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  • Peter J Stewart-Hay replied to the topic 'Re: Copper discoloration' in the forum.
    Hello again Zamuir,

    When I discussed the temperature of the wire entering the annealing leg of the annealer, I was referring to the preheating leg or legs of the annealer itself. The temperature wire as it exits the drawing machine is not the issue.
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  • Mr Zamiur Rahman replied to the topic 'Re: Copper discoloration' in the forum.
    Hi Peter,

    Thank you for your time and valuable input.
    I will try to check the parameters one by one as per your instruction next time we run the machine. I believe the annealing solution may not be the issue as we are using the same solution tank for other rod machines. If the wires are too hot from the wire drawing then the discoloration should be less in the first few bobbins from starting, which is not exactly the case, as all the bobbins look similar in colour from a coil. I, however, would need to check if I can individually increase the steam flow in the SAMP annealer only.

    I searched online, but I didn't find any operating instructions or principle for this SAMP annealer. I am looking for understanding how this machine works (in details) and how to change its parameter to modify the outcome. It seems it didn't come along with the machine. I will try to contact the supplier as you have suggested, and ask for a manual.

    I will let you if and when I can solve the issue.

    Kind Regards,
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  • kunena.thankyou 4 days ago
  • Peter J Stewart-Hay replied to the topic 'reduction angle and bearing length' in the forum.
    Hello again Mr. Ajalloueian,

    The reduction angle for copper drawing dies is an interesting subject. North American wire manufacturers usually specify reduction angles of 16 to 20 degree whereas European wire manufacturers typically specify reduction angles of 18 to 22 degrees.

    Generally speaking, the length of the bearing in the die determines the final size of the wire but of course, it is not that easy as there are other issues involved.

    It is reasonably clear to us that you have a limited technical library at your company. thus we suggest the following;

    1) Purchase the Nonferrous Wire Handbook, Vol. 3 at

    2) See if your wire die supplier has a technical pamphlet or book on drawing dies including how to maintain them. Generally speaking, these are free for their customers.

    3) Drawing lubricants are also fundamental to the drawing process including Babcock measurement and control. See if your lubricant supplier has technical literature on their products. Again, free for their customers.

    Optimized die geometry is best done by process experimentation over long periods of time.
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  • Peter J Stewart-Hay replied to the topic 'Re: Copper discoloration' in the forum.
    Hello again,

    I have looked at a photo of a SAMP RC-80 Annealer and apart from the layout of the machine, the process issues are still the same.

    I) The wire is too hot entering the annealing leg or;
    II) The steam supply is for some reason now inadequate at the steam tube keep oxygen completely away from the entering wire, hence the mild amount of discoloration or;
    III) Your annealing solution is too contaminated and must be replaced.

    Anyway, that is all we can do from here. You must sleuth out the process issue. Let us know when you have solved the problem.
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  • Mr Zamiur Rahman, Peter J Stewart-Hay replied to the topic 'Re: Copper discoloration' in the forum.
    Hi Peter,
    Many thanks for your reply.
    The rod machine is Type F13 Winget Syncro and the annealer is a SAMP Annealer type RC-80. Therefore it is not as per specification as ques 6 above in your reply. The drawing machine is not running over speed (and at max 1524 mpm), that answers your ques 2.

    I unfortunately do not have any specification of the annealers, so I can't confirm 4 and 5. I also checked the steam line which is aligned with wire inside. I can see if I can manage to increase the coolant water and emulsifiers pressure in the annealer, just to check if does make any difference. Line speed must keep fixed, however, we can adjust the annealing constant (7-8) to adjust the annealing voltage if you think it could help. We faced no issue with the elongation which is ca. 26-28%.

    Please advise. Thank you for your time.

    Kind Regards,
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  • Mr Mohsen Ajalloueian created a new topic ' reduction angle and bearing length' in the forum.
    Dear All

    We are manufacturer of cooper magnet wire. could anyone please inform me what is the
    effect of reduction angle and bearing length on the wire drawing process.
    How i must find the best reduction angle and bearing length for my drawing machine?

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