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WAI Platinum Membership FAQs



Q. Are multiple year memberships available in WAI's Platinum
Membership Program?
A. Yes. One-, two-, and three-year options are available at $595, $1,190; and $1,785,

Q. How do I sign up for the Platinum Membership Program?
A. You can sign up using the link at left or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Q. Do we need to appoint one point person from my organization or can any one of the five members contact WAI?
A. During the sign up process you should appoint one person from your organization to be the point person so that the membership accounts are properly set up to accommodate your personnel. Naturally, after each of the individuals is set up in the WAI database, any of the individuals may contact headquarters for member-related questions about WAI's products and services.

Q. What if I recently signed up for membership and now want to add additional personnel to take advantage of this offer?
A. Simply note the individual's name on registration and we will give you credit for their payment.

Q. Our company has supported WAI with more than 5 members for years. Is there any provision for companies who fit my description?
A. Yes. WAI will honor long-standing support from organizations like yours. Our intent is to continue to grow membership to enhance the member community. WAI will "grandfather in" companies with more than 5 members into this new program.

Q. Are chapter memberships included in this Platinum Membership Program?
A. We encourage you to consider appointing individuals to specific WAI Chapters based on their location. However, it is not a requirement of the Program and the cost is additional.

Q. How do I renew?
A. A single renewal notice for the group will be sent to the point person at which time, the company can communicate any changes.

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