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2021 scholarship winners for 3 WAI Chapters

11/4/21 – Below are the winners of scholarships this year from the Southeast, New England and Midwest chapters.

Midwest Chapter issues 3 scholarships
The Midwest Chapter has announced the winners for its scholarship program for 2021, each of whom will receive $1,500.
* Sarah Baumgartner is the daughter of Jay Baumgartner, principal engineer of Essex Furukawa/Superior Essex. She attends Indiana University Fort Wayne, where she studies social work.
* Jaida Bender is the daughter of Robert Bender, operations manager of Worth Steel & Machinery Inc. She attends the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where she studies nursing.
* Jeremiah Evans is the son of Jerry Evans, electrical maintenance supervisor of SDI LaFarga Copperworks. He attends Trine University, where he studies chemical engineering.

WAI New England Chapter issues 5 college scholarships for 2021
The Association’s New England Chapter has chosen the five below students to each receive a 2021 scholarship of $2,500.
* Ana Aguilar, the daughter of Alberto Aguilar, president of Carris Reels, will be attending Clemson. She plans to study business marketing.
* Connor Hartline, the son of Christopher Hartline, vice president of operations at RichardsApex, will be attending Pennsylvania State University. He plans to study engineering.
* Robert Mancinelli, the son of John Mancinelli, national sales manager at Conneaut Industries, Inc., will be attending Lehigh University IBE Honors Program. He plans to study mechanical engineering and finance.
* Erik Person, the son of Kimberly Person, corporate accountant at Insulated Wire, Inc., will be attending SUNY Genesco. He plans to study adolescent education.
* Indigo Zachow, the daughter of John Zachow, vice president of Davis-Standard, will be attending Northeast Wisconsin Technical College. She plans to study graphic design.

Southeast Chapter announces the 4 winners of its 2021 scholarships
The Southeast Chapter has chosen the below four winners of its scholarships for 2021, each of which will receive $1,800.
* Lily Bagwell, the daughter of Jason Bagwell, product manager, High Performance Conductors LLC, will attend the College of Charleston this fall. She plans to pursue an undergraduate degree in sports psychology.
* Kelsey Stoughton, the daughter of James Stoughton, manufacturing engineering manager, High Performance Conductors LLC, is a sophomore at Purdue University, where she is studying veterinary nursing.
* Sydney and Madison Peet, both the daughter of Kristin Peet, sales manager, and Charlie Peet, production manager, both of Harbour Industries. Sydney will attend Tulane University this fall. She plans to focus on a career in the medical field, and is interested in becoming a psychiatrist. Madison will attend Boston University. She also plans on a career in the medical field, and is interested in becoming a dermatologist.

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