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Joint venture building plant in Uzbekistan

Global Optical Communication Uzbekistan (GOC-UZ) has started construction of a fiber-optic cable production plant in the free economic area in the city of Jizzax in Uzbekistan.

Per a report in TELCOMPER, GOC-UZ already produces cable in an existing building in Jizzax, with 58 employees working at the joint venture. One hundred new jobs will be created in 2021, and the plan is to later expand this to 300 people. The goal is to manufacture 50,000 km of cable in 2021, up from 10,000 km this year.

Construction is due for completion in the first quarter of 2021. This year in Uzbekistan, 26,500 km of fiber-optic lines have been deployed.

GOC-UZ is a joint venture by two Korean companies—Global Optical Communication Co. Ltd. and Uni Asset Global Co. Ltd.—and Uztelecom, Uzbekistan’s national operator. The two South Korean companies hold a 55% stake in the joint venture, with the remainder owned by Uztelecom.

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