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Wire Link Traveling Scholarship Information and Application Form

The WAI is seeking applicants for the Wire Link Traveling Scholarship, a program that sends a wire professional to Europe where the winner can see how different companies operate as well as to attend the wire Düsseldorf show.
The WAI is looking for ambitious wire professionals who have been employed for at least two years in the wire and cable (or related) industries, including manufacturers and suppliers. The program alternates between a US representative going to the UK and a UK representative going to the US through the program’s co-sponsor, the Worshipful Company of Tin Plate Workers alias Wire Workers of England.
The scholarship will be awarded to the candidate who best demonstrates to the judges how the award will help him or her grow professionally, gain a broadened knowledge of the industry and share those benefits with his or her company.
All expenses will be met by the sponsors during the trip to the UK. The only cost on behalf of the employer will be the employee’s time in relation to the overseas stay and travel to and from the departure airport.
Candidates must be: involved in the wire and cable or related industries; employed full-time in the US for at least two years with a US-based company; and a Wire Association International member in good standing at the time of application and travel. 

Official Rules & Regulations:

1. Candidates must be:

  • Involved in the wire and cable or related industries.
  • Employed full-time in the US for at least two years with a US-based company at the time of travel.
  • A Wire Association International member in good standing at the time of application and travel.

2. There are no minimum educational qualifications.

3. A maximum of five finalists will be chosen.  These candidates must be available for an interview during late January and early February.  Reasonable travel expenses will be paid.

4. The winning candidate must be available to attend the Award Presentation at the annual Wire Association International annual meeting in the following spring.

5. The winning candidate must be available to travel to England and Wire Düsseldorf for two weeks that same spring.

6. The winner must be employed by his/her nominating company at the time of travel.

7. The winning candidate must present a full report of his/her visit to the director of the company that recommended him/ her and to the Wire Association International for potential publication in the Wire Journal International.

Essay Submission Requirements:

8. The essay submission must be based on how the candidate can meet the objective of the Scholarship, i.e. how he/she can broaden his/her knowledge of wire and the wire industry for his/her benefit and the benefit of his/her company. Submission of an outline of the candidate’s career aspirations within the wire and cable industry is suggested.

9. The submission must not extend to more than two letter-sized pages.

10. The submission must be typewritten.

11. Candidates must attach a signed letter of recommendation from a director of his/her company.

12. The candidate must complete the online application form and his/her essay submission, as well as the letter of recommendation.

13. All applications and required files will be submitted via our online application system. Please contact Steve Fetteroll at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions.

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