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Once you login you are connected through member-only access to WAI’s many resources. You are invited to explore the values provided annually to WAI members.

Annually | Participate
WAI’s industry conferences, exhibitions, and chapter events provide the perfect opportunity to network with peers, meet new colleagues, and learn about the global market. Add to your experience with WAI’s free ongoing webinar programs and archives. And review your updated contact list in the Wire Journal International Reference Guide, an annual directory that is free to members.

Monthly | Get involved
Help WAI shape the industry as it assembles its next annual event. Opportunities abound for speakers, exhibitors, sponsors, planning committee members, plant tour hosts, technical demonstration leaders, paper reviewers, webinar instructors, subject experts, moderators, consultants, mentors, task force champions, and chapter supporters. Keep up with the developing plans in person, online, or through the industry’s leading trade magazine and official WAI publication, the monthly Wire Journal International (WJI).

Twice monthly | Open up
Check your e-mail for The WAI Connection newsletter, which delivers late-breaking industry news to your inbox. Share information about your company’s products, services, and personnel to build your brand.

Weekly | Submit
Help WJI spread your industry news as editors assemble content for inclusion in the upcoming issue. Let us know if you have an idea for a feature article.

Daily | Visit
Explore this website and:
• find industry news
• shop online
• research a topic
• find a company
• visit a forum
• join a discussion
• register for an event
view a free webinar
• manage your account
• update your contact information

WAI welcomes new members into your bank of networking resources and updates records throughout the week so your resources are available when you are.


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