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Maximum short circuit temperature
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TOPIC: Maximum short circuit temperature

Maximum short circuit temperature 2 years, 3 months ago #122

Hi everybody , wishing all of you happy new year

I would like to ask about the maximum short circuit temperature for bare hard drawn copper used for overhead with reference

I could not find any reference for that


Re: Maximum short circuit temperature 2 years, 3 months ago #123

Hello M. Mansour,

We can find no reference either and worse, we know nothing of the product line you are referencing. For example, is this bare conductor cabled with insulated conductors? I'm afraid you make it very difficult for us but we do suggest you carefully review the Doha Cables catalog at Within this catalog, you will find the method of calculation of Cable Short Circuit Capacity, the properties of Annealed and Hard Drawn Copper and references for a number of IEC documents including:

60028 - International standard for resistance of copper.
60949 - Calculation of thermally permissible short circuits, taking into account non-adiabatic heating effects.
60986 - Guide to the short circuit temperature limits of electric cables with a rated voltage of 1.8/3 (3.6 kV) to 18/30 (36 kV).
61089 - Round wire concentric lay overhead electrical stranded conductors.
61597 - Overhead electrical conductors - Calculation methods for stranded bare conductors.
61443 - Short circuit temperature limits of electrical cables with rated voltages above 30 kV (Um=36 kV).

There are also references for British Specifications:

BS 7884 - Copper and copper -cadmium stranded conductors for overhead electric traction and power transmission systems.
BS EN 13602 - Copper and copper alloys - Drawn round copper wire for the manufacture of electrical conductors.
BS EN 50182 - Conductors for overhead lines - Round wire concentric lay stranded conductors.

The key to the information you are looking for may reside somewhere in these specifications but you are going to have to do some studying to find it. Good luck.

Peter J. Stewart-Hay
Stewart-Hay Associates
519 641- 3212

Re: Maximum short circuit temperature 2 years, 3 months ago #124

Hello Again,

I have been advised by a good friend and former co-worker at Nexans that Southwire sells a hard cover, 288 page "Overhead Conductor Manual" for $119.00 plus shipping. I just ordered that book for my personal library.

Further I am told that there is an answer to your question but for steel core aluminum conductors (ACSR). See Section 3.3 Fault Current Ratings. Conductor Material Properties for 97% IACS (International Annealed Copper Standard) copper are there as well but there is no definition as to the maximum short circuit temperature. It must be therefore be specification based and I suggest you talk with your local Hydro to learn what specification they refer to and if that conforms with all the Hydros in the country. If you are shipping to another country, I recommend you follow that same procedure with their Provincial/ Federal Hydro as well.

This may at least help you a bit.

If we find a specification reference for the maximum short circuit temperature of 97% IACS copper overhead conductors, we will advise you further.

Peter J. Stewart-Hay
Stewart-Hay Associates
519 641- 3212

Re: Maximum short circuit temperature 2 years, 3 months ago #125

Thank you very much for useful information and your usual cooperation

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