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Severstal initiates AD investigation into Ukrainian wire rod imports

The Eurasian Economic Commission (ECC) has launched an anti-dumping investigation over alleged dumping of wire rods manufactured in Ukraine and imported to the single customs territory of the Customs Union (Belarus, Kazakhsta
and the Russian Federation).

A press release reported by, citing the Strategic Research Institute, said that the ECC's Domestic Market Protection Department received an application from OAO Severstal, a vertically integrated steel and steel-related mining entity, and other Russian manufacturers, about the alleged dumping. The allegations, it said, specifically refer to hot-rolled wire rods with similar solid cross-section along their whole length in the shape of circles, made from carbon and alloy steel, in coils or cut to a specific length, which may have holes, ribs, grooves and other manufacturing deformations, with or without further processing. Excluded from the investigation are wire rods made from free-cutting steel, high-speed steel, tool steel, ball bearing steel and corrosion-resistant steel, forged wire rods or rods undergone cold deformation, bored wire rods and hollow rods used in drilling operations.

"Over recent years the volumes of wire rods imported from Ukraine have risen consistently from 469,000 metric tons (MT) in 2010 to 800,000 mt in 2012. In 2013, Ukraine further boosted its imports, with more than 619,000 mt imported into the Customs Union in the first six months of 2013, 63% more than during the same period last year," the release said. It noted that Ukrainian manufacturers have also expanded exports into Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan at dumping prices, adding that the Russian manufacturers spearheading the investigation estimate anti-dumping margins were 12.6%.

The dumping of Ukrainian export hot-rolled wire rods "has a significant impact on the performance of domestic companies and causes financial damage to the steel industry of the Customs Union," the release said. "Severstal plans to actively participate in the investigation to eliminate unfair competition in the domestic market and to reduce the negative impact of dumping from Ukraine, said Dmitry Goroshkov, the marketing and sales director of Severstal's Russian Steel Division. The company also supports changes to the laws of the Customs Union to strengthen protective, anti-dumping and countervailing measures, he said. "According to WTO law, manufacturers in the Customs Union are able to apply for the retroactive application of preliminary and final duties to improve trade protection measures."

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