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Delta Tecnic opens plant in Mexico to produce color concentrates for autos

Spain’s Delta Tecnic has opened a new plant in Querétaro, Mexico, becoming the first manufacturer in the country to specialize in color concentrates for automotive wire and cable as well as other products.

A press release said that the factory in Mexico will produce masterbatch for distribution throughout the Americas. Delta Tecnic has two production plants in Sant Celoni (Barcelona), with a total surface area of 15,000 sq ft and a multidisciplinary staff of 160 people. The Mexico plant has a surface area of 3,000 sq m, expandable to 5,000 sq m, and currently has 10 employees, and is forecast to have between 20 to 40 workers within a year. The company, which formed its Deltacolor Masterbatch division in 1989, now exports to more than 50 countries.

“Delta Tecnic is proud to have a resilient model based on innovation that allows us to grow in strategic industries,” said company CEO Eric Xirinachs. He noted that the micromasterbatch has a smaller pellet size that improves dilution when extruding cables. They are applied to both PVC and polyolefins, and provide better control and optimal color homogeneity, improved product quality, increased cable production speed and lowers costs.

Besides auto, the company is pursuing growth for products related to environmental awareness, such as renewable energies and, consequently, to cabling for wind and photovoltaic energy, and more. Of particular importance in the plastics market is thermal insulation, with new designs for more complex profiles that result in lower energy consumption in public and private building as well as an increase in the market for telecom cables and wiring applications for large, domestic appliances, where the greater complexity in energy saving programs is creating an increased demand in the needs for electrical wiring.

Xirinachs said that he is confident the new factory will allow Delta Tecnic “to consolidate its position as a technological leader, as well as to supply products to companies in various sectors anywhere in the world.”

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