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TOPIC: DC annealer

DC annealer 4 years 9 months ago #2211

Is there in the market at this moment Direct Current annealers for copper drawing machines similar to a Niehoff M85 or is this is technology obsolete? The question comes in relation in our application of copper drawing for magnet (Enemeling) wire we have two Drawing machines one with DC annealer (very old) and more modern with AC annealer and the operators are convinced that the DC provides better superficial quality than the one with AC.
Can you please help me?
Antonio Ayala
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Re: DC annealer 4 years 9 months ago #2212

Hello Antonio,

SAMP Sistemi manufactures DC annealers for use on rod breakdown machines.

I have asked Niehoff to comment on Friday.

Peter J. Stewart-Hay
Stewart-Hay Associates
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Re: DC annealer 4 years 9 months ago #2213

Both AC & DC Resistance Annealers are available on the market today... Almost all Single & Multiwire lines are equipped with DC Annealers. The AC Annealer has been by far the most popular & the most widely used for the rod breakdown wire sizes... There is no proven & definite advantage for one technology over the other as far as the mechanical properties and quality of the end product... The use of either technology has been dependent on electronic controls capability of accurately controlling annealing voltage within acceptable tolerances during run speeds, ramp-us, ramp-downs to machine stops.

As far as copper & aluminum magnet wire are concerned, non-ferrous equipment manufacturers introduced in the last 15 years minimum slip rod breakdown machines to their industry. These machines are designed to improve wire surface quality to meet the more stringent and ever increasing wire quality requirements especially for the magnet wire industry.
Niehoff also introduced a DC minimum slip rod annealer to the market ten years ago…
With the new & modern minimum slip rod breakdown machines and minimum slip rod annealers, the magnet wire industry has seen a dramatic improvement in the quality of wire especially as far as the wire surface is concerned…

For additional information, you can contact us directly & we will try to answer your questions and concerns…
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