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If you have a question regarding coaxial, telephone, and building wire, power cable, insulation, extrusion, bunching, stranding, braiding, etc. post it here.

TOPIC: Cables

Cables 5 years 9 months ago #518

Can anybody tell me the meaning of "Radial Thickness U0 /U = 300 /500 V" mentioned in DIN VDE 0254 Standard.

What is mean by cable grade 300 /500 Volts, 300 /750 Volts and 300/300 Volts.

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Re: Cables 5 years 9 months ago #519

Hello again;

As before, this has to do with Self-regulating /self-limiting parallel heating cables and it is reasonably clear that your company would like to manufacture these types of cables.

You need a qualified and well experienced wire and cable electrical engineer and a qualified and well experienced polymer chemical engineer or chemist for this kind of development. It cannot be done on the cheap. I don't think that someone will interpret the referenced specification for you because of the liability.

United States Patent 6303866 "Self-adjusting cables and method for making same" has this abstract:

The present invention relates to a self-adjusting cable of which the material having PTC behavior is an extrudable alloy of compatible polymers of from 20% to 50% of at least one polar polyolefin, of from 50% to 80% of at least one matrix polymer chosen from poly(C.sub.1 -C.sub.4 -alkylene) terephthalates, polyamides, polycarbonates, polyester and polyether copolymers, polyketones and methyl polymethacrylates, or mixture thereof, and of from 5% to 15%, preferably 5% to 10% of at least one conductive filler such as carbon black, and optionally non-conductive fillers. It also relates to the process for the production of said self-adjusting cable.

The patent references DIN VDE 0254.

Kindest regards,
Peter J. Stewart-Hay
Stewart-Hay Associates
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