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Extrusion line Brands
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TOPIC: Extrusion line Brands

Extrusion line Brands 1 year, 3 months ago #1859

Hello Forum,

Long time without put a new post by my side I hope everybody has a lot of work.....We're on the process of buy new extrusion lines for our Mexico Operations and I'm asking to the forum the next question: in order to have a "Ranking" what are the best Extrusion lines brands ( equipment, support, spare parts, warranties) we're talking about SAMP, ROSENDAHL, DAVIS STD, AMERICAN KUNHE, DUNST ( at least is what I know ) I'd really appreciate your help in order to take the best option, Regards,


Re: Extrusion line Brands 1 year, 3 months ago #1860

Hello again xzfxhg,

I'm afraid your question is far too broad in nature for us to give you a proper answer.

What kind of extrusion are you talking about? Insulation, sheathing, thermoplastic lines, CV lines (Vertical, CCV, Slant, Horizontal, Dry Cure, Steam Cure, Moisture Cure and so on.)

What are the products are you planning to manufacture? (Building Wire, Telephone Wire, Power Cable, Etc.)

What kind of technology are you looking for? (Standard Technology, Cutting Edge, Highest Output, Ease of Maintenance and so on.)

What kind of plastics are you going to use? (PE, Foam PE, XLPE, Moisture Cure XLPE, PVC, Polyurethane etc.)

Please provide us with this information and we will give you our personal preferences. This means however that others will indeed have alternate opinions.

We also recommend you review the extruder manufacturers at WAI's Virtual Trade Show at

Peter J. Stewart-Hay
Stewart-Hay Associates
519 641- 3212

Re: Extrusion line Brands 1 year, 3 months ago #1861

Hello Peter,

We now have 6 extrusion lines:

2 - 2007 models from SAMP.
2 - 2008 models from SAMP.
2 - 1983 models from Davis Standard.

Now we are on to buying 10 more extrusion lines over the next 3 years

This equipment is all for the manufacture of automotive cable. (Toyota, GM, Ford, Chrysler and others.)

The plastics that we use are PVC and PPE (Halogen free) and the next step is to cure the PVC on an E-beam machine.

We need to buy two extrusion lines over the next 6 months but upper management has asked the question "What is the rank of all extrusion equipment manufacturers?"

Sorry I did not give the information you were looking for but here are the answers

- The equipment must be for copper conductors and the lines are to be horizontal.
- The product that we manufacture is for automotive use.
- The technology could be standard but with high output and friendly to operator.
- The plastics will be PVC and XLPE (moisture cure) at this time for gauges from 0.35mm2 to 6.0mm2.

Thank you very much for your reply

Regards to all at the Forum.

Re: Extrusion line Brands 1 year, 3 months ago #1862

Hello again Angel,

It would be my guess that your senior management has actually asked the question "What would be the ranking of automotive extrusion line manufacturers if their machines were located in our plant in Mexico? The ranking measurement would be quality product output per week by weight over the long haul."

There are a few things to consider here and the first is "Quality" . Quality as Philip Crosby defined it is conformance to the requirements or specifications. ( ). Apart from such standard items as insulation resistance, basic dimensions, surface finish, striping and color clarity, the most important item is the guarantee that you are not giving away any extra material. That means excellent instrumentation, proper training of the operators, foremen and other production people. You should also be using SPC as part of your measurement system. All the manufacturers we will mention should be able to supply the complete instrument packages you desire.

The second consideration is maintenance as there is no sense buying a very high speed line if you cannot keep it running at high speed. or continually running. Are all spare parts near by or at least in the United States? Only you know your plant's capability so all we can do is bring it to your attention. You should however be able to specify your preferred drives manufacturer, preheater such as Plustherm Point GmbH and the thermal controls manufacturer.

Other items to consider are the thermal response to a temperature change inside the extruder barrel, pounds of plastic to change a color or a stripe, guaranteed line speed on each product and the reliability of take-up crossovers.

Capital cost is also also a major concern once you are sure the machines are relatively equal in their capability and technology so that a proper cost comparison can be performed.

You have long experience with a 28 year old Davis-Standard line and 7 line-years experience with SAMP machines. We have however no idea if you would buy from these companies again but your experience with these lines is indeed important.

The four companies we think you should be looking at are Davis-Standard (USA), Maillefer SA (Switzerland), Rosendahl Maschinen GmbH (Austria), and SAMP Sistemi (Italy). The only order they are ranked in is alphabetical because only you can truly determine which is your preferred supplier. I hope this simplifies things for you.

Peter J. Stewart-Hay
Stewart-Hay Associates
519 641- 3212

Re: Extrusion line Brands 1 year, 3 months ago #1863

Hello Peter,

Thank you very much for the information...was very detailed. For sure these comments will help us make the best choice

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