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Enemel compound
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TOPIC: Enemel compound

Enemel compound 1 year, 3 months ago #2240

I want to contact some enameling compound suppliers. I
have only DuPont, are there more in the market?


Re: Enemel compound 1 year, 3 months ago #2241

I am assuming that you are talking about enamel for making magnet wire or as some people call it winding wire.
At one time there were a lot of insulation suppliers.

ELANTAS PDG, INC. in St. Louis, MO USA is the former P.D. George Company. Schenectady Chemical is another. Elantas now owns or is owned by the old Dr. Beck company. GE also made insulating varnish but sold that line.


Re: Enemel compound 1 year, 3 months ago #2242

Moderator's Note - First Confirmed North American Enamel Supplier

Thank you very much Spectre. I had no knowledge of what companies were left in the world as enamel suppliers and searching the internet search engines did not really help!

I also reviewed the "Virtual Trade Show" under "Insulation-Enamels" but even there, the Schenectady-Beck Electrical Insulation Systems (Now SI Group, see below!) in England gave me no clue as to whether or not they supply enamels for the manufacture of magnet wire. The other suppliers shown were just e-mail addresses (manufacturers representatives) or the Pelican Wire Company, Inc. and Pelican seems to be there as a listing error.

Schenectady International Inc. is now known as the SI Group (Note: Later we learned that the enamel business has been sold to the Altana A.G. division called ELANTAS PDG, INC.) ELANTAS PDG, INC. is found at

5200 North Second Street
St. Louis Missouri 63147
United States
Tel +1 314 621 5700-700
Fax +1 314 436-1030
The contacts page is

Best regards,
Peter J. Stewart-Hay
Stewart-Hay Associates

Re: Enemel compound 1 year, 3 months ago #2243


Like a lot of other businesses there has been a lot of industry consolidation. At one time every European country had 4-6 large magnet wire companies. After the unification of Europe many companies merged and today there are only 4-6 large magnet wire companies in Europe and the biggest are international and have facilities all around the world.

Enamels many years ago had suppliers like Sherwin William, Sunoco, etc. Then for a long time the biggest in USA were PD. George and Schenectady Chemical Int. GE made a lot of Formvar and DuPont made a lot of ML but most of the domestic materials came from PDG or SCI.

In Italy there was SIVA (originally owned by SCIME now out of business) and another which eventually bought SIVA and is now Elantas ans also own PDG.

Beck and Herberts were German. there was an English company that was a licensee of either Beck or Herberts and they eventually made some in Canada also.

Since I know that PDG, SCI, and SIVA had plants in other countries, I assume that they are still there. I know that there are companies in China but then at one time a study said there were 2,000+ magnet wire plants in China (some were painting wire by hand I think)and there is also India so I am sure that there are enamel plants there too. I know that there were also plants in Japan and in Brazil as I have visited them but it was a long time ago.

Is Ayala from Mexico?


Re: Enemel compound 1 year, 3 months ago #2244

Thanks a lot
Antonio Ayala (Mexico)

Re: Enemel compound 1 year, 3 months ago #2245

Sr. Ayala, who do you work with in Mexico. Many years ago I was a start up engineer for enamel oven manufacturer and then sold and designed oven systems.

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