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TOPIC: H/C wire breakage photos

H/C wire breakage photos 5 years 11 months ago #1168

Hello All,
Sometimes we have wire breakages during roping and we could not find the reasons why ? do uou have any breakages photos related breakages which shape results for patenting, high reduction, or wire rod?
best regards.

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Re: H/C wire breakage photos 5 years 11 months ago #1169

To stop breakages during stranding high carbon steel wires:

1.- Do not over stress the wire during drawing, try to use a small total reduction of area to allow the wire to be able to stand further work during stranding. Meet tensile by carbon content.Check torsion to meet specifications.

2.- Check the patenting in order to obtain full austenization of the wire and right structure by correct time and temperature on the austenization furnace and the cooling furnace.

3.- Check the design of the cable to be sure it has the right lay

4.- Check strander to be sure all guides are in good shape.

For patentig structures can be seen in the wire Handbook of WAI in the patenting section.


Eduardo Anaya
Senior Consultant
Mexico City
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