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SKET commissions 2 lines for Chinese producer of submarine power cables

Germany’s SKET Verseilmaschinenbau GmbH reports that it has installed and commissioned two lines that have been approved by the customer, Hengtong Submarine Power Cable Co., Ltd. (Hengtong)

A press release said that SKET supplied a vertical stranding line and an armoring line, where were signed off by Manager Qian Zhikang and Production Manager Pan Wenlin for production of high-voltage offshore power cable (220kV, 3x500 mm², XLPE insulated) that could be as long as 27 km.

The project was able to be completed in less than two years because of the mutual efforts and cooperation between the Hengtong and SKET staff, the release said. SKET provided its unique technology for the units that included the bearing concept turntable, taping units, bitumen units, for its intended use in producing extra-long power cables. SKET also supplied a rigid strander for making 500-sq-mm copper conductors for use in extraordinary lengths

The release said that the order from Hengtong represents SKET’s first project from a Chinese cable manufacturer. "This project can be seen as a milestone of SKET’s activities in Asia."

The HV offshore power cable is a key markets for cable manufacturers in China. For Hengtong, this will be its first time producing such a long offshore power cable without any joints, which makes this order "a big success for all parties in this project."

Read 1894 times Last modified on October 5, 2018