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New Kocks rolling mill starts production at Chinese plant in Shangdong province

Germany’s Kocks Group reports that Yantai Walsin Stainless Steel Co., Ltd., has begun manufacturing with its new RSB® 370++/4 mill whose capacity will be used for multiple products and applications and as a feeder for a wire rod line.

A press release said that the new sizing block represents the latest advancement in long product production technology and is designed to deliver superior surface quality and dimensional accuracy while reducing operating costs over the entire mill line.

Production has begun at Yantai Walsin, which is a subsidiary of Walsin Lihwa, a Taiwanese manufacturer of specialty steel. The corporation has a long customer history, having installed the very first Kocks Reducing & Sizing Block in 1991, as well as a RSB 500 Intermediate Block and a recently installed RB 500++/4 at the company’s rolling mill in Tainan, Taiwan.

The new Kocks RSB 370++/4 sizing block for Yantai Walsin has four 3-roll stand positions for optimal deformation behavior and yield strength and is part of a newly built rolling mill for SBQ products in Yantai, Shandong province. It is positioned after 20 stands in H/V arrangement. The sizing block from Kocks finishes round dimensions from 18 to 100 mm, hexagonal dimensions from 18 to 80 mm and feeders for the wire rod line.

In addition to the machine, Kocks supplied the roll-shop equipment and its proprietary software solutions. The advanced block enables a new level of efficient production at Walsin Yantai. The RSB is equipped with the measuring gauge 4D Eagle® and connected to Kocks’ Size Control System (SCS®) which allows real-time adjustments of the operating parameters of the rolling block. This ensures transparent process monitoring and the quickest possible adjustments whenever necessary.

Read 219 times Last modified on August 5, 2023