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TOPIC: Mechanical descaling

Mechanical descaling 5 years 10 months ago #917

Hello all, I work with low c steel (SAE 1006, 1008) from 5,5 to 14 mm inlet diameter. I am looking for new reliable efficient environment friendly (no acid)alternative for descaling wire. Currently we use bending + brushes or shot blasting.

Wire is OK for mechanical descaling but sometimes surface quality (roughness, incrusted scale...) is not good enough to ensure plating quality.

Maybe there's a new technology more efficient to eliminate surface defects on wire surface ?

Does anybody knows peeling ? Ultrasonic ? Plasma ? Laser ? technologies ?

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Re: Mechanical descaling 5 years 10 months ago #918

Hi Jagintoj,

we are currently mechanical descaling all our plating wires.
We use the Decalub descalng process, with a blend of sodium stripping soap that we use from Traxit Lub.

The finished wire is then blasted with water in-line to present a high gloss finish to the wire.

To achieve the gloss we use a 3-5% reduction on the last draw pass.

However, the key to ensure it's success is that we store the rod indoors. This prevents premature, accalerated rusting.

Hope this helps.

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