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Submarine cable links Taiwan and China

A submarine communication cable directly linking the two sides of the Taiwan Straits was scheduled to have been activated. The 270-km-long cable connects the city of Fuzhou of Fujian province on the mainland and Taiwan's Tamsui.

A report in Xinhau cites Yang Yi, a spokesman for the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office, as saying that construction of the fiber optic cable, the first of its kind, has already been completed. Once put into use, the cable will make it much easier for people on the two sides of the Straits to communicate, he said.

The launch was described as "good news" for the mainland and Taiwan, as it is another important achievement in developing the "three direct links" of cross-Straits mail, trade, and air and shipping services, the report said. It noted that  "several telecommunication operators on both sides of the Straits have jointly invested in the project, which incorporated the most advanced transmission technologies."

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