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DX-W thrust washer JF bimetal bearings China Manufacturer

1 year 4 months ago #2994 by Ms bearingtypes bearingtypes slide, Dr
JF bimetal bearings , oil-free self-lubricating TIMKEN imported bearings The steel plate is the base, the middle layer is sintered spherical bronze powder, and the surface layer is rolled with a mixture of polytetrafluoroethylene and lead. It has the characteristics of small friction coefficient, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, no oil self-lubrication and long service life. It can reduce cost, reduce noise and prevent sticking and slipping. Widely used in various mechanical sliding parts such as printing machines, textile machines, hydraulic pallet trucks, tobacco machines, machinery, fitness equipment, micro-motors, automobiles, motorcycles, etc. The choice of materials for the manufacture of FP series turning soft belt ,rolling bearings is appropriate and will have a major impact on their performance and longevity. The basic requirements for TIMKEN imported bearings depend on the performance of TIMKEN bearings. There are many reasons for the failure of TIMKEN bearings. All the factors affecting the design and manufacturing process will be related to the failure of oil-free bearings, which is difficult to judge.
In general, it can be considered and analyzed in terms of both usage factors and internal factors. The use factors mainly refer to whether the installation adjustment, maintenance, maintenance and repair meet the technical requirements. The device condition is one of the primary factors in the use factor. The bearing often changes the force state between the parts of the whole bearing due to the improper installation of the device. The TIMKEN bearing, DX-W thrust washer operates in an abnormal state and fails early. According to the technical requirements of bearing device, use, maintenance and maintenance, monitor and check the load, speed, working temperature, vibration, noise and lubrication conditions of the bearing in operation, find out the cause and immediately adjust the cause, make adjustment Back to normal.

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