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January 2020

The Cableware Division of Loos & Co., Inc., reports that the company has acquired Sheaves, Inc., a manufacturer and distributor of pulleys and sheaves to the wire and wire rope industry.

A press release said that the deal broadens the solutions that the Cableware Division, based in Naples, Florida, can provide customers. The acquisition of Sheaves, Inc. unifies three brands known in the wire and wire rope industry under the Loos & Co., Inc. product umbrella. That includes: QSheaves, which supplies customizable lifting sheaves; Process Sheaves, which supplies pulleys used in wire and cable manufacturing; and ESheaves, which will be the source for both stock and custom metal/plastic sheaves.

Operations will continue under the brand names established by Sheaves, Inc., and through the existing websites for the foreseeable future. Sales, customer service, and manufacturing operations have been moved to the Naples, Florida location and shipments will be fulfilled from there.

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The Department of Commerce (DoC) announced on Jan. 3 that its preliminary determination in its antidumping duty (AD) investigation of imports of collated steel staples from China found that such suppliers had sold at less than fair value.

A press release said that DoC assigned a preliminary dumping rate of 301.64% for mandatory respondent Tianjin Hweschun Fasteners Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Jin Xin Sheng Long Metal Products Co., Ltd. as well as to “non-selected respondents eligible for a separate rate and the China-wide entity.”

The penalties had been sought by Kyocera Senco Industrial Tools, Inc., of Cincinnati, Ohio. In 2018, imports of collated steel staples from China were valued at an estimated $88.8 million.

If DoC makes an affirmative final determination and the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) follows with a similar finding, the order will go into effect. The DoC is scheduled to vote on May 18 and the ITC on July 2. Per DoC, in 2018, China shipped 63,640,957 kg of such steel staples, up from 57,512,126 in 2017 and 52,507,421 in 2016.

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LLFlex, a global supplied in packaging materials and industrial laminate solutions for sectors that include wire and cable, is set to open a new 73,500-sq-ft fully integrated manufacturing facility in High Point, North Carolina, that will provide products and services to customers in the U.S. and abroad. l

A press release said that the company will invest some $7.6 million in the project. The initiative will significantly expand LLFlex’s output capacity, and include equipment supporting both of its two main business segments: packing (consumer products) and industrial laminates. The latter business includes wire and cable, for which the company offers its Reyshield™ cable wrap. The investment will include a new laminator with multiple coating stations and a dedicated slitter that will be complemented by a new steel, copper and aluminum slitter with an annual capacity of 40 million lb. “The new facility is a culmination of our commitment to customer service, production excellence and market share growth,” said Victor Dixon, CEO of LLFlex.

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Madem-Moorecraft, part of Brazilian-based Madem Reels Group reports that it has just completed the installation of a new, fully automatic production line for nailed wooden reels at its U.S. plant in Tarboro, North Carolina.

A press release said that the new line uses the latest technology for automated CNC machines and the company’s proprietary ink jet printing system. The investment is projected to increase annual sales capacity up to $35 million dollars. Madem-Moorecraft will potentially serve more than 25 cable manufacturers in the North American market.

“These new machines will support our sales growth and planned expansion of assembly and distribution centers throughout North America,” said Vice President of Sales Steve Redhage.
Leandro Mazzoccato, global sales director of Madem Reels Group, said that the investment confirms Madem Group’s intention to increase its U.S. market share. “We also plan to open five more distribution and assembly centers within the USA, during 2020. For 2021, we are starting studies for a second production plant in the U.S.”

The Madem Reels Group has manufacturing plants in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, U.S., Spain and Bahrain. It projects 2020 revenues of $130 million dollars from supplying nailed wooden reels to some 150 cable manufacturers in 45 countries.

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Germany’s Klüber Lubrication München SE & Co. KG, has acquired TRAXIT International GmbH, whose operations include TRAXIT North America.|

A press release said that with the acquisition, the TRAXIT Group now becomes part of the Klüber Lubrication Group. Based in Germany with manufacturing sites also in China and the U.S., TRAXIT provides the wire drawing industry with a complete range of lubricants for all wire applications. It has subsidiaries, agents or representatives present in over 150 countries.

TRAXIT will continue to be responsible for the operative management of its businesses. The company’s headquarters will remain in Schwelm.

Questions sent by WJI about whether any organizational changes were planned, led to the following rely: “There are strategic and operational synergies that are currently being examined, prioritized and then implemented.”

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U.K.-based Elmeridge Cables Limited (ECL) reports that it recently delivered two contracts for the British Antarctic Survey (BAS).

A press release said that the company was asked by BAS to supply two lengths of double-armored CTD (conductivity, temperature and depth) cable for two Royal Research Survey vessels. The separate contracts were for a single 8,000-meter length for the RRS James Clark Ross and a single 10,000-meter length for the RRS Sir David Attenborough. Both vessels work in very sensitive and often extreme weather environments, so production had to be perfect.

“BAS stipulated that to avoid slippage on the winch during deployment and recovery, no grease or oil could be applied on or to the armor wires of Galvanized Improved Plow Steel (GIPS), an assurance we were happy to give,” said Des Smith, owner/managing director at Elmeridge Cables Ltd. He added that BAS strict specifications for the diameter and width of the cables drums, even down to hole size for the spindle, to allow direct loading and unloading of the drums to and from the winches on board both vessels.

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