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Oman company looking to export

2/8/2021 -- The CEO of National Cable Factory, which was established in Oman in 2013 and began production in 2018, is exploring sales to foreign markets.

A press release from the company said that its factory in Raysut Industrial City in Oman has continued to sustain production to help provide electrical and flexible cables for the domestic market, despite the challenges by Covid-19. Now, the company is looking to do more.

“With high efficiency and excellent quality of products, the factory plans to explore foreign markets in the near future to promote these products overseas,” said National Cable Factory CEO Nayef bin Hamid Fadel. He noted that the company is positioned to do this. “The company’s annual production volume has amounted to 10,000 tonnes of all types of electrical cables. Besides, the company has introduced new production lines in correspondence to the requirements of a fast-moving market.”" He emphasized that the company pays great attention to providing job and training opportunities for the national cadres. “The National Cable Factory, in cooperation with the Technical and Administrative Training Institute, will train a number of diploma holders as part of training for employment.”

Per the company’s website, the company produces a range of building wire, power cable and flexible cable at its 40,000-sq-m plant. The company has quality certifications from BASEK, BRE, BSI, DGMS, TAG and VDE. It was established by “Omani Investor Group and Turkish cable industry know-how.”

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