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Industry veteran opens consulting firm in France that will serve ‘Europe and beyond’

David Cavassa, who has worked for some 24 years for manufacturers that include Pirelli Telecom Systems and Prysmian Cable Systems SpA in the U.K. as well as suppliers PGI Geca Tapes and Polyone, has opened a consulting firm called Cables & Solutions.

A press release said that Cavassa most recently worked for seven years at UL as business development manager for Europe, then remote global strategy & portfolio innovation manager, wire & cable. He was involved with the 2022 acquisition of Cimteq. He said that his goal is to provide companies the strategic information they need as well as connections with individuals and organizations that can help you run your business, grow revenue and improve your operations and profitability.

Cavassa, whose company is based in France, will primarily work with principals located in Europe, although he said he would be able to help some of them look for customers and partners in other parts of the world. “I also anticipate some of my future clients will be based outside Europe. Finally, I have extensive experience in working with customers, suppliers and partners outside Europe, therefore ‘Europa and beyond’ would best describe the plan.”

Prior to joining UL in 2016, Cavassa worked for three years as an industry consultant. Based on his collective experiences, Cavassa said that he gained a firm knowledge of work materials supply, cable manufacturing, wire and cable testing and certification. He also developed industry cooperations and partnerships that enable him to offer services such as market intelligence, market studies; new technologies, digital solutions; strategy, advisory, M&A, due diligence; materials, products, sourcing, manufacturing; and wire and cable testing, inspection, certification, and compliance.

Cavassa can be contacted at tel. +33-666-013-192, www.cablesandsolutions.com.

Read 380 times Last modified on September 6, 2023