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MDCV Update

8 years 7 months ago #588 by Archived Forum Admin
Because we have received a number of MDCV queries from around the world:

The Supply of MDCV Critical Spare Parts and Critical Hardware Repairs by EXSYM

1) A company named EXSYM Corporation was formed in April 2002 by Showa Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd. (SWCC Showa Holdings Co., Ltd.) and Mitsubishi Cable Industries, Ltd. It resulted in EXSYM selling only a few MDCV EHV raw materials and minor MDCV consumable spare parts.

2) Mitsubishi's MDCV activities were discontinued at the time of the reorganization with Showa and all staff engaged with the MDCV business at Mitsubishi were reassigned to the new positions not necessarily in wire and cable businesses. These Mitsubishi employees are no longer accessible to the MDCV licensees.

3) EXSYM sees the Mitsubishi MDCV licenses basically as "know-how" licenses but realizes that Mitsubishi supplied a lot of hardware to the licensees and thus recognizes that there are certain exceptions to a general rule that states: "The sale of hardware and the resolution of all hardware problems are now handled exclusively by the licensees themselves."

4) EXSYM will now investigate the possibility of supply of spare parts if the detail of the part in question is identified by the licensee and if original manufacturer still exists. This also could include the repair of a few of the more expensive MDCV components. To start a dialog with EXSYM, the MDCV licensee must supply the (i) Mitsubishi drawing number, (ii) a detailed description of the present condition of the existing part along with (iii) clear photographs.

5) EXSYM will not supply components to a licensee for a new MDCV line.

6) If a licensee employs the so-called Yaskawa sequencer (PLC/Computer), they are at serious risk because the equipment is no longer manufactured and thus is not supported at all.

7) MDCV licensees are invited to contact Mr. Toshihisa Inoue for critical spares and critical repairs at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

MDCV Process Engineering, Hardware Evaluation and Repair

1) The people at Stewart-Hay Associates (wire and cable engineers, technologists and chemical consulting engineers) were the general contractors and designers of one of the very last MDCV lines, if not the last MDCV line (1990s), and are still covered by the Mitsubishi Cable Industries, Ltd. secrecy umbrella.

2) Stewart-Hay Associates is the only independent engineering company in the world today able to provide MDCV licensees with existing process evaluation, updated process know-how, hardware evaluation, hardware repair recommendations and hardware update recommendations. This includes closed cooling water systems, the partial re-concentration of the long land die lubricant and the continuous chemical destruction of the crosslinking byproducts, a process also appropriate to all VCV and CCV lines. Continuous byproduct destruction allows truly closed water cooling systems. Interested parties and MDCV licensees can contact Stewart-Hay Associates at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you.

Peter J. Stewart-Hay
Stewart-Hay Associates

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