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5 years 11 months ago - 5 years 11 months ago #2736 by Mr Nima Rahati
lubricant was created by Mr Nima Rahati
In copper wire enameling process what type of lubricant is suitable for high speed winding machine? The diameter of our enameled wire is reduced in some areas when it used in high speed winding machine.

Thanks a lot
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5 years 11 months ago #2749 by Richard Burke
Replied by Richard Burke on topic lubricant
You lubricate the wire when you spool it. Most coil winders I've seen are not that careful about tension, wired line, quality of guides and rollers, etc. therefore they often stretch the wire when processing it. If it is correct when you make it and is correct when it enters their coil winder it would seem like their responsibility if it comes out wrong. However if the are consistently stretching the wire you might make it on the high end of the spec so that when they stretch it, it is still within spec. Do they also check resistance before and after winding?

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