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Pourtier to supply strander to NKT

Pourtier, a member of the Gauder Group, reports that it has received a multi-million euro order for a rigid stranding line from NKT Germany.

A press release said that Pourtier—which to date has commissioned more than 700 drum twisters and 120 rigid stranding and planetary lines—is supplying a new rigid stranding line, for 130 wires. It is designed to produce  3500 mm2 Cu round compacted cable and 4000 mm2 Al round compacted cables. The line is to be delivered early in 2019 to NKT’s operation in Cologne, Germany,  commissioned. The order represents repeat business, as Pourtier has previously provided lines to ABB plants in Sweden and the U.S. that are now part of NSW.

The Cologne plant was described as a state-of-the-art cable factory, designed to facilitate optimal cable production and an optimum of environmental protection. It produces medium- and high-voltage cables and accessories, fiber optic products, superconducting cables, submarine cables and VALCAP® Grid monitoring systems.

“It is a source of major satisfaction and pride to be involved, together with NKT Germany, in this very interesting still technically challenging project,” said Pourtier President Thierry Collard.

Read 2186 times Last modified on March 27, 2018