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MWS completes move into larger location; sees its medical wire outlook as very bright

MWS, which notes at its website that it offers the world’s largest selection of magnet wire, has completed construction of its new 30,000-sq-ft site in Oxnard, California, which it described as “an agile production facility for drawing, shaping, serving, twisting and insulating of wire for high-technology users worldwide.”

A letter from MWS President Benjamin Konrad said that the company has “invested significantly into a building that mirrors the ambition and commitment that MWS has towards its employees and customers.” The new building houses the latest equipment for fine wire production, and there are plans to expand the building by another 50,000 sq ft. The site has a 40,000-sq-ft warehouse that more than doubles the space available in its former facility in Westlake Village, California. Over the next year, MWS will add significant manufacturing capacity with new machines that will create new wire manufacturing capabilities and value-added services.

“Our goal is to build upon the formula of the last 50 years: customer service, quality, lead times and broad availability of precision fine wire, and meet the evolving and increasing demands of the next 50 years,” Konrad wrote. He noted that MWS Medical Wire has added five new sales organizations serving three continents, achieved certification to ISO 13485:2016 and purchased strategic equipment for precious metal drawing and laser ablation. MWS, which has a new medical website, “has also entered an exciting marketplace targeting early-stage development of medical devices.” It notes that it is also the first wire company to feature products on www.chamfr.com.

“We are excited for the future and look forward to getting down to the wire on new and existing projects,” Konrad wrote.

In 2014, MWS became a part of The Elektrisola Group, an international producer of fine and ultra-fine magnet wire that has eight manufacturing plants in Europe (Germany, two in Italy, Switzerland), North America (U.S. and Mexico) and Asia (Malaysia and China).

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