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% coverage for braided cable

8 years 7 months ago #554 by Archived Forum Admin
My factory in Malaysia use to made some braided (tinned copper wire braid)screen cables, such as LiYCY CU/PVC/TCWB/PVC 300V. we use formula to calculate 80% coverage braiding for our cables,But is there any way to double check the 80% coverage for finish cables? Please help.

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8 years 7 months ago #555 by Archived Forum Admin
Please tell me how you calculate the optical coverage.
May be we can give you support with your calculation program.
For double checking you can check the laylength. Do you use a mechanical change gear machine or electronic drives? Take a black marker and mark one of the carrier bunch. After braiding please measure the pitch and re-calculate. If you use the right program and all your values are right (intermediate diameter of product, wire size and more) you should be fine with the product.
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