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Wire and Cable engineering / specialization

8 years 7 months ago #19 by Archived Forum Admin
My father emigrates in the early sixties from Spain to Germany and started as a machine operator on a rod breakdown machine. I was born in 68 in the nice city of Villaviciosa, so I think I have copper in my blood. I started in this industry with 16 years as a apprentice in mechanic. Today I´m machine developer/inventor/consultant and university lecturer at university of applied sciences in Mönchengladbach. This is an university similar you are looking for but with the specialization in textile, fashion and clothing management. A lot of foreign students come to study here, young people from China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Turkey, Russia, northern Africa, middle east etc. The textile, fashion and clothing market is a very big one, so you will find here a lot of universities with this specialization.

Try to contact the management of this forum and ask them for information, they have good contacts to university lecturer from Poland:


Best regards and see you in two years at "wire 2012"

Juan Carlos González Villar

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8 years 7 months ago #18 by Archived Forum Admin
Thanks Juan Carlos, I know what you mean. Actually, that's what I'm doing, I will go to Dusseldorf but not this year.
I have to say anyway that there was a course in Poland, but I write to the university and I they don't answer.
I really appreciate your advice but I have the feeling there is a course. In fact, I have read the "wire and cable engineer" term in the magazine so many times that I want to believe that there is an specialization and it is not only experience.
By the way where are you from?

My best,

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8 years 7 months ago #17 by Archived Forum Admin
Hello Pablo:

Here in Europe you won´t find a university were you can specialize in wire and cable engineering. The young engineers (graduation in mechanical, electrical, chemistry, physics etc.) starts in the corresponding position and then -> training on the job. "Experience is the sum of all ever made mistakes" or in other words "the failures you made in the first 20 years you won´t make in the next 20 years"

I think a good idea for you is to visit next month the fair "wire" 12.04.-16.04. ( www.wire.de ) here in Düsseldorf (Germany). It is the biggest wire and cable fair (every two years), all worldwide important manufacturer (products around the wire and cable industry) expose their products there. You can contact them and ask for information. In this days you will learn more than in four years university.

Make a time schedule (3...5 Days):
First day: raw materials, semi-finished materials (copper, aluminum, tapes, yarns, base chemicals etc.)
Second day: wire drawing machines, auxiliary equipment (Dies, handling systems, lubricants, spools etc.)
Third day: stranding, bunching machines, braiders, auxiliary equipment (handling systems, measuring systems, welding equipment, spare parts etc.)
Fourth day: Extrusion machines, cross heads, auxiliary equipment (measuring systems, marking systems etc.)
Fifth day: Taping, binding machine manufacturer, measuring systems (length, speed, force), products or information about the subjects "quality", "energy efficiency" and "energy costs" etc.

Best regards

Juan Carlos González Villar

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8 years 7 months ago #25 by Archived Forum Admin
orry community for my bad english knowledges...

The "Bologna-Plan" or "the Bologna university" is not an university which offers a course in wire and cable spacialization, here more details about "the plan of bologna" and about the above mentioned problems:


What I tried to say is that in Western Europe you won´t find an university which offers a special course in "wire and cable engineering" because of this industry is to small, so universities are not interested in offer such a course. I´m not familiar with universities in Eastern Europe, but if a country has only 50 cable companies it don´t make sense to organize a special course.

Here in germany there are a special course for "wire and cable machinery operators" : the course takes 2 years -> 1 day school (theoretical), 4 days working (practical) and are destinated to young people who want to start working as an operator in a cable company (cable companies pay a lot of money for this course), after this 2 year course you know probably a little bit about wire and cable ... but after 20 years working in this industry you are a really expert. This week I have met at "wire 2010, Düsseldorf" a few former colleagues, graduate in this course (1984...1988), this people are now really experts and the backbone of their corresponding companies, so the ones upon paid money for the course was a good investment.

Pablo try to contact Marc Murray (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and tell him your requirement, I think he can help you, better try to phone him:

The Wire Association International, Inc.
1570 Boston Post Road
P.O. Box 578
Guilford, CT 06437, USA
Telephone: (001) 203-453-2777
Fax: (001) 203-453-8384

Best regards

Juan Carlos González Villar

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