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Fundamentals of Wire Manufacturing

Fundametals of Wire Manufacturing Course

WAI's most popular training course: Fundamentals of Wire Manufacturing

New to the industry? Need to come up to speed in a hurry? Or are you unclear about the many wire processing terms you've heard?

Yes? Then this concentrated introductory course is for you. It provides a solid grounding in the essentials of wire and cable manufacturing presented by experts in the field. It's WAI's most popular training program and refresher course for new hires, sales teams, and operations personnel.

The workshop runs a full day. 

Course Topics:

  • Mechanics of wiredrawing
  • Drawing dies
  • Wiredrawing lubricants
  • Wire breaks & surface damage
  • Stranding cable
  • Cleaning & coating of rod & wire
  • Extrusion
  • Basics of electrical testing
  • Ferrous heat treatment
  • Marking & printing
  • Manufacturing problem solving
  • Testing & properties
  • Ferrous metallurgy


  • 10 instructors, typically
  • Ferrous, nonferrous/electrical & general tracks
  • Course materials¬†

Event Schedule:

  • Morning: Combined Program
  • Afternoon: Separate Ferrous & Nonferrous Program

More Information:

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The Wire Association International, Inc., founded in 1930, is a worldwide technical society for wire and cable industry professionals dedicated to the promotion, collection, and dissemination of technical, manufacturing, and general business information and trends in the industry. Throughout the year WAI organizes events such as Interwire and the WAI Operations Summit & Wire Expo trade shows, an online Industry Search, and an annual International Technical Conference. Its publications and technical products include Wire Journal International (WJI), the annual WJI Reference Guide, HardWIRED educational newsletter and videos, as well as a host of technical handbooks, webinars, and DVDs.

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