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Dear Interwire 2015 Exhibitor,

Welcome to the Interwire 2015 Exhibitor Directory form. Please complete this to promote your company before and during the show:

In print – free of charge: Wire Journal March 2015 issue / must be submitted by Jan. 30th, 2015 and Show Program / due by Feb. 27th, 2015
Digital - fee based – - on line Interactive floor plan and mobile application – can be submitted at any time until the show opens.

You may choose to select a free listing for print only, and not purchase any on-line options, or you may select both venues as the most rewarding scenario for full coverage accessible to the captive audience through print and digital media.
If you are in favor of internet being the main source of information you may select to purchase your access to digital advertising now and submit your company description for print at the later date as noted above.

Questions? Contact Anna Bzowski: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Editor's note: If you plan to show something that is especially new/interesting, please send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. explaining what makes it so, and include a photo (JPG, 200 kB to 1-3 MB).

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Interwire 2015 Exhibitor Directory Form
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  1. Booth description
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  1. The Interwire 2015 interactive floor plan can promote your company and products. It will not only capture the online traffic months ahead of the show, but will also provide a great search tool available to attendees on-site via information kiosks and on our mobile app.

    To view the floorplan, click here. To view the mobile app, click here

    Each contracted exhibitor will appear on the floor plan and mobile app with its company name, booth number, address and product categories.

    Fee-based options - Please select below any upgrades you wish to have.

    • Exhibitor's full listing: Includes company description, up to 5 co-exhibitors, website link, main contact with email address plus your company logo on the Interwire 2015 mobile app. $300.00
    • Company description $100.00
    • Co-Exhibitors inclusion: add up to 5 co-exhibitors to your interactive booth/mobile app. $100.00
    • Website link $75.00
    • Main Contact and email address $100.00
    • Interwire 2015 Mobile App exhibitor logo $100.00
    • Company Logo: 600px by 300px (scaled) Company Logo placed directly on Interwire 2015 interactive floorplan with link back to company website or your booth listing. $300.00/month

    • For sponsorship information, please email

  2. Online upgrades

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  1. You have elected to purchase a fee-based option(s), the checkout screen will appear after clicking on the "submit listing" button below
    If you wish to pay by invoice, please select your options and check your email for further instructions on payment terms.
  2. Terms and Conditions
    By submitting this listing, you represent that you are the key contact for this company, or that you are submitting it with the permission of the company who has agreed to these terms and conditions. You also grant The Wire Association International, Inc. and the Wire Journal the rights to publish this listing in any publication or Web site in relation to your company. The Wire Association International, Inc. and the Wire Journal reserve the right to edit the listing for grammar and style. The listing can be replaced at any time by submitting a new form at any time thereby replacing the prior one that we have.

    Deadlines for submission are as follows
    The WJI March preview issue deadline for booth listings is Friday, Jan. 30 2015. Listings received after that date may be printed in the April issue. Website listings can be done up until Thursday, Apr. 23rd 2015.

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