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How to create your wireNETworking profile on

Your wireNETworking profile is an important step in finding people or being located by others who may need to find you.

Creating/updating your wireNETworking profile on is quick and easy.

1. Click on the wireNETworking link on the left side menu (quick links)












2. Login using your email address and password. If you have not logged in before you can either get a reminder by clicking here or by clicking on the "online chat system" in the lower left-hand side of the site.










3. Hover over "Public Profile" and then click on the "Edit wireNETworking" Profile.

















4. Complete all fields you wish to make public.

5. Depending on your profile, you may/may not want to share some/all or none of the fields on your profile. If you wish to change any of these fields,  just use the lock button next to the fields you wish to change.

6. Upon completion, click the save button.



















7. If you wish to upload a photo of yourself, click on "Change profile picture" and browse to the photo you wish to upload and click save.




8. Now you are ready to find friends and join groups on wireNETworking!


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