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Drawability of copper

8 years 4 months ago #1573 by Archived Forum Admin
Peter, I'll be 61 in Aug.hard to believe but better than the alternatives.


There are way to many variable in wire drawing even if everyone had the same machine. Water, lubricants, dies, welds, and copper supply all contribute to wire breaks. Data from Germany or the USA or even Egypt would probably be not relevant to the other areas except in a general way.

I think that rather than looking for someone to give you answers you would be better served if you conducted your own wire break study plus evaluated your processes. Then implement process improvements and see if the break frequency decreases. What may be more important than the frequency of the breaks is what is causing the breaks. Without a wire break study you will not know what the problem is or how to approach solving it.

Only after you have collected data about your breaks can you compare what is happening else where.


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