of product shape. It's 100% air-powered and self-adjusting to accommodate multiple diameter sizes at a single station. Preview our full line of solutions at:

AIM Inc.
Telephone: 6304580008 Fax: 6304580730
Booth: 241
Exhibiting: Visit the AIM booth and speak one on one with a AIM Factory representative. Bring your drawings to our booth and in return we will provide you with a complete turkey solution. AIM manufactures CNC Wire bending machines and accessories and are a proud US manufacturer with all spare parts and support from our home office located in Addison, IL.

Commission Brokers Inc.
Telephone: 401-943-3777 Fax: 401-943-3670
Booth: 507
Exhibiting: Will be displaying photos and brochures of currently available used equipment as well as information relating to the company's appraisal, liquidation and consignments capabilities. Martin Kenner, President of Commission Brokers inc., with over 44 years of service to the wire and cable industry, specializes in non-ferrous wire and cable equipment, wire harness/assembly/processing equipment, and braiding machinery, from individual components to completes plants.

Telephone: 8564674884 Fax: 8564670584
Booth: 317
Exhibiting: Niehoff offers a complete line of non-ferrous wire drawing and processing equipment, including rod breakdown, resistive annealers, conductive / inductive annealers for copper alloys, multiwire and fine wire drawing lines, payoffs, continuous coilers Endex & Bongard, “NPS” packaging systems, electroplating equipment, double twist bunchers and stranders, manual & automatic single & double spoolers, vertical lever arm braiders and bobbin winders.
NENA builds UL controls for new and existing wire processing equipment.
NENA also represents RESY Reber Systems Filtration, REDEX & Bühler Würz for Cold Rolling Mills and SCHMIDT Maschinenbau for Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Intermediate , Fine & Ultra-Fine Wire drawing.

Properzi International, Inc.
Telephone: (443) 212-4320 Fax: (866) 905-4320
Booth: 215
Exhibiting: Continuus-Properzi invented the process of continuously casting and rolling nonferrous rod in the 1940s. Today, Continuus-Properzi is the global leader of CCR lines for nonferrous wire rod production offering a complete line of furnaces, casting equipment, rolling equipment and double spoolers. The Properzi organization provides unparalleled technology for the production of Aluminium and Copper wire rod. Our Wire Machinery Division includes newly designed drawing lines for high carbon, stainless steel, AS wire and PC Strand lines, PC Wire lines, and Steel Rope lines. Visit us at or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more detailed information regarding our complete product offering.

WAFIOS Machinery Corporation
Telephone: 203-481-5555 Fax: 203-481-9854
Booth: 203
Exhibiting: WAFIOS is the leading global supplier for precision machinery used in the wire/ tube bending and forming industries. The development of WAFIOS products, technologies and innovations are driven by the desire to consistently provide our customers with manufacturing solutions that allow them to maintain a strong competitive advantage.
The WAFIOS range of machines include:
- Precision CNC spring and forming machines
- Precision CNC wire bending and forming machines
- Precision CNC tube bending and forming machines
- Precision CNC wire straightening, cutting and end-working machines
- Precision CNC nail making machines
- Precision CNC chain making and chain link fencing machines

Oklahoma / Iowa Steel and Wire
Telephone: 580-795-7311 Fax: 580-795-7422
Booth: 413
Exhibiting: Oklahoma Steel & Wire and Iowa Steel & Wire, a family owned and operated manufacturing facility wants to be your industrial wire specialist. Providing a wide range of sizes in industrial wire in both bright and galvanized finishes as well as welded wire reinforcement, wire rods, coiled rebar, agricultural fencing and various other wire products.

Telephone: +49 2941 296-0 Fax: +49 2941 296-169
Booth: 16C04
Exhibiting: IDEAL-Werk of Lippstadt (Germany) - together with IDEAL Welding Systems (USA) - will be exhibiting at WIRE show, booth 16 C04.

IDEAL is well known in the market for the development and manufacture of wire mesh welding machines for various types of industrial mesh and fences, jig welders for wire and sheet metal articles, butt welding machines for all branches of the wire and cable industry and equipment for special applications.

At WIRE 2014, IDEAL-Werk celebrates its quick change over mesh welding machine series, a welding solution for industrial mesh and display products. Flexibility, fast change-over and supreme quality of the final product are IDEAL’s long-time standards for more than 10 years.

