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Terry Carroll

Terry Carroll

WAI Member since 2017

"I joined WAI because it is the association that serves a key industry of Enviroworld Consulting. We want to connect with potential client companies that can benefit from my background and focus on the wire and cable industry." - Terry Carroll

Q: What does your company do? A: We provide a wide range of safety and environmental consulting services, with a considerable focus on the wire and cable industry. We offer a wide range of OSHAfocused classes (from hazard identification to audits) and certification courses as well as air and noise sampling, temporary site safety management and more. A full list can be seen at www.enviroworldconsulting.com.

Q: What is your role there? A: As a former OSHA compliance officer and a federal Department of Labor regional safety manager, I believe I am especially well suited to provide real-world advice and solutions to wire and cable manufacturers.

Q: What do you like best about your position? A: Clients appreciate my insight, and following an initial assessment visit, I am often asked to do employee training. Each time I do, I feel as if I have helped make the company a bit safer, and that is very gratifying.

Q: How has your industry most changed? A: OSHA/EPA regulations are a reality no business can avoid, and not surprisingly, many companies used to see them as an annoyance...or worse! I believe that sense has changed, and that companies understand that they serve an important role. Beyond that, a “benign neglect” approach to safety can be a crippling decision as all it takes is one on-the-job accident: a single OSHA fine can be up to $12,000. And, if it is considered willful or a repeat violation, it could be 10 times that. Investing in worker safety will pay off in more ways than one!

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