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Madison, Connecticut, USA – May 5, 2021 – The Wire Association International (WAI), Inc. announces the participation of 20 company sponsors that support Interwire 2021 and the Wire Association International’s 91st Annual Convention which will be held at the Georgia World Congress Center (GWCC), Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The new show dates are: October 26-27, 2021. Guests will be able to explore the technologies associated with Industry 4.0—the theme for the event—by visiting the Industry 4.0 pavilion, various exhibits, presentations and briefings on the topic.

Platinum level: Encore Wire Corp.; Gem Gravure Co. Inc.; Insteel Wire Products; James Monroe Wire & Cable Corp.; SDI LaFarga COPPERWORKS; Sonoco Reels & Spools; Southwire Co. LLC; and Wire & Plastic Machinery Corp.

Gold level: Carris Reels Inc.; and Continuus-Properzi SpA

Silver level: The MGS Group; Niehoff Endex North America; RichardsApex Inc.; and SIKORA International Corp.

Bronze level: Baum’s Castorine; Champlain Cable Corp.; Enkotec Co. Inc.; Fort Wayne Wire Die; Lloyd& Bouvier Inc.; and Precision Payoff.

The Wire and Cable Industry Suppliers Association (WCISA) is an industry partner with WAI.

Interwire 2021 registration is now open at: www.interwire21.com. Since all activities will be held on the exhibit floor, registration includes the Industry 4.0 sessions, exhibits, keynote, production solutions, and welcome reception. Advance registration pricing is as follows: WAI member: $75 USD; New WAI member: $140 USD; Nonmember: $175. Registration for the hybrid Fundamentals of Wire Manufacturing course is separate with advance rates as follows: WAI member: $295 USD; New WAI member: $395 USD; Nonmember: $445.

The 2021 staging of Interwire will mark 40 years since its inception. Hosted biennially, Interwire is an international trade event that includes exhibiting companies, speakers, and visitors from more than 50 countries. See developing details at www.interwire21.com.

The Wire Association International is a not-for-profit association with 1,700 individual members in 50 countries. The association serves the educational needs of the wire and cable manufacturing industry through a variety of products and services. WAI manages the Interwire Trade Exposition and the WAI Operations Summit & Wire Expo and publishes the Wire Journal International and the Wire Journal International Reference Guide.

Media Contacts: Janice E. Swindells, Director Marketing & Corporate Communications, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Tel.: 001-203-453-2777 x. 117; Steven J. Fetteroll, Executive Director, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Tel.: 001-203-453-1777.


5/4/2021: Amaral Automation announced that it will represent AESA Cortaillod in the U.S. and Canada. 

Swiss-based AESA has provided state-of-the art measuring systems, devices and quality-performance services to clients worldwide since 1978. A recognized leader in its field, it provides exceptional know-how and expertise in cable measuring systems, foresight, mastery and focus on quality, combined with its unwavering commitment to customer service. With this new partnership, Amaral Automation and AESA Cortaillod both look forward to continued growth. 

Amaral Automation, founded more than two decades ago by industry veteran Rick Amaral, is based in Warwick, Rhode Island. Providing a range of technical solutions and consulting services to the wire and cable industry, Amaral Automation also represents Davis Standard, Zumbach, Clinton, WTM, Subec, B&H Tool, TapeFormers, Powdertech, Gneuss, and Angle Systems as well as offering a full compliment of wire & cable accessories. For more details, go www.amaral-automation.com or call Amaral Automation at tel. 401-405-0755.

5/4/2021:  The next staging of wire Southeast Asia—and its sister show, Tube Southeast Asia—will now be held Feb. 9-11, 2022 at the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC) in Bangkok, Thailand.

A press release from organizers Messe Düsseldorf said that the event, which was to be held Sept. 22-24, is being moved to the new dates to “allow for optimum international participation.” It noted that in the past, over 90% of the exhibitors came from overseas countries such as Austria, France, Germany, Great Britain, India, Japan and Korea. 

“It is anticipated that by next year with further easing of (Covid-19) travel restrictions and ongoing successful vaccine deployments worldwide, there will be a more optimistic environment for companies to do business safely and effectively at these trade fairs,” the release said.
The two trade fairs were first held in 1997. At the last staging in 2019, international exhibitors from 29 countries participated at the trade fairs, while 45% of trade visitors came from outside Thailand.

Champlain Cable is now approved by New York City Transit (NYCT) for thin-wall irradiation cross-linked TX-TW rail car wiring. This significant industry approval demonstrates our continued commitment to our Vision of innovative, value-added products for demanding environments. With our material science and processing technology, this product line further enhances our ability to offer a broad range of products over a wide variety of applications and markets.

“Champlain is excited to expand our market presence into the rail transit market with our EXAR-Rail line of products.” stated Bruce Sinnott, Champlain’s Vice-President of Business Development. “This qualification involved a united team effort across multiple departments at Champlain Cable. We are all very proud of this tremendous accomplishment.”

This thin-wall cable is typically used on rolling stock where weight and space utilization is a primary focus. These thin-wall wires can be up to 1/3 smaller than standard 600V rail wiring, which allows more circuits in limited spaces. Advanced polymer formulation and irradiation crosslinking allow for these thin-wall designs.

Champlain Cable Corporation is a premier manufacturer of Irradiation Cross-linked wire and cable serving the Rail, Automotive, Commercial Vehicle, UL / CSA, Military Shipboard and specialty Data Communication markets. Champlain’s products provide cost-effective solutions to wire and cable performance and processing problems. Champlain is headquartered in Colchester, VT and has two additional manufacturing facilities in El Paso, TX.

For more information about Champlain Cable Corporation, please visit www.champcable.com

4/9/2021: The U.S. Navy uses thoriated tungsten wire (W-Th) in their radar equipment. A small piece of W-Th is used inside high power microwave vacuum tubes to amplify radar signals. While W-Th has a good source of electrons and can operate at high temperatures, over time it can decay. One drawback is that making the wire produces hazardous byproducts, which is why the Navy is asking the industry for help. It wants a new material to replace W-Th that offers the same performance parameters yet is made in a more environmentally friendly process.

The Navy has several suggestions. One is improving W-Th wire performance by using additives. The majority of W-Th is tungsten, with 1% thorium oxide by weight. Another solution could be applying alternative wire surface coatings that would need to have a low work function, and be resistant to deformation at 1600°C. The Navy has already tested alloys of cerium and lanthanum with tungsten wire, but it is looking for a new process or alternative materials that can be used in the vacuum tubes, and operate within the same voltage and temperature as the W-Th wire.

Since the diameter of the wire used in the vacuum tubes is small, about 35 AWG, and each tube would only use about an inch of wire. The total length needed would depend on the number of tubes needed. An estimated 15 km of wire would be needed per year, notes Brady Walter, the science and technology contact at the Indiana Innovation Institute (IN3), which is a partner in the project.

The Navy is open to industry proposals. Anyone with expertise on the subject can submit a response, and a security clearance is not needed. The deadline for submissions has been extended to May 15, 2021. IN3 is working with the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division, on this project. The Navy ultimately decides if a proposal will be accepted, and if so, it will provide the funds. Enquiries about the project and submissions can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..