Telephone: (847) 519-4400 Fax: (847) 519-4401
Booth: 435
Exhibiting: FMS will showcase the company’s latest technology for wire tension control in stranding machines: the RTMX42. The RTM X42 Wireless Tension Monitoring System is a modular, powerful system that is expandable to monitor in real time up to 42 wire strands on rotating machinery. The tension data are wirelessly transmitted to the operator station to provide either an analog signal or be integrated into a PC or PLC (via gateway). Possibilities include Data Logging, Graphing, Tension Limit Alarms, Core Tension, and Running Length Input. The cost-effective system is ideal for both OEM and upgrade applications. FMS will also display a selection of tension measurement products for the wire and cable industry, including Force Sensors for strands/tapes and Amplifiers, including optional EtherNet/IP and Profibus interfaces.

Amacoil, Inc.
Telephone: 6104858300 Fax: 6104852357
Booth: 204
Exhibiting: Amacoil is the exclusive value-added distributor for Uhing brand rolling ring traverse winding drives. On display will be Uhing traverse drives and assemblies which are designed for level winding a wide range of materials from hair thin fiber to heavy gauge wire, cable, rope and chain. Working assemblies will be featured and technical personnel will be on hand to discuss Uhing winding and spooling set ups. Amacoil-Uhing traverse winding drives are rugged, long lasting and low maintenance. Accessory products on display include EasyLock and U-Clip quick release shaft collars and the GS Guide System for wire take-ups.

Magnetic Technologies Ltd
Telephone: 508-987-3303 Fax: 508-987-2875
Booth: 525
Exhibiting: Manufacturer of stock and custom permanent magnet brakes and accessories for pay-offs and take-ups on stranders, bunchers, twinners and payoffs. Brakes are infinitely adjustable to give extremely accurate tension control and come in numerous sizes to fit customers' spools and reels. Torque is developed magnetically and will remain the same year after year. Torque range is .11 inch ounces through 140 inch pounds. Single to multi-spool Payoff stands are also available. Advantages include adjustability, portability, and a minimum of floor space. Every brake or clutch is carefully engineered to give exceptional long life, for even the most demanding production standards.

Schlatter Industries AG
Telephone: 815-874-9471 Fax: 815-874-8585
Booth: 244
Exhibiting: Schlatter is one of the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers of comprehensive solutions involving resistance welding and weaving. At the 2014 Wire Expo, Schlatter will introducing the new MG 950 Mesh Welder to the North American market.

At Schlatter North America, 4640 Colt Road, Rockford, IL we provide sales, service and technical support to the industrial and reinforcing markets. In addition, we offer training, in-house machine demonstrations and plant layout technical consulting. Stock equipment is available for convenience and quick delivery.
Telephone: 508-793-1945 Fax: 505-793-2163
Booth: 127
Exhibiting: For 25 years Morgan-Koch Corporation has provided technical support service and sales for the finest in EU manufactured wire processing equipment. We proudly represent ERNST KOCH, F.I.B. F. KROLLMANN, M+E, SIRIO, SKET, and WiTechs. We also provide parts & factory trained service for each of these brands as well as Morgan and Vaughn machinery. Literature & expert consultation for all products and companies will be provided at our booth.

Rosendahl Nextrom Technologies
Telephone: 828-464-2543 Fax: 8
Booth: 333
Exhibiting: ROSENDAHL & NEXTROM invite you to visit them at Booth No. 333.

ROSENDAHL a leading global supplier of high-tech wire and cable manufacturing solutions offers first class products and turnkey solutions in the fields of Extrusion, Corrugation, Fiber Optic Cable as well as SZ Stranding. Knowledge, experience and production are made in Austria.

NEXTROM is premium supplier of Optical Fiber Glass Preform manufacturing equipment. Nextrom produces Fiber Draw Towers and associated machinery for the global fiber market using MCVD, OVD and VAD technologies. Besides providing optical fiber equipment, Nextrom is the world leading supplier of Fiber Optic Cable production lines.

T & T Marketing, Inc.
Telephone: 800-608-1577 Fax: 973-426-0457
Booth: 107
Exhibiting: T & T Marketing is a single source supplier to the wire and cable industry; distributing everything from bare copper to shielding, filling, insulating and jacketing products. The company has been meeting the diversified needs of the wire and cable industry since 1988.

KEIR Manufacturing, Inc.
Telephone: 8288858444 Fax: 8288847494
Booth: 531
Exhibiting: KEIR Manufacturing, Inc.
Booth 531

KEIR Manufacturing is a North Carolina based manufacturer of high-purity 99.8% alumina ceramic guides, the Frontiersman™ line of air wipes, and Composite Standard and BackBone™ Flyer Bows serving the global wire and cable industry. We are dedicated to making products that enable manufacturing processes to run more efficiently and productively through the application of leading edge materials. Our solutions are focused on continuous process improvement, energy savings, and longer operating life.

Krueger Steel and Wire
Telephone: 630-833-5650 Fax: 630-833-5652
Booth: 540
Exhibiting: Krueger Steel and Wire is a family owned business. Since 1946 we have been servicing our customers with the respect, timely service they deserve and have learned to expect. Conveniently located in Elmhurst Il (just south of O'Hare airport, we produce low and medium Carbon wire both in coil and cut to length sizes .062-.750. 1100;1200;1500 and alloys are readilly available.In addition we prouce CFQ quality Bars in the same sizes and grades.
Please call our knowledgeable, experienced sales people for any and all inquiries.

Witels Albert USA, Ltd.
Telephone: 410-228-8383 Fax: 410-228-1813
Booth: 203
Exhibiting: WITELS ALBERT USA will be presenting both new and field-proven
solutions from its range of STRAIGHTENER, ROLL, GUIDE, FEED AND
PRE-FORMER products. The company will turn the spotlight onto
engineering solutions for straightening applications and the feeding of
process materials. Visitors to the stand can see the new products in action
and find out how good they really are. The show also gives visitors the
opportunity to learn more about the latest clever ideas from the world of wire,
tube, rope and cable production and to familiarize themselves with the
services and what the WITELS-ALBERT USA website has to offer.

Pittsfield Plastics
Telephone: 413-442-0067 Fax: 413-445-7849
Booth: 437
Exhibiting: Plastic spools and reels

Wire Machine Systems
Telephone: 260-483-9269 Fax: 260-484-0515
Booth: 409
Exhibiting: WMS is a leading supplier of equipment and supplies to the Wire & Cable, bar, tube and wire forming industries. We will exhibit state-of-the –art surface treatment, wire & bar drawing, peeling and shaving technology, coiling for bare and insulated cable, shot blasting, wire straighteners and guides, steel reels & reel handling equipment, buncher bows, wire cutters and welders, as well as a wide array of spare parts for European and Asian made machines.

Highlights: We will spotlight our state-of-the- art buncher bow program for all makes and models of bunchers/stranders. We are committed to not being satisfied with the status-quo and providing innovated designs that increase bow life, thus reducing machine downtime and costs associated with broken bows.

Wire Journal International
Telephone: 203-453-2777 Fax: 203-453-8384
Booth: WAI
Exhibiting: WJI will have copies of the latest Wire Journal Magazine on hand and signups for free subscriptions.

The Wire Association International, Inc.
Telephone: 203-453-2777 Fax: 203-453-8384
Booth: WAI
Exhibiting: WAI will have a list of wire and cable selections for purchase along with a preview of its new Industry Search.

Reel Options by Vandor Corporation
Telephone: 765-966-7676 Fax: 765-935-5572
Booth: 414
Exhibiting: We are a manufacturer of plastic, corrugated fiberboard, chipboard and plywood reels and flanges. For 2014 we have focused on our environment with all plastic reels utilizing spinweld and chemical bonded constructions which are 100% recycleable. Other new products include new lighter 12X4 Stapled, 18X8 & 18X5 Dead~Bolt flanges. Our manufacturing capabilities include plastic injection molding, CNC plywood cutting, plastic extruded cores, precision core cutting and precision die cutting. Please visit our experienced staff while at the show to view our extensive product line.

Radyne Corporation
Telephone: 414-481-8360 Fax: 414-4181-8303
Booth: 307
Exhibiting: With the new, American made VersaPower®-Xtreme™ induction power sources, Radyne provides standardized/integrated wire heating systems, with/without atmosphere, for applications as annealing, hardening, tempering, relaxation, drying, preheating, coating and prior to extrusion. Complete turnkey systems for continuous heating operate at line speeds over 600 fpm with power outputs from 3 kW to 2000kW and frequencies from 250Hz to 800kHz. Savings over conventional methods of heat treat include utility costs, reduced scale losses, consistent results and improved quality.

Give us the opportunity to determine if we can offer a solution for your needs at our Wire Expo Booth number 307.

Parkway-Kew Corporation (PKC)
Telephone: 732-398-2100 Fax: 732-398-2101
Booth: 133
Exhibiting: Coatings for extreme wear applications including: capstans, draw rings, pulleys, stepcones, deflector, dancer and guide rolls. Capabilities include: manufacturing, CNC machining, grinding, polishing, hard-surfacing (HVOF, Plasma, Twin-Arc, Sub-Arc Welding), shaft, roll and journal restoration. Manufacture carbide rings, rolls and inserts for forming, feeding, and descaling roll applications. Mill roll regrinding and super-finishing. Urethane coatings for tensioner rolls and gripper heads.

Filtertech, Inc.
Telephone: 315-682-8815 Fax: 315-682-8825
Booth: 115
Exhibiting: Since 1969, Filtertech has serviced the wire industry by providing complete coolant and water filtration and waste disposal systems. These systems are custom designed for drawing coolant, aluminum rod drawing oil, annealer quench, caster roll coolant, caster water, CV water and other associated process coolant and water applications. Filtertech strives to exceed our customer’s expectations by supplying quality equipment and servicing that equipment for the life of the process.

Telephone: 405 672 0000 Fax: 405 672 7200
Booth: 533
Exhibiting: Manufacturer of machinery for handling reels and coils for paying off, measuring, cutting and taking up virtually any type of material. These machines are built to your specifications and the level of automation you require.

Yield Management Corporation
Telephone: 4132837773 Fax: 4132837778
Booth: 438
Exhibiting: Yield Management Corporation (YMC) will exhibit an interactive demonstration of new products. One is a laser wire-counting system for stranding and cabling lines that verifies the correct number of wires at the forming die and works with any material or color, and is ideal for insulated conductors where traditional ground ring detectors are not effective. Another is fail-safe, wire-break detection devices for cabling and stranding machines. YMC has launched a series of new products for monitoring individual spool rotation on rigid-frame planetary and tubular stranding and cabling machines without the use of slip rings or expensive radio frequency transducers. The system detects wire breaks and stops the machine before the broken wire reaches the next section, in most cases before the forming die. The result is reduction in scrap and increased productivity.

Ohio Rod Products
Telephone: 812-689-6565 Fax: 812-689-6635
Booth: 408
Exhibiting: Ohio Rod Products is a leading producer of reel bolts for the domestic cable reel and plywood reel industries.

OmniSource Corporation
Telephone: 2604234089 Fax: 2604234044
Booth: 543
Exhibiting: OmniSource Corporation is one of North America's largest processors and distributors of scrap and secondary metals. We collect, process, resell, and trade a wide variety of ferrous and nonferrous scrap. Our more than 70 U.S. scrap collection and processing facilities, including 11 operating shredders, provide the capacity to process 7 million tons of ferrous scrap annually, and more than a billion pounds of nonferrous metals. Our goal for our customers is to increase revenues by maximizing the scrap metal value and optimize asset recovery. We will provide a thorough analysis of your current scrap metals program at no cost to you.

Frigeco USA, Incorporated
Telephone: 908-894-5801 Fax: 908-894-5809
Booth: 529
Exhibiting: Experienced technical and commercial personnel will be available to discuss the latest innovations in the wire and cable machinery industry in the areas of wire drawing, stranding, and insulating.

Heatbath Corporation
Telephone: 413 452-2000 Fax: 413 543-2378
Booth: 207
Exhibiting: Heatbath Corporation is a supplier of quality cleaning and coating chemistries for the ferrous wire industry. Products include cleaners, acid inhibitors, scale conditioners, zinc phosphates, immersion copper, oxalate coatings, neutralizers and lubricants. Serving the wire industry for over 90 years. Facilities located in Chicago, IL, Detroit MI and Indian Orchard, MA. ISO 9001 Certified. Visit us at booth #207.

Telephone: 2154871100 Fax: 2154873090
Booth: 120
Exhibiting: RichardsApex, a leading global manufacturer of wet lubricants for wiredrawing and hot-rolling applications, provides semi-synthetic and synthetic compounds for wet drawing of nonferrous and ferrous wire as well as protective coatings, cleaners, corrosion inhibitors and oil-form lubricants for all nonferrous and ferrous alloys for both wire and tube applications. Its core products can be made at all of the company’s manufacturing locations in the U.S., Europe, Australia and Mexico. With over 112 years of history, RichardsApex has an established global sales network to service customers throughout the world, including on-site support and technical sales assistance. The company has subsidiaries located in both the U.K. (RichardsApex Europe) and in Australia (RichardsApex AustralAsia), and representatives in Canada, China, Greece, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Russia, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey Venezuela and Vietnam, with many other countries serviced by the subsidiaries and representatives. Please stop by and see how partnering with RichardsApex can help your company achieve your goals for production and cost savings.

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