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  • Rolf D Wurmbach replied to the topic 'Pressure variation in Dancer of MMH101' in the forum.
    You need to check your dancer pressure setting from time to time with a tension gage. Air operated cylinders have wear and since the dancer mostly rides in the middle you have more wear here and this will change the wire tension. Once or twice a year is enough.
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  • Rolf D Wurmbach replied to the topic 'Rated speed of Niehoff MWD' in the forum.
    Dear Mr. Deb:
    If you increase the wire you will stretch the wire and you OD becomes smaller. You are losing some anneal or rather elongation as well. For sure the higher dancer weight will give you a denser package, but you or your customer could also have problems with unwinding or flying the wires of for the next process. Therefor it is recommended to stay within the value provided by Niehoff. These values differ by wire size and type of take-up and calculated that you should not have any high stretching and maintain your wire OD.
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  • Rolf D Wurmbach replied to the topic 'Rated speed of Niehoff MWD' in the forum.
    Dear Mr. Deb
    What kind of Niehoff multiwire drawing machine you have, there are three types, MMH50, MMH101, or MMH121? The MMH50 is for fine wire and the other two are larger wire sizes.
    The speed you can run depends also on what material you are running. If you run e.g. tin plated copper wire it is good practice to reduce the speed by 20%.
    In some case the annealer or the take up is the limiting factor. Most annealers are designed for a constant throughput, with other words a certain pounds per hour. If you run larger sizes the speed is less since you have larger throughput and would require a higher current that the annealer may not designed for.
    Depending what reels you are using they may slow down your speed as well. It’s all depending on the barrel size, where a higher line speed would exceed the max rpm of your take up.
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