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For Sector Shaped conductor
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TOPIC: For Sector Shaped conductor

For Sector Shaped conductor 2 years, 3 months ago #1349

We are Low Tension (Low Voltage) cable and conductor manufacturer. Please let us know details about sector shaped conductors.

1) How is the height & width of the conductor calculated?

For Example a 240 mm² sector shaped conductor. What is height & width ? Is there any standard formula for this calculation?

2) In casting mills for copper and aluminum.

Why is the cast bar a trapezoidal shape & why it is not a round shape?

Re: For Sector Shaped conductor 2 years, 3 months ago #1350

Hello Patelcab,

I am sure there are standards for the sector shapes in your county in so far as the maximum and minimum sector dimensions are concerned. They are, as you already know, stranded together after insulating in low voltage cables. The thickness and insulation materials are also to a standard specification. The conductors are rolled shapes and each company as best as I can tell, develops the precise shape of their particular stranding forming rollers by trial and error. Thus it is intellectual property belonging to each company and not likely to be divulged.

If anyone has more information, I would certainly appreciate your assistance.

The trapezoidal shape on a casting wheel seems to be an optimum for that particular process. The trapezoidal shape isn't really a problem because the rod changes it's shape a number of times in the rolling mills before becoming a round cross section.

Kindest Regards,
Peter Stewart-Hay
Stewart-Hay Associates

Re: For Sector Shaped conductor 2 years, 3 months ago #1351

The trapezoidal shape of cast bar is useful for easy removal of cast bar from the casting wheel,also the trapezoidal shape is not having corner edges in its bottom side. Since the wheel casting is vertical type casting,the cast bar has to come out from the casting wheel and it has to go for deforming in rolling process.

If you consider some other technology (Contirod-Horizontal),the cast bar is in Rectangular form.

As already mentioned,the shape of the cast bar doesn't make much difference, but cooling pattern of any shape bar will help in improving the rod quality.
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