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  • kunena.thankyou 8 hours ago
  • Peter J Stewart-Hay replied to the topic 'Extruder Barrel Temperature Calibration' in the forum.
    Hello Mr. Lua,

    First you need to purchase a portable, precision thermocouple type temperature monitor certified for accuracy by your government standards and traced right back to the World SI standards. It should also have a sticker on it verifying same and showing when the next calibration date is due.

    Then you go around to each extruder and, while hot, check the thermocouple output of each zone and other temperature indicator such as the melt temperature. The portable temperature monitor should fully agree with each temperature monitor or controller on the extruder. Them you place a calibration sticker on each temperature controller or monitor on the extruder indicating that it has been calibrated and indicating that it must be renewed again in one year's time.
    Read More... 1 day ago
  • Hello Guys!

    Need your expertise/advise here. Just want to know what is the correct way of
    calibrating the extruder's barrel temperature, from zone 1 to 5.

    Thanks in advance
    Read More... 4 days ago
  • Mr Mohsen Ajalloueian thanks user 'Richard Burke' in the forum message ' Springback'.
    kunena.thankyou 8 days ago
  • kunena.thankyou 8 days ago
  • Peter J Stewart-Hay replied to the topic 'Question about Wire Winding Procedure' in the forum.
    Hello Mr Jongguran Sondang Doli Noviedo,

    I have looked at your drawing but I cannot tell anything from it or about it. Is there a dancer or just a wire straightener?

    I suggest you click on the "WAI STORE" on the left hand side and purchase the following books and articles:

    Electrical Wire Handbook, Part 1
    Electrical Wire Handbook, Part 2
    We Do it Straight - Wire Straightening

    Then start reading!

    With regard to the second question, are you talking about capstans in a drawing machine? If so, you should be aware that a standard drawing machine is a non-positive device and thus more conductor is introduced to each drawing die than is necessary. This prevents wire breaks. The excess material slips back through the machine and the number of wraps is such to allow both the slip and the supply of conductor for the next drawing die. It is empirically determined.
    Read More... 9 days ago
  • Peter J Stewart-Hay replied to the topic 'ADR / DDR' in the forum.
    Hello Ms Ali Hosseini,

    Please and understand these two web pages:

    Shrinkage is an entirely different factor.

    Thank you.
    Read More... 9 days ago