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  • Iordanis Pavlidis replied to the topic 'Lubricant on wire test' in the forum.
    You may wash the wire boiling ch2cl2, liquifying it with a heat exchanger and washing with it the wire (continous cycle). Then evaporate ch2cl2 and measure remaining lubricant that you collect in a bottle. 1kg of wire is enough. Your scale should be able to measure mgrs.
    Read More... 3 days ago
  • Iordanis Pavlidis replied to the topic 'Cold drawing undersize problem' in the forum.
    Mr. Sasmaz, possible causes could be also:
    1. sharp die reduction angle, so try last die with lower reduction angle
    2. wire elongation at last drawing step, so check kinematics and slipping conditions (in case we talk about slipping type drawing machine)

    Iordanis Pavlidis
    Read More... 3 days ago
  • Peter I'm not sure what the H is wrong but every time I try to log on there are problems and when I do log on my answers are not posted,

    profile 6 days ago
  • Richard Burke created a new topic ' Mobile Site' in the forum.
    Everytime I try to use IPad it tells me I need flash and Apple devices don't use flash. Please fix site so mobile devices can use it.
    Read More... 6 days ago
  • Mr Mohsen Ajalloueian replied to the topic 'Springback' in the forum.
    Thank you
    I read that the enameling oven do the real annealing, so if we increase enameling oven temperature we will get better annealing?
    Read More... 32 days ago
  • Mr yigit sasmaz replied to the topic 'Cold drawing undersize problem' in the forum.
    Dear Eduardo;

    You are right, we have seen some deposits on coiler when there is a undersize wire, we wipe out deposits and keep going. Also sometimes when we face with undersize, and couldnt find anything although check all die dia, bearings etc. About die profile, what we have to check ?

    Thank you.
    Read More... 43 days ago