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Continuity of Insulation Tester
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If you have a question regarding coaxial, telephone, and building wire, power cable, insulation, extrusion, bunching, stranding, braiding, etc. post it here.
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TOPIC: Continuity of Insulation Tester

Continuity of Insulation Tester 1 year ago #2518

Good Morning,

I need to know some information regarding the continuity of insulation tester in line.
We have this control in many lines of our plant and I need to know the value of voltage and amperage to set depending on diameter size, type of insulation, speed and so on.

Please help me in order to understand the in line faults and if there is a correlation with blisters, copper problems and not only the surface.


Best Regards

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Re: Continuity of Insulation Tester 1 year ago #2519

Hello Again Nicola,

Since you work for a very large international wire and cable company, I respectfully suggest you discuss this internally with a number of your sister magnet wire companies both in Europe and elsewhere around the World. That way, you would all have the same internal standard.

Thank you.
Peter J. Stewart-Hay Principal
Stewart-Hay Associates
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Re: Continuity of Insulation Tester 1 year ago #2520

Thanks Peter as always for your help.
This is my first activity I did.
Nobody couldn't help me here, the answer for this question was:
If we have done since the beginning this test, why we have to change the settings?

Maybe it exists a technology about this, it's not a signal on/off.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Thanks again


Re: Continuity of Insulation Tester 1 year ago #2521

I attach what IEC suggests to use in order to understand what it's good or not.

Re: Continuity of Insulation Tester 1 year ago #2523

This paper appears in:

Electrical Insulation Conference and Electrical Manufacturing & Coil Winding Conference, 1999. Proceedings
Date of Conference: 1999
Author(s): Whitney, John A.
A/Z Tech Inc., USA
Page(s): 29 - 32
Product Type: Conference Publications

I don't know if you can get a copy of it but you can try. I knew John Whitney and Dick Duke of A/Z Tech and this was a really good project.

You cannot use the IEC voltages with the inline continuity tester. Unless something has changed, would be too dangerous as the voltages are as high as 3000 V DC! the reason you change the voltages is because of the differences in insulation, thickness, etc.

If there is no one with in your organization that will answer questions, how do they expect young or new engineers to learn. I don't know how young engineers learn manufacturing processes today, but when I was young, I went out on the floor and worked on the machines and learned first hand. Not only did I get my hands dirty, I lost a lot of good shirts because enamel does not normally wash out.
